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Will you help save a child's ghost?

Never Can Say Good-bye is a Paranormal Thriller, which is comparable to Ghost, The Others, and the original Dark Shadows TV series.

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Could Reincarnation Explain Transgenderism and the "Transabled"?

This is just a hypothesis and might be absolute bullshit, but bear with me (unless you dismiss reincarnation altogether).

The thing is, due to personal experience I had gone back and forth on due to religion (Christianity denies the possibility as far as I know), I fully believe in reincarnation now. 442 more words

[Flash Fiction] Eleven-Twenty Nine


11:29. The hands froze on the worn-out timepiece as he tucked it back into the pocket of his slacks. Time to get to work. In one smooth step, he bounded onto the railing of the rooftop he was lounging on, and jumped off. 150 more words

Jade's Stories

My shot at decoding destiny

Probably the two words I have heard more than any other in my life are destiny and fate. I don’t know if the concept of destiny is localized to the Indian subcontinent and to people who are descendants of ancient civilizations. 871 more words


Chapter 67: B.I.H.S.

“Hahahaha! You know, it feels good to finally outwit that scoundrel. By the time he realises, I hope he regrets ever examining your katana!”

“Sigh, you know, you’ve been in a disturbingly pleasant mood since parting with Mr Balaur.” 3,507 more words


Untitled, original poem #25

can i really say more than
how many times
  have our souls met

like this


Transdimensional Poet

Hypothesis of Supernatural Phenomena

Hypothesis of Supernatural Phenomena

By Ahmad Quatib

Pre Hypothesis

My research is in deep regard of natural phenomena and is also a common theme in modern fiction and science fiction. 1,704 more words