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Three Moon Night: A Lunar Awakening

Three Moon Night: A Lunar Awakening

i am realizing now that i
will always be this way
one who wanders
one who is lost
one with little words… 3,364 more words



It is the third time this year

summer aged for her,

every night for eighty-four nights

golden dreams reincarnate

as the hours relive

and we count with our fingers… 104 more words


TDoE V3, Chapter 11: Killing Intent

Hua Li was merely a peak-level Adept, so it was impossible for her to actually use her aura to attack anyone, but killing intent was different. 1,495 more words


Be a Surrogate for Peace

Some of us, and many more, are starting to get an understanding that we are all connected. We are not separate units but exist in a love soup. 460 more words

Blog Post

Researching a Dream Image

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Sometime in the early 1980’s, I had a dream that seemed from the past.

On a bus ride through some heavily wooded areas, I had to assist the driver who was having a heart attack. 295 more words


Familiar Stranger pt 11

A few hours later I find myself sitting on my island as I watch Khai prepare a late lunch. As usual, he is at home in my kitchen. 678 more words

Short Story

TDoE V3, Chapter 10: A Chaotic Ritual

Holy shit… Wow. I forgot how vulgar the sex was in this story lol. Anyway, you’ve been warned :P.

*** 1,486 more words