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Dr. Usui - The Founder of Reiki

Reiki – Page 3

Hello dear friend,

Thank you for coming back on this blog….

Before beginning this blog…. I pray Reiki to shower the blessings of Peace, Love, Prosperity, Happiness, and Appropriateness in everything you wish to achieve   –   Amen. 1,880 more words


A couple advancements in my writing career

The word of the year for me so far is “reinvention.” 

I’ve always been a writer. From horrible teenage journals in the 1990s to the journalism courses of my early 20s…there’s always been pen and paper in hand. 502 more words

She makes broken look beautiful

I hit a nerve with a post last week. These words resonated with more people than anything else I have ever posted..it reached almost 4000 people with 59 shares. 16 more words

Natural Parenting

Reiki - Page 2

Reiki  –  Page 2

Wow, you have followed this blog and reached Page 2….

Thanks for that friend….

You are seriously making me a “blog Writer” now …….. 691 more words


Distance Reiki Healing

Distance Reiki Healing

Crystal Sky is a powerful Reiki Master and able to effectively send you healing Reiki. Reiki, pronounced ‘ray key’, is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy. 230 more words


Reiki Page 1

Rei – Universal, Spirit, Miraculous, Divine

Ki – Vital Energy, Breath of Life, Consciousness

Reiki has its own intelligence, always appropriateness is achieved by the Universal Energy. 782 more words


Reiki - Love of Universe

Hi my dearest friends,

We meet again after such a long period, (or comma I must say). Well, I have been through various articles and books in these days and found some interesting facts, information, and even self experiences about Chakras, Reiki, Angels, Reincarnation, etc. 450 more words