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Reinforcement Learning by Q-Learning


As someone with a background in the behavioural sciences, reinforcement learning is interesting to me. I learned about it from Demis’ (now well-known) video… 428 more words

Reinforcement Learning

Tower of Hanoi - Reinforcement Learning

I think you are familiar with the old puzzle of Tower of Hanoi, if not then you can read about it in wikipedia and you can actually play it… 1,462 more words

Machine Learning

Could you win the game "Go" against computers? They are smarter now!

There are many board games all over the world. I think you enjoy Chess, Othello, Backgammon, Go, and so on.  Go is the game where two players put the white stone and black stone in turn and decide the winner by comparing the areas owned by each player. 849 more words

Artificial Intelligence

The Pac-Man Projects

Today I found an interesting AI project – The Pac-Man

Here is the project overview

The Pac-Man projects were developed for UC Berkeley’s introductory artificial intelligence course, CS 188.

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What is Machine Learning?

A definition I like most is, “the semi-automated extraction of knowledge from data”. I say semi-automated because machine learning (ML from now on) requires both humans and computers to work properly.  623 more words

Machine Learning