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The Healing Center

It seems that we will be having a healing center here were I live at some point. I am being told that people need to experience my healing abilities. 351 more words


Reiki & Mental Health

Recently I was reminded of an article on Reikirays.com. The article discussed symptoms of psychic attack and, while I believe such things are possible, it painted an image of a mass population under external psychic influence. 363 more words


Finding Your Path to Healing, and Understanding Reiki with Colleen Klatke

Inside of everyone is this innate wisdom, this natural ability to heal. But in order for this healing to take place, we must take a deep look inside, quiet ourselves, and come to this place where we can befriend our bodies again. 968 more words

Personal Wellness

Reiki Practitioners Are Not Perfect

There seems to be a large misconception that Reiki Practitioners, or specifically those who have reached the Master level, do not get sick or stressed. There are those who hold the idea that we remain in a state of bliss and receive no illnesses. 184 more words


Imaginary Friends & Spirit Guides

Hello Mystical Creatures,

My heart sings out to you, and I acknowledge you for making the journey to live here on planet Earth.

Life is magical. 586 more words


Heal the World to Change Your Life

I have been facilitating group healing sessions for the world for over two years now. The attendees declare themselves as surrogates for humanity and we either do tapping, or sound healing. 238 more words

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Exponential Empowerment

Being a part of the Mothers Day retreat in May 2017 in Rochester, New York was amazing!! And that fact that it was the very first retreat given by… 252 more words

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