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Love Reincarnate

They have a subtle charm
Blinking in the sunlight
Looking bemused
As if seeing it
For the first time
In the face of elegance
And splendor… 292 more words


Three Lives

(550 words)

“I’m a servant, milord, a maid to Sir Oswald’s household.”

“And are you happy there?” I asked.

“No, milord, cursed be the day I came into this house!” 598 more words

Micro Fiction

Children With Strange Stories Of Reincarnation Or Is It Really Data Information Access?

It’s not unusual for children to have vivid imaginations but are they being creative or are they accessing information from an unknown source.

Dr. Jim Tucker, M.D., a child psychiatrist, spent more than a decade studying cases of children, usually between the ages of 2 and 6 years old, who had memories of people who had passed away. 474 more words


Hesitant to post since they're famous, but I have felt I was this person for awhile and just want to connect with others who believe in past lives.

I have a past life connection that will most likely attract skepticism since it is someone very well known. I know most people aren't famous and egos/available information on the person could influence one into believing they are someone of importance. 660 more words


Manifestations - Echo Diary #9 (Mercury Rose (present day))

So, I woke up early today. It was a bargain I made with my other self, my other side. If I ever want to break out of this fixed hold I am in I have to change the way I approach things. 775 more words


Role Models

Role models

Everyone is a nonviolent role model for everyone else. Everyone is ethically bound to everyone else. Because in part each of us is each of us or I am you just as sure I am me and you are me just as sure as you are you. 6 more words

A Dog's Purpose Preview

Alright, well for all our faithful fans who were worried about the treacherous route we took through the Chain Reaction this year this is the main event. 1,628 more words