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"Civility is something that isn't something with a concrete definition."

My students were meant to be writing about Hank Reichmann’s essay “Is ‘Incivility’ the New Communism?” on Academe Magazine’s blog, his idea that calls for “civility” on college campuses are intended to stifle unpopular opinions just as accusations of communist affiliations did in the 1950s—they were to agree or disagree, considering his example of a student’s use of the “ice bucket challenge” to protest the violence in Gaza and any other examples they could find or had experienced. 589 more words

Student Writing

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US NSA Spying Scandal: White House recognizes ‘constraints’ on data collection are needed

The White House has acknowledged the need for extra ‘constraints’ on US intelligence gathering. 2,472 more words

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Happy International Museum Day!


I jumped on the opportunity to celebrate today’s international holiday and visited the wonderful Portland Art Museum. About 3 blocks off campus, I hadn’t actually gotten around to visiting it yet and was happy for a reason to get my butt over there! 751 more words

NEX-7: 6 month update from Michael Reichmann of the Luminous Landscape

Readers of my first impressions posts a couple of days ago will likely be interested in Michael Reichmann’s appraisal of his NEX-7 after 6 months of use. 16 more words


Photo-snob Reichmann vs. Photo-mob Rockwell

How a professional Photographer makes a complete idiot of himself trying to trash the writings of another dazzling photographer / writer.


 Who they are:

Mr Rockwell … 865 more words


Reichmann's State of the Union Address

What I like about Michael Reichmann is that his work spans everything from galleries to commercial jobs to workshops, that he cares about photography, and that he understands and uses the right tool for the job. 192 more words