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IT Outsourcing: Men Plan, God Laughs

Washington State legislature today (3/21/2005) passed HCR 2257 on a vote of 61-35, a bill that directs the state to examine whether offshore outsourcing of government procurement of goods and services is in “the best interest of the state and nation.” Concerns center not only around loss of domestic jobs, but potential loss of control on private information, and other avoidable risks. 725 more words

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Government Security Mandates: Who Wants Them?

A recent article by Ira Winkler at SearchSecurity.com, entitled Noses and Security (registration required) questioned the results of a recent survey by WatchGuard technologies performed at RSA in February (2005). 311 more words

Regulations & Compliance

Reducing the Cost and Effort of Security Compliance

It’s hard –but not impossible–to implement a flexible, comprehensive security management program that anticipates future regulatory and compliance mandates.

Legislators are reacting to news of the ChoicePoint data warehousing debacle that lost control of 145,000 private customer records, by proposing to expand the “notification of risk to personal data” provisions found in California 1386 nationwide. 479 more words

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California 1386 Trickles Down: WA SSB 6043

California’s powerful privacy law is slowly trickling down to other states, who are adopting its principles, though some with modifications. Washington state adopted a modified version of the law on March 8, 2005. 593 more words

Regulations & Compliance

Regulations and Compliance

While government regulations like HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley are currently tailored to apply to specific types of US companies, broad legislation appears to be in the offing that would require organizations doing business in the US to meet minimum information security protection levels. 61 more words

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Common SOX Audit Pitfalls

Who hasn’t spent hours analyzing why their computer doesn’t connect to the network only to find the network cable unplugged? Sometimes the simple answer is the right one. 1,115 more words

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Seasonal Farm-Worker Visa Program Frustrates Growers

From McClatchyDC.com, Sean Cockerham, 7 May 2012.

As the summer growing season approaches, farmers across the county are experiencing widespread frustration over the federal H-2A visa program for seasonal agriculture workers.< 950 more words