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Blog #7: The Dueling Bandits Problem

Time: Tuesday, Oct 18, 2016 12pm-1pm

URL: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~aiseminar/abstract/16-10-18.html

In this talk Dr. Yue from Caltech provided a clear and comprehensive introduction on the dueling bandits problem he’s been working on since he was a doctorate student. 481 more words

Interview Series: Honglak Lee at Deep Learning Summit, Boston 2016

Meanwhile earlier at Re.Work  Deep Learning Summit, Boston 2016, another interesting conversation with Dr. Honglak Lee. Dr. Lee has an interesting career path, where he applies deep learning to the study of the Human  Brain. 218 more words

Learning to Translate in Real-time with Neural Machine Translation


TLDR; An implementation of realtime neural machine translation (NMT) by using an RL agent that decides when to READ input source language and WRITE output target language. 567 more words


What's the (big) deal with AlphaGo?

In March of 2016, Google’s AlphaGo beat the world champion Lee Sedol at the game of Go, a feat hailed as an important milestone for Artificial Intelligence (AI). 694 more words

Artificial General Intelligence with novel Deep Reinforcement Learning approach

Another day, another paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI) on this Blog. Today is also marked by the spell of novelty, innovation and better methodologies. It has been said that there is excessive hype regarding the scope and possibilities of current AI research, with some analysts and pundits saying that we will need to be wary of undesirable outcomes from these efforts and skeptical of our control capacity over AI, while others defending that all of this is just a fad that will eventually get to nothing. 708 more words

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