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Curse from God, Live a Thousand Lives: Second Life


(Deemed dangerous)

In the afternoon, a carriage drawn by four stallions with an escort of 6 gallant knights in their mount is waiting outside the mansion to which Luke, Layla and the duke had boarded. 2,658 more words


What Is Reincarnation Really..?

Probably Not What You Think…

Some time ago, I was reading a book. I vividly remember where I was; sitting on the bed in a rented apartment overlooking Bramall Lane, the football ground which is home to Sheffield United. 1,389 more words

Self Help

Question 136: About the grace of God

Question 136: What does the “grace of God” mean in the Gospel of Oneness?

Perhaps you have heard someone say, “There but for the grace of God, go I.” Such a statement presumes that God doesn’t extend his grace to everyone. 365 more words


Shadow Work: How everything happening out there is happening inside of you and how to work with it ♡

I think to many people who know me on the internet, I live some sort of mythical life.

I get to spend a lot of time in nature in beautiful places, I receive amazing spiritual insights from beyond a realm that can be seen, and I also willingly and freely share that love openly with the world. 1,877 more words



Don’t Believe The Dharma

Don’t believe in emptiness
Don’t believe in reincarnation
And don’t be confused!


If we merely hear teachings and accept them, then we are no better than anyone else at being persuaded to believe without evidence. 563 more words

I am Dead (Micro-tale)

Copper pennies closed the eyes.

Hands folded casually on the chest.

A new suit, ready for travel.

I look upon my body - my vehicle.

It had carried me through life;

I had learnt almost everything -

I had loved almost everybody -

I had seen almost everything.
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Nun Sense

There are experiences that are difficult to describe to others. How often have you had a dream that profoundly affected you in some way? Perhaps you’ve had a nightmare that left you tight-chested and anxious long after you woke. 2,356 more words