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The Pac-Man Projects

Today I found an interesting AI project – The Pac-Man

Here is the project overview

The Pac-Man projects were developed for UC Berkeley’s introductory artificial intelligence course, CS 188.

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What is Machine Learning?

A definition I like most is, “the semi-automated extraction of knowledge from data”. I say semi-automated because machine learning (ML from now on) requires both humans and computers to work properly.¬† 623 more words

Machine Learning

Reinforcement Learning part 4: Combining egocentric and allocentric

Alright, in my last post on RL we looked at egocentric learning and what that is. We also saw that both ego and allocentric learning have their strong points, and they compliment each other. 1,988 more words


24th March Meeting - Skill Discovery From Unstructured Demonstrations

Pravesh Ranchod presented “Skill Discovery From Unstructured Demonstrations.

Abstract: Programming agents in complex domains such as gaming and robotics can be prohibitively time consuming, requiring extensive engineering expertise. 105 more words

Reinforcement Learning part 3: Egocentric learning

When an agent is learning how to move, it’s learning a set of values to associate with possible actions for each situation it encounters. We say that it’s learning the action values. 2,236 more words