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The Week In Review 7.15.12

The Week In Review is my attempt to turn the old into new. Alchemy, you might say. At the end of each week, I’ll summarize many of the things I wrote about, offering commentary when appropriate. 681 more words


John Edwards Flirting With One of His Jurors, Cuz Why Not?

From the This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, Good Hair Edition: J-Ed has been openly flirting with an alternate juror in the criminal case of his misappropriating campaign donations. 84 more words

The Benefits Of Hooking Up With An Intern

If you’re a good-looking guy with White House aspirations, my guess is sex is a dial away.  So, John Edwards’ mistake isn’t that he had an affair, but with whom. 28 more words

Rants & Ramblings

Reille Hunter & That Wacky Business Card

If anyone ever hands you a business card that reads “Being Is Free” take it as a sign.

Rants & Ramblings

John Edwards Stands Trial To Remind Everybody That He's A Philandering Twerp

John Edwards, who is already a political, personal, familial and moral disappointment, seeks to complete the pentafecta and become a legal disappointment, too….Read More… 15 more words