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Good Friday April 3rd 2015

Agnostic vs. atheist. An atheist lacks faith in God, believes there is no god, or lacks awareness of gods. An agnostic either believes that it is impossible to know whether there is a god or is noncommittal on the issue. 455 more words

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Have you given thought to this? Some folks go about, begging people to believe, helping the helpless, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked & standing by those in trouble – all in the name of religion. 37 more words

Stephen Fry On God

Gay Byrne and Stephen Fry: It was Byrne’s apparent horror at Fry’s words that really energised the story on social media.


Followship: Answering the Question of When and How Much

In our Evangelical Christian circles we are confronted with questions specifically about our children and when they come to faith in Christ.  At what age should we say that a child is saved?  646 more words


Misogynism can be defined but law is relative. A few more tears and disgust toward Iran in particular and the Midle East, in general.

http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/24675/reyhaneh-jabbari-lives-on-even-today/. Why should we cry and suffer for what happens in those under developed archaic countries? I say this but I feel such a pain just looking at those women… Creatures that cannot escape the savagery and domination of their men, that are destined to live without fulfilling their lives… But you know what..? 1,326 more words


Day Fifty-One | Are you out there God?

I find myself at a crossroads when it comes to religion. I’m not pushed one way or the other at the moment. Just cruising in neutral until what? 658 more words