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Does it matter what you think about while giving reiki?

I just watched this video and I agree with mostly everything that the video recommends!

The one part that I questioned was; “If other thoughts come up, simply brush them aside, bringing attention back to the Reiki energy.” 322 more words

Reiki - My One True Love


I have been having an amazing time with Reiki recently, I took my Masters and Teachers 3rd degree in November and I am absolutely amazed and how my life is enriched already and I will be forever greatfull to God for giving me the honour of providing this wondering healing, honestly I am gob smacked at how much has changed in just under 3 months: 170 more words


Reasons Why A Lot of Reiki Masters Are Not Practicing Reiki

Essential Reiki Teaching Manual: A Companion Guide for Reiki Healers by Diane Stein, states:

“The five Reiki symbols are the five levels of mind. Together they are the nonduality of mind and object the emptiness from ego that achieves the highest level of the end of the Path of Enlightenment (Buddhist nirvana). 624 more words

Art Of Ninzuwu


Meaning ‘Universal Life Force Energy’, Reiki is an ancient and completely natural non-invasive process of healing. It uses universal energy to balance and harmonise the client not only on a physical level helping to relive pain and regenerate organs and tissues. 53 more words

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The New Years List

Every year we see posts, photos, and more online about making a New Years resolution. We’ve seen many of our friends and family try to quit smoking, become more active at the gym, and start to eat healthier– or at least say they will! 768 more words

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Reiki School Progress Update!

As many of you know, I revamped my Reiki training structure earlier this year. I made the training process a more comprehensive programme, giving students private one to one sessions, group sessions and workshops instead of just stand-alone classes. 169 more words


Healing the Adrenals with Shamanic Reiki

Thinking about whether you can reestablish your vitality or on the off chance that you will ever be as you used to be? We are in almost the same situation. 825 more words

Adrenal Insufficiency