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Baby's First Reiki Circle

Yesterday, when i brought Bella to the pet blessing, I grabbed a pamphlet for the Center of Spiritual Living- Fort Lauderdale and noticed they offer Reiki circles for humans as well. 3,312 more words


Scientific Evidence That Your Thoughts Alter Your Physical World

If you have ever attended one of our Reiki circles, then you already know how much we encourage setting intentions to achieve our goals.

This article… 45 more words


Gathering the circle

When my late husband and I were trained and received our Master attunements for Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki in 1999, there were few people in Lubbock, Texas who had ever heard of Reiki, and many of those who had were skeptical. 314 more words


NEW Network for Sonoma County Healers

I have been teaching certified Usui Reiki classes in Sonoma County, CA, for many moons now. With all things in life and in livelihood, it is time to expand and grow. 802 more words

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