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Healing on the Highways and By-ways

In 1993, Bryan went to Queensland on a company excursion.  He phoned me to rave about how beautiful it was and, although we didn’t realise it at the time, it was as if this visit was a flag for changes which would come to us in the following year. 2,203 more words

The Spiritual Side of Addiction

Interesting #channelingerik interview about the energetic and potentially karmic aspects of #addiction. I have always personally considered reframing your perspective of your addiction to be important – no one becomes an addict if they didn’t start by getting something from it at first. 304 more words

Usui Reiki Level 3 Training & Attunement

This Reiki 3 workshoppe focuses on health and healing on the Spiritual Soul Level and the teaching of Reiki, however there will be an additional Reiki 4 level entirely dedicated to the Teaching of Reiki on its own. 2,101 more words


New Moon Today! Step into Love, from Love with Change!

“The Universe is cleaning things up for us. We can change, we can expand, we can have a better Life! We are given a clean sweep & clear. 410 more words



  1.  Stronger immune system 
  2. Better sleep.
  3. Less stress.
  4. Ideal weight loss pace.
  5. Peace of mind. 
  6. Less drama.
  7. More love.
  8. More smiles.
  9. Stronger relationships.
  10. Better intuition.
  11. Clearer head.
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Crystal Reiki

The Message of The Color Red

Start over, and allow the soul to feel renewed. Don’t apologize for ending situations that were no longer serving you. (Empowering you to move forward) When anyone wants to select what they love about you and not all of you, it is time to move on.

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Psychic Medium

Ego and the Healer

One of the issues I find with students, especially when they reach the Reiki Master levels, is the growth of the ego.  By the time a student has reached that level, they have experienced a great deal of healing success on all levels with their own clients. 669 more words