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10 weeks post op: It's not about the knee

The last post is hilarious, in retrospect. Here I am going on about how I’m so hungry, and I feel out of sorts. I didn’t know it then, but I’m pregnant. 432 more words

Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy

9 Weeks Post Op: Aches and Pains

It’s 9 weeks (and one day) since the operation. I have been to two proper gym classes (circuit and TRX suspension training). While I am not allowed to jump or run yet, I was easily able to modify all of the exercises that contained these movements, and found the classes fun and just the right level of challenging. 186 more words

Post-operative Recovery

Almost 9 Weeks Post Op

Wey hey! Life is really not about my knee, which is a great place to be at this stage. But not being very conscious of my knee also means I am neglecting my rehab exercises a little. 267 more words

Post-operative Recovery

5 Weeks + 1 Day Post Op: Walking! Physio!

Crikey, so much to relay in this post. What a Friday.

– The last few days involved a fair bit of crutch-free “zombie walking” around the house, although I was still very cautious, and when I was out of the house I used the crutches and continued non-weightbearing. 873 more words

Post-operative Recovery

4 Weeks Post Op

Wow – made it to 4 weeks!

I expected the last 4 weeks would be much more painful than they actually are.
But then again I also hoped that I could start load-bearing by now, which I can’t (due to the microfractures procedure). 120 more words

Post-operative Recovery