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I am my soul,
A silent white orb,
That glows in my chest, unseen.

I am the soul,
Of every animal I have been, 64 more words

The Harem Was A Forced Goal - Prologue

A series about a guy who’s been reincarnated a lot of times.  Because of his  interesting relationship with the Goddess she messes with him a lot.   433 more words


200 Word Story Challenge!

It’s time for something new and different. There are many talented writers out there who would like to see their work showcased and given more recognition. 107 more words


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Landing. Somewhat Unconventional. - Waaaaaaaa... I cannot do this! - Cannot do what? - This! Waaa... wu wu waaaaaaaa... - Oh crying? Pretty awesomely you do it alright! - Haha, very funny. What do you have those wings for? Look at this misery around me from up there! - So? - “So”, he says... Ow! - It's alright, dear; they must slap you; you'll get used to it again. - Waaaaaaaa... I hate getting embodied in another fleshy prisoooon! - Why is that? Clear your lungs now. - *Gurgle gurgle* Because no one cares what I've come back again for! Waaaaaaaa! - What you really cannot do, is pretend you forget everything. - Oh great! They assigned me to the same smartarse again! - “The same smartarse” who is also your own wise choice. - A guardian of apathy to this fool's wild voice! - Excellent! Your knack for words is also here. - And the Nobel for Poetry goes to Mr. *Urp Gluckk* - Methinks we'll have to work a bit more intensely on your cynicism this time around... - OK, that's enough! I'm choking real hard now and terminating this joke! - Sure; be my guest! My manual for you keeps on expanding. - Very creative guardian! Yes precious; very caring... Ow! Cut the slapping, dammit! Waaaaaaaa... Leon of SolitaryThinkers, June 30, 2015. HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY, HUMAN EMBODIMENT! http://humanembodiment.com/2015/06/22/day-1-your-blogs-name/ MUCH LOVE AND APPRECIATION TO MY SOUL BROTHER RICH! http://humanembodiment.com/2014/11/03/ive-come-back-again-for-a-reason/

Death and not dying

So some guy goes to a Bible study meeting to commit a brutal act of terrorism that kills nine innocent people.

The guy was caught, and and the governor immediately wants to impose the death penalty. 1,708 more words


Chapter 13: So, it turns out that I encountered PKs~

Author’s note: So, this is the (real) first chapter after I got an editor. He was so kind to edit the previous chapter too so hail to him!! 1,875 more words


Reincarnated - Laptop Beyond: The Return of the Internet - Dawn of a New Era - The Saga Continues

“Believe in the backside” (#ButtsWin)

– A quote that has absolutely nothing to do with what follows.

On June 26 2015, a landmark moment in history took place; one whose symbolic meaning and effect was just as significant as its practical application. 499 more words

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A Reminder to Live Now

Being a spiritual advisor I have many people contact me wanting to know about life after death and what has happened to their loved ones. It’s understandable to want to know about your loved ones. 121 more words