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What's your Happiness Quotient?

What makes us happy in life? What decides how happy we will be in the future? Is it money? Success? Relationships? 870 more words

Life Wisdom

Short Stories

I started writing short stories (and some poems) at a single-digit age and have continued to write them throughout my adult life. Since I’ve taken to the long form (novels) short stories have taken a back seat (I’ve really missed writing them!)…but I’ve always wanted to post some of them, since becoming a blogger. 100 more words



I really just wanted it all to stop.  I felt…shepherded.  Like they were all just there to guide me to a fate.  I didn’t want to go.   1,321 more words


Setting Up Your Altar

Setting Up Your Altar

To turn your dressed table into a proper altar, you will need as basics the following objects:

1. Two candles with candle holders – you might like to think of one representing the female principle and one the male. 283 more words

Daily Posts

"Le test" de Stéphane Allix

C’est un livre que j’ai dévoré. On y trouve à la fois un témoignage poignant (sa rencontre avec les médiums ), une analyse du passage de la mort tel que le ressentent les médiums et levécu des médiums avant d’accepter leur médiumnité. 283 more words


31 Realms of Existence: Where Are You Heading Next?

31 Realms of Existence: Where Are You Heading Next?

In the Buddhist cosmology, the earth is not the only world, and human are not the only living beings. 62 more words


The Dragon

What’s the dragon and how does it work:

Reincarnational perspective: origins…

Reincarnatinonal perspective on life, we owe most of the times to Hinduism. About the why them, according to me it’s quite simple, they had the Chintamani stone and the soma they made out of it (Chintamani is green radioactive stone, soma is a light green luminescent drink they used to “drink with the gods… And logically it should have been made out of the stone). 1,836 more words

The Stone