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Eleventh Rehearsal: And Now, We Drill

Fortunately, I did not struggle much with learning the recital choreography. Maybe it’s particularly easy or it just comes naturally to me, or, and I suspect this latter is the case, both. 240 more words


Band Rehearsals: 19/05/17

Before this band rehearsal, we were all informed that we still needed to complete a songwriting task so we focused on that instead of writing material for the up coming end of year gig. 162 more words

Brad Paisley gives high schoolers a private concert rehearsal!!

SO. JEALOUS. Why couldn’t this have happened to me while I was in high school?! Brad Paisley surprised senior students from two high schools in New York by giving them a private concert rehearsal for his upcoming Weekend Warrior tour!! 17 more words


Rehearsal Diaries: That's a Wrap

I’m a bad writer I know. Sorry. Was kind of busy being all on stage and stuff. The final installment of my going on about art and acting takes us backstage during the performances. 529 more words



I don’t think I realized how much the play I’m working on would get under my skin. All of them do–even the scenes I explored in acting classes–but there have only been a few roles that yank me so far in that it’s hard to find my way out. 675 more words


Tenth Rehearsal: Music! Boys! Knees! Goats!

Friday’s rehearsal went well against all expectations. Let me explain:

I hurt my knee during a photo shooting on Wednesday. I write about architecture and interior design and drag along with photographers for shoots. 636 more words


Theatre needs to be a dictatorship

I know a lot of people like to think that the rehearsal room is a laid-back room of creatives organically building beautifully experimental and bold work BUT there is an unspoken hierarchy that must be adhered to, to prevent chaos and confusion. 379 more words

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