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Death of the Salesman?

Computers will do it better

By Bernard Thompson

Selling is a special art, which many believe cannot be learned by everyone.

It takes a particular skill set to build a rapport with a client, negotiate the best deal for yourself and continually push for more without irritating the buyer to the extent that they no longer wish to co-operate. 1,250 more words


Reinforcement Learning:The Future

Today, nearly three years ago, a small company in London called DeepMind uploaded their pioneering paper “Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning” to Arxiv. 913 more words

Machine Learning

Building the Reinforcement Learning Framework

To build our reinforcement learning framework, we are going to follow the basic recipe laid out in the February 2015 Nature article “Human-level control through deep reinforcement learning” ( 645 more words

[RL4a] Policy Optimization

I thought I would write about some theory behind Reinforcement Learning, with eligibility traces, contraction mapping, POMDP and so on, but then I realized if I go down that rabbit hole, I would probably never finish this. 974 more words

Machine Learning

Epic's Tim Sweeney: Deep Learning A.I. Will Open New Frontiers in Game Design

“ AI is still in the dark ages,” Epic CEO Tim Sweeney told a crowd gathered for Games Beat’s 2017 industry summit.

The video game industry has witness a tremendous amount of growth, thanks to the incredible increase in computation power in terms of visual representations. 607 more words


Basics of Computational Reinforcement Learning

Link: http://videolectures.net/rldm2015_littman_computational_reinforcement/

In machine learning, reinforcement learning plays an important role. It stems from the system’s decision-making ability to be improved through interacting with the world and evaluating feedback. 2,471 more words


Multi Armed Bandit - Is it better than A/B testing?


In the field of webpage optimization, A/B testing is the most commonly and widely used experimentation method to compare two (or more) versions of a webpage or app to determine which version performs better in measures like traffic or customer conversion rates. 2,130 more words