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Visiting Champagne Pommery

Arriving at Champagne Pommery you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’ve arrived at Disney World.  The Elizabethan neo-Gothic style buildings, modelled after great English country houses, resemble a fairy tale castle. 716 more words


French By Osmosis and Other Study Abroad Myths

I remember last year when we were applying for our years abroad and we had to submit “motivation letters” basically outlining why we wanted to do it. 1,336 more words


Wine Review : Cuvée Dom Perignon, 1988

We picked up this bottle of 1988 Dom Perignon Brut some time ago, from L’atelier du Champagne in Amsterdam, to drink on my 30th birthday. After a painfully long wait, that day finally came and mid morning we pulled it out of the champagne fridge and placed it into our normal fridge to cool down to the right tempreture. 235 more words


The Cellars of Champagne Taittinger

The House of Taittinger is situated on the site where the Saint Nicaise Abbey once stood.  Construction of the Abbey started in 1211, it was destroyed during the French Revolution and all that now remains are the underground caves.  423 more words



I’ve learned a few things since my trip to Bali! Like, when you’re walking all over kingdom come even the most comfortable shoes become a weight on what feels like bloody stumps. 180 more words


What’s this I see?

It’s supposed to rain and be dreary while I frolic in France. This isn’t in my vision of this vacation..

I guess I’ll be rethinking my travel wardrobe~

Getting Ready

It’s been a few months since I decided to book my birthday trip and now just about everything is falling into place.

I’ve purchased my Disneyland ticket, champagne tours and tastings, Eiffel tower at sunset ticket, and museum tickets (with the exception of the YSL museum, which I’ll need to fit in). 355 more words