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A medium's look at the political zoo

It’s probably safe to say that as a medium and reincarnation researcher, I look at politics quite differently than most folks.  I know, it’s a zoo out there. 358 more words


Fated Dance

Under starry heaven’s sky,
Face to face, the lovers lie
gazing into eyes so deep
‘Til, sighing once, they fall asleep.
And in the starlit skies above, 105 more words



Socrates said he was “confident that there truly is such a thing as living again, and that the dead spring from the living.”

The idea of reincarnation is quite appealing to me. 127 more words


Proof of Reincarnation -Reblog...

With so many incidences of reincarnation around the globe, it is remarkable we do not hear of them more often. This list details ‘proof’ of reincarnation. 2,734 more words



I stopped at a messy eatery to rest.

I’ve gone a long way searching. I cannot stop now.

I am exploring this place for a year now. 110 more words


Issue Number Two

New Beginnings

  1. At the Big Bang the beginning of existence whatever cosmogenesis form.
  2. The beginning of life on planet earth and other planets and moons etc.
  3. 119 more words

Freedom of Speech and Paradigmatic Control

The NorthWest Spiritism blog notes the importance of ‘freedom of speech‘ according to the philosophy of the spirits. However, at close inspection, the post makes some claims that may contradict the premise of freedom of thought and speech. 1,890 more words