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Week 3 Rehearsals

Su 1/31

Today’s rehearsal only had five of the eight dancers present. We played with an improve exercise where the dancers focus isintensely on their hands, which are moving fluidly. 113 more words


Week 2 Rehearsals 

Su 1/24

Due to the snowstorm not all the dancers were able to make it to the studio.

With half the cast present, we worked on finding new ways to manipulate the “tree phrase” and potentially find a satisfying duet interpretation. 16 more words


Fundamentals of Music

Now we begin a new series of posts, this one being called “Fundamentals of Music.”  Why this title?  Because we have seen the need for a deeper, more expansive explanation of the way music is created, a way that needs to be driven from a more authentic space, a more real substance. 596 more words

Third Millennium Polyphony

It's Curtains for Me!

Well, once again I did not write a blog post while on breaks at work today.

Then I just sat here and stared at that sentence for a few minutes.  265 more words


My Own Dress Rehearsal

While I was working today, a song came to me.  It is to the tune of “The Volga Boatman.”

It’s just Tuesday (Uh!)

It’s just Tuesday (Uh!) 441 more words


Make sure you are dressed appropriately for your wedding rehearsal dinner

Although your wedding day is most definitely the grand event, the truth is that the pre-wedding parties are all very important too. After all, these are all special moments that “build the tension” for the upcoming Big Day – and it is extremely important that you plan them with careful attention to detail. 252 more words

Gig alert! Fbomb at Arelene's Grocery Tribute to the Who...

Much thanks to Morgan for inviting me to be a part of Fbomb this month at Arlene Grocery with The Who Tribute. I’ll be singing “Behind Blue Eyes’. 543 more words