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Work In Progress Showings

This blog post will be a collective summary of what happens at our Work In Progress Showings with  and our thoughts/ideas that stem from these showings. 335 more words

Sewing Ribbons

It’s Nutcracker week, or as it’s more affectionately known in our household, it’s Nutcracker He** week. The Princess has 3-hour dress rehearsals tonight and tomorrow night, a five-hour rehearsal Wednesday night, then two more hours of orchestra rehearsal Friday afternoon before a show Friday night, a show Saturday afternoon, and then closes the week out with two show on Sunday. 428 more words


The Creative Cake

So here we are nearly ready to start the meal.

There have been and still are a myriad jobs to do. Phone calls to make, agreements to be made, then changed, re-formed, changed again and  improved upon. 554 more words


It's going to be a long night... #1

You know that rehearsal is going to be a long slog when the operative phrase is, “I guess I’m going to have to listen to the original version.”


It never rains, but it pours...

More pom-poms.

More dance rehearsals.

Creative differences with the big song.

Plus rain.

A visit from Social Services.

An accusing phone call from the Safeguarding Team. 292 more words

Care Farm

Practice Makes Perfect

Inside Next Generation Ballet’s Nutcracker rehearsal

Dance rehearsal smells like feet and moist leotards. There’s nothing elegant about it. When the dancers work hard, improvising corrections on-the-fly from choreographers and ballet mistresses, there is a locker-room funk suspended in the air from sweat-dampened dance clothes, breath and many bodies moving in one studio classroom. 647 more words

Straz Center