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Holy Hair, Beware of the Behive

You’ve all seen her, that sweet little old lady sitting in church. Her shoulders just barely clearing the back of the pew. This is the church member you need to be afraid of, seriously afraid. 1,035 more words


A Bit of Bible Belt Humor

I grew up in North Carolina right in the heart of the Bible Belt. We did not need to ask a lot of questions to get to know you, we only had to ask one. 1,221 more words


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There are two kinds of people in the world, Atheists and Believers. And let it be known that I have nothing against believers. Atheism is the way for me and many of us and although there are tons of whys and why nots , here is a small projection of our thinking. 682 more words


Religion: Update

A couple weeks ago, I made a blog post about my religious views, which you can find here. Since then, I have gotten multiple questions about things related to that post that people are confused about, so I decided to make this to clear up any questions that were in the air. 802 more words


In Such Freedoms, We Dream

I wake to the sound of running water and the scent of crushed lavender. Am I awake? Yes. One could not feel so alive in death. 204 more words


English Lawns

Good Friday April 3rd 2015

Agnostic vs. atheist. An atheist lacks faith in God, believes there is no god, or lacks awareness of gods. An agnostic either believes that it is impossible to know whether there is a god or is noncommittal on the issue. 455 more words

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