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Dr. G and I had this talk a few months back. There is powerful insight and healing words in this talk that are worth sharing again. 2,717 more words

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Change : Staring at my next 43rd Reiki Attunement

This week, I will be teaching a REIKI level 2 Course on Thursday, it would be my 43rd

Reiki Attunement as a Reiki Master. This journey, has just evolved me as… 105 more words


Crucifix Symbolic Meaning

Internal Wisdom: As known As: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairaudience: The crucifix has been around far beyond deities or religion.In fact to see them in one’s waking life, dreams, visions, flashes, paintings or even in photographs are symbolic of one’s life path being at a cross roads. 638 more words

Reiki Master

Are You Interested in Becoming a Reiki Master? Would You Like to Be Able to Heal Yourself as Well as Others?

With the different kinds of Reiki practitioners out there that teach so many different classes, it is incredibly difficult to find which one will best fit your learning style. 369 more words

Reiki Attunement

You Do Not Want to Miss These Incredible Reiki Classes Here in Los Angeles Area!

I had been conducting my research here in Los Angeles area for the best Reiki Training Classes, but had such a difficult time finding the best one that works for my learning style! 536 more words

Reiki Attunement

a new article that debunks reiki myths

This article may be very direct, but it as an amusing look at a psychic woman’s insightful perspective on reiki. As I myself was a reiki master I fell into the very same trap of believing that reiki was the B-all and end-all of healing. 535 more words

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