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Other Rules I forgot to Mention

Consider this a “Utility” post.

Apparently, blogging is one of those things where you need to be on the ball on a fairly regular basis…unfortunately, like 99% of the rest of the world, I have a life outside of my computer. 751 more words

What You Need to Know About the Listeria Outbreak at Dole

“At Dole, the safety of the foods we provide to our consumers, and the safety of our employees, are part of the fabric of our company. 755 more words


Regulating E-Cigarettes

The FDA just announced stringent new regulations on the sale of e-cigarettes (vapes). Ostensibly intended to keep these tobacco alternatives out of the hands of minors, the regulations make it much more difficult for manufacturers to even get their products into the marketplace. 432 more words

Missouri Court Upholds Limits on Cellphone Tower Regulations

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – The Missouri Supreme Court has upheld two laws that limit the ability of local governments to regulate cellphone towers.

The court’s decision Tuesday dealt with laws that capped application fees, limited the criteria cities can consider and set deadlines for governments to make decisions on cellphone towers. 75 more words


What? Where? Why? | 5/31 Meeting on Regulations + Land Use

The overlay district, signage, design review, zoning…

Join us next Tuesday, 7pm at Village Hall for a detailed discussion about Winnetka’s land use and regulatory process. 37 more words


Moncton FIR - Clarification on UAV Flight Operations/NOTAMs

We recently had communications with a number of stakeholders in the Moncton FIR around the processes and procedures for UAV flight operation coordination and some changes to how these are to be carried out. 457 more words


Is the EU really good for business?

As mentioned before, the EU grew from a customs union aimed at making trade easier between  Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, France and West Germany, with the belief that this freer trade would help the economies of these countries grow. 786 more words