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Quote of the day: REINVENTION


Anna Leonowens, apparently addressed as “Sir” in the Siamese court, was…adept at reinvention. Conversant in Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, and Persian, to take on the role of royal governess she adopted the clipped tones of a dyed-in-the-wool English school ma’am. 494 more words

Quote Of The Day

Scorpio Horrorscope for 2015

I tend to look at my horoscope after the fact to see if things worked out as predicted.  I haven’t looked at my horoscope for eons now, so decided to check it out this morning.   620 more words


Flying Lessons: Commentary from the Garage

I have made over $1500 selling stuff on Craigslist and selling books.

I sat in my garage and cried yesterday.

My social media is filled with images of graduations, weddings, and reunions being celebrated. 664 more words

Laura Johnson


Malcolm Little
May 19, 1925 – August 6th, 1952

Malcolm X
August 7, 1952 – April 21, 1964

El Hajj Malik El Shabazz
April 22, 1964 – February 21, 1965… 14 more words

Kate Silversmith: Globe of Life, Fashion and Humour

Hello Dear Readers!  It is past midnight and I am contemplating the purposes of my very first blog, yes, any readers who may have stumbled across this,  873 more words

REBIRTH BlogFest: “Wishmaker”

Behold, my entry for the REBIRTH BlogFest (running from this past Tuesday, May 12 through next Saturday, May 23. Interested writers, take note). Enjoy! 1,089 more words

Fictional Fun

"The Game Of Life and How to Play It" by Florence Scovel Shinn - This book should be on your shelf!

I love words and how a string of them put together can create a stir of emotion, a smile, a tear, a memory.  Words have started wars and stopped them.  732 more words