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Are you looking for answers? I am Too!

If you are on your path of self discovery, or spiritual awakening, then you will more than likely be seeking information, teachers, knowledge and anything you can get your hands on to help you develop and remember who you truly are. 1,084 more words

New Audio: Upon Attunement


Where there is solace,

One seeks the light.

For all nights to days

And suns to moons,

Sepulchers to You,

Just and kind,

Taking the child’s hand… 58 more words


Learning Reiki

I came across an old vlog from a YouTuber I follow recently and felt inspired to write this post. In the video she explains why she is somewhat skeptical of Reiki, one of the reasons being the process of training. 218 more words


Realizing My Purpose

I was inspired to write this article because for most of my life I haven’t had a clue as to what I wanted to be or do. 1,773 more words


Pay Attention to your Mind, Body and Spirit

There is a dark side to energy healing that I’d like to bring attention to on this lovely and beautiful morning.  I’d like to bring forth the importance clearing and healing your chakras in chronological order.   581 more words

The Healing Center

It seems that we will be having a healing center here were I live at some point. I am being told that people need to experience my healing abilities. 351 more words


Reiki & Mental Health

Recently I was reminded of an article on Reikirays.com. The article discussed symptoms of psychic attack and, while I believe such things are possible, it painted an image of a mass population under external psychic influence. 363 more words