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Judgement of Onyx - Chapter 2

Dazzling, bright light. That’s all Jiang Yu managed to see before falling completely unconscious. In such an unusual state, his ability to subconsciously track time was rendered absolutely useless. 2,817 more words


Chapter 23: The true meaning behind the Great Trial

Author’s note: I plan to make it a side chapter but somehow it became a chapter O.o

Here is your surprise and final chapter of this week (it still Sunday on my timeline). 1,435 more words


Excerpt from Crack in the World ... by Maribeth Shanley

        A year after her father’s death, Emily reflects on her final conversation with him.  He was on his death bed when they spoke.

* * * * 1,543 more words


The Issue of Choice 2

Question: I know you are familiar with the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson and Jim Tucker. As dedicated researchers into the subject of reincarnation, as reported by children, both present cases that strongly suggest we do choose our parents.

400 more words
J Douglas Bottorff

Takashi Shimizu’s ‘Rinne’: When Tragedy, Reincarnation, and Latent Memories Combine Into the Stuff of Ghost Stories

Photo credit: David Martínez

Many of us wonder if, after we die, will we return in another life? Less often, though no less significantly, do we wonder if the person we are today is the reincarnation of someone who died before we were born. 398 more words


And now for something completely different...

First posted July 10, 2014

A note from me (who, last time I checked, is still alive…)

Today, I saw a YouTube video today discussing whether immortality could/would be achieved by 2045. 118 more words


Chapter 22: Shame brings shame

First part

After the event of last night, I reflected on my action… Hope no one will know about my shameful behavior… Shameful and pathetic… 1,632 more words