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The Ethical Paradox

The ethical paradox

To progress ethically or in the good way of nonviolence we must transcend the concepts of good and evil altogether. Where our transfinite survival or eternal recurrence and nonviolent evolution means that Hitler must be accepted loved and forgiven as much as an innocent child or nonviolent activists such as Dr. 51 more words


US: Court System Failures

Middle Class Father Gets 1,503 Yrs For Raping Daughter – Billionaire Gets 18 Months?

Ok, so this billionaire gets 18 month and the middle class father gets 1,503 years in jail for the same crime. 221 more words


Original poem #67


warped in your starlight
softened and scattered
i'm cloud-filtered moonlight
feasting on ravens
 and shadows of earth night

a pale flight

refusing my soul
 for these bones
  and their birthright

JL Harrington

Socrates - Preparing the Way for Christianity and Spiritism

More that 400 years before Christ, there was a man in the cradle of Western Civilization that was preaching the doctrine of Christ and Spiritism. It was Socrates in Athens. 54 more words




Και τότε στάθηκε μπροστά στο θρόνο, γέλασε για

τη σκουριασμένη κορώνα του βασιλιά κι είπε

με σοβαρή φωνή: στη λάσπη του μυαλού σου




Αμέσως μετά ήρθαν κι οι μουσικοί, όργανα στα χέρια

παράξενα κι όμως η μουσική ακούστηκε γνωστή και

φευγαλέα, σαν κλέφτης που ήρθε για ν’αρπάξει κάτι από


past Lives & Love Songs

I always found it odd how the songs I was always drawn to since I was a little kid were always these songs of tragic heartbreak or undeniable love. 321 more words