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March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 27: Emotional Ripples


Where last week hit its tone and remained consistent throughout, breaking the audiences’ hearts over and over again, this week is far less consistent and yet not any worse for it. 489 more words

The Three Waves of Real Estate Investing

Real estate has long been known to be a good investment, and some believe it to be a great investment.

Others have sworn it off after hearing about or themselves having horrid experiences with tenants, zoning boards, squatters, and the like. 2,481 more words

Real Estate

March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2 Episode 5 Reaction: Rei's Misguided Redemption and Akari's Hesitation

It’s fairly obvious to anyone who’s seen season one of March Comes in Like a Lion that this show knows how to handle mature topics. In fact, using the word handle might be underselling the show’s complex and terrifyingly human tendencies. 778 more words


How REI Is Keeping #OptOutside A Black Friday Tradition


When it launched in 2015, many of the bajillions of media impressions REI racked up with its #OptOutside campaign were a result of the sheer counter-intuitiveness of it all. 873 more words


It's Rei's birthday 💚

Original post: https://gamegift.jp/news/1509475715826585

*Watch us 5 oddballs’ end from the special seat (From “Reminiscence*Gathering of the Three Magicians”)

Rei to Wataru in Magicians Assemble: “Watch us 5 oddballs’ end from the special seat.” 1,446 more words


Carry on, or check?

Ahh, the age old question. Should I check my bags, or carry on only?

Some people swear that you need to take a full size rolling suitcase, a small suitcase, and a carry-on. 321 more words


March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 26: An Emotional Bomb


This episode is pure and simple emotional manipulation, however it does it so incredibly well. Actually, probably as close to perfect as any individual anime episode will get. 476 more words