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The Forbidden Romance Of A Lawyer And A Prisoner

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A little bit of light

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”
― Marcus AureliusMeditations

When you seek something positive, it is amazing what you can come across.  

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The Echo Show Is Now Available

* Add voice-activated video to your Alexa service with the Echo Show
* Includes two built-in Adobe speakers and eight different microphones
* New touchscreen functionality makes your Echo better than ever… 268 more words


Open Wide: June 2017 Edition

If I ever decided to print out the unabridged version of my running to-do list, it would probably require a dozen reams of paper. Sometimes, I take a look at that list and get incredibly overwhelmed––how is it possible I’ll ever accomplish all those tasks, attend all those conferences, network with all those people, if I want to meet my goals by a certain time? 382 more words


'I Saved Thousands On My Wedding By Doing One Simple Thing'

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All it takes is one website. 2,806 more words


This roast chicken with Peruvian passionfruit sauce is delish - and fancy

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Winner winner roast chicken dinner. 1,946 more words


Staying positive

This must be one of the hardest tasks I have ever set myself.  Finding the light in everything, in every day is monumentally difficult.  The default setting for most of us is pessimistic and to change that requires constant vigilance. 310 more words