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Optimizing Discount Price for Perishable Products with Thompson Sampling using Spark

For retailers, stocking perishable products is a risky business. If a product doesn’t sell completely by the expiry date, then the remaining inventory has to be discarded and loss be taken for those items. 928 more words

Big Data

Arxiv on Feb. 21th

Title: Continual Reinforcement Learning with Complex Synapses
Authors: Christos Kaplanis, Murray Shanahan, Claudia Clopath
Categories: cs.AI cs.LG cs.NE

Unlike humans, who are capable of continual learning over their lifetimes, 359 more words

Reinforcement Learning

Arxiv on Feb. 20th

Title: Reactive Reinforcement Learning in Asynchronous Environments
Authors: Jaden B. Travnik, Kory W. Mathewson, Richard S. Sutton, Patrick M.
Categories: cs.AI cs.LG
Comments: 11 pages, 7 figures, currently under journal peer review… 1,725 more words

Reinforcement Learning

Arxiv on Feb. 19th

Title: Monte Carlo Q-learning for General Game Playing
Authors: Hui Wang, Michael Emmerich, Aske Plaat
Categories: cs.AI
Comments: 15 pages 6 figures

Recently, the interest in reinforcement learning in game playing has been… 168 more words

Reinforcement Learning

Arxiv on Feb. 16th

Title: Reinforcement Learning from Imperfect Demonstrations
Authors: Yang Gao, Huazhe (Harry) Xu, Ji Lin, Fisher Yu, Sergey Levine, Trevor
Categories: cs.AI cs.LG stat.ML

Robust real-world learning should benefit from both demonstrations and… 543 more words

Reinforcement Learning

Arxiv on Feb. 15th

No paper today in the digest about Deep Reinforcement Learning.

Reinforcement Learning

Arxiv on Feb. 14th

Title: Efficient Exploration through Bayesian Deep Q-Networks
Authors: Kamyar Azizzadenesheli and Emma Brunskill and Animashree Anandkumar
Categories: cs.AI cs.LG stat.ML

We propose Bayesian Deep Q-Network (BDQN), a practical Thompson sampling… 608 more words

Reinforcement Learning