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The Perception Game

The perception game: because all things we feel are inside a small circuitry that is called the perception. If you think, you have everything in your life figured out, good for you. 498 more words


Reinforcement Learning (RL) – Policy Gradients II

In the previous post, we discussed the basics of policy gradients for reinforcement learning tasks. In our multi-armed bandit implementation, the reward was immediate in terms of wether the action we took was good or bad. 1,364 more words


Reinforcement Learning (RL) – Policy Gradients I

This is the first of a series of posts covering the basics of reinforcement learning (RL). There are several subsections under RL such as policy gradients, Q-learning, etc. 2,145 more words


[RL3c] TD(lambda) rule

 Reinforcement Learning context
Temporal Difference Learning – intuition
TD(lambda) rule

Trong bài trước, ta đã đi đến công thức cập nhật giá trị của trạng thái như sau:

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Text Classification Method in Business and Political studies

Long short-term memory (LSTM) is a relatively recent technique applied in the context of artificial neural networks. But it has reached a status of fundamental component in new products for major technology companies the likes of Google, Apple or Baidu. 2,091 more words

Data Science

Blog #7: The Dueling Bandits Problem

Time: Tuesday, Oct 18, 2016 12pm-1pm

URL: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~aiseminar/abstract/16-10-18.html

In this talk Dr. Yue from Caltech provided a clear and comprehensive introduction on the dueling bandits problem he’s been working on since he was a doctorate student. 481 more words

Interview Series: Honglak Lee at Deep Learning Summit, Boston 2016

Meanwhile earlier at Re.Work  Deep Learning Summit, Boston 2016, another interesting conversation with Dr. Honglak Lee. Dr. Lee has an interesting career path, where he applies deep learning to the study of the Human  Brain. 218 more words

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