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Cute Crepe Place & Creamy Pasta in Reims

Reims is close enough to Paris in both distance and lifestyle that the town empties for vacation in the summer. My friend and I went in July but the residents had already left, so I imagine August is even more of a ghost town with many places closed for les vacances and the places that are open usually have seasonal staff, e.g., students working summer jobs, who are both inexperienced and have no interest in gaining any expertise before they go back to school. 561 more words


Coming Back to La Cantine Du Coq

La Cantine du Coq is the only place we revisited for food during our stay, and we would have become regulars if we lived in Reims. 424 more words


Vincent Price on Reims Cathedral

In 1959, Vincent Price recounted his life-long passion for the art world in I Like What I Know. Here is an extract from his visual autobiography in which he recalls his visit Reims Cathedral in August 1928… 215 more words

Vincent Price Legacy

Well Red (Valenciennes AFC)

Valenciennes Football Club was first established in 1913 just before resources would become meagre due the outbreak of the First World War. This resulted in a merger three years later which produced the new combined name of Union Sportive Valenciennes Anzin. 542 more words

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Champagne Pommery's Big House

Pommery is literally one of the biggest champagne houses and the most vast vineyards in Reims with over 80,000 acres. It’s easy to book a tour here… 547 more words


Walking Around Reims

Reims is about 18 square miles and easily navigated with local trams and buses. Most of the town can be covered walking, and the Tourist Office has a handy map with the best route to take if you wish to explore the town on foot. 250 more words