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4 Stories of AMAZING & Diverse Healing focuses via Wellness Hero

The stories of healing are NOW piling up via Wellness Hero. I have 100% results on ALL levels when applying REIKI as a healing tool. Now in the last 3 days more than 10 clients of mine have connected back and shared some AMAZING outcomes! 766 more words


What is the Byosen?

What is the byosen in Reiki healing, and why is it important?

According to Frank Arjava Petter, author of many excellent Reiki books, “The byosen is the frequency that is emitted from a tense, injured or ill body part when the blood and lymph vessels are blocked due to the accumulation of toxins. 547 more words


Reiki Lineage

I used to think that advertising a lineage in Reiki was elitist and snobbish.  I no longer think that.  I see so many ads now a days that advertise becoming a Reiki Master by receiving an attunement and training by video in a weekend. 268 more words


Long Island Reiki Movement.

Reiki is such a powerful energy that Doctor Mikao Usui enlightened the world with in his discovery of its amazing power on Mt. Kurama.

Now it is my duty as a descendant of his lineage to honor his name and continue to share this amazing power and energy with the world. 99 more words

Reiki Can Change Your Life

Back in 1993, I was just out of a very difficult marriage when I met the love of my life.  He was very spiritually awake, partly from his Hawaiian heritage and partly from his own personal experience and growth.   389 more words

Importance of Intention

One of the very important things for both Reiki practitioners and recipients to keep in mind is intention. Stating intention at the beginning of a session ensures that Reiki energy will flow where it is needed. 351 more words

Alternative Healing

What is Reiki? Holy Fire what?

Reiki is an ancient relaxation technique first engaged in Japan and dates over 10k years of supporting human spiritual health. Wellness Hero uses the most powerful form of this healing technique called Reiki Holy Fire. 67 more words