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Muscleman and High Five Ghost - Regular Show

My two favourite characters from Regular Show.  Got to love Muscleman’s moooooobs!!!!  I recently watched the Regular Show Movie and was a little disappointed.  The tv show is bloody crazy with epicness that even Michael Bay would feel disorientated by.   19 more words


Winning... Like a Loser! - A Quick Discussion on "Regular Show"

It’s been a long time since I said “Screw it, I’ll just dive right into an animated show without knowing anything about it”, and after watching the episode “Meteor Moves” totally randomly one weekend afternoon, that’s exactly what I said I’d do with Cartoon Network’s “Regular Show”. 899 more words


d.e.5 How Emotions Burst Open Your Skin

It’s like I’m thinking in the space between galaxies…

So I have a cold sore right now… something has broken the bonds that are holding by skin cells together in this one spot.. 696 more words

Long Beach Comic Con Spotlight: Sam Spina's Hilarious and Fantastic Tarn

Oh, where did the weekend go? It’s early Monday morning, and as I wake from my short overnight nap, I think about the fast-paced, sensory-overloaded past two days at Long Beach Comic Con. 704 more words


Regular Show Season 7 Episode 8 Rankings - "Cat Videos"

Regular Show is easily one of the top cartoons on-air, and, so far, season 7 has not disappointed.

This article ranking is from the hilarious episode “Cat Videos” which aired on September 10th. 391 more words

Episode Ranks

The Art of Regular Show - Book Review by Fred Patten.

Submitted by Fred Patten, Furry’s favorite historian and reviewer.

The Art of Regular Show
, by Shannon O’Leary. Foreword by J. G. Quintel. Introduction by Paula Spence. 667 more words


Regular Show Mid-Season 7 Character Rankings

Regular Show is easily one of the top cartoons on-air, and, so far, season 7 has not disappointed.

Since this article is being written at the midpoint of the season, this is a ranking of all the Regular Show characters based on what they’ve done so far this year. 685 more words

Season Ranks