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To Save the World

Within the context of a larger natural ecosystem, soils, plants, and abiotic factors take a starring role as compared to wildlife. It is nevertheless important to understand that setting aside land for the preservation of wildlife is not just important but, as Aldo Leopold once said, “to keep every cog and wheel if the first precaution of intelligent tinkering.” We in the 21st century have little knowledge of what impact the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon, the Eastern Elk, or the Merriam’s Elk has had on our systems, nor what impact the extinction of the Eastern Cougar will have. 884 more words


Big Banks, Wall Street, & Dodd-Frank

The topic of Wall Street and big business has been a significant source of material for Hillary Clinton’s campaign speeches. Here are a few of her policy statements: 1,786 more words

Do regulations kill jobs?

The costs of compliance with all these regulations lead(s) to higher consumer prices and reduced hiring.–Tom Reed

Do regulations prevent employers from hiring workers? Trump says so, Ryan says so, and Tom Reed says so, but none of them present any evidence. 113 more words

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Why Christians Still Need the Laws Set Down Through Moses ~ Simchat Torah 2016

Simchat Torah, or Shemini Atzeret, marks the conclusion and then renewal of the Jewish annual Torah reading cycle. It is welcomed with great celebration and is one of the highlights of the Jewish calendar.

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Virginia Board of Health nixes stricter standards for abortion clinics

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — In the past three years since the state board of health approved hospital-like regulations for abortion clinics across Virginia, a third of those clinics have shut down. 371 more words


The wild technology that will make 5G wireless work

“Wireless technology is a stone soup of acronyms, jargon, numbers, and marketing gibberish that the industry likes to boil down into terms like “4G,” the technology used by today’s phones. 81 more words