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Since 2014 when I opened my first Instagram account (stevengelbrecht) ), I have come to the realization that the one predictor of a successful anything is reinvention. 399 more words

Orientation Day

Yesterday, I attended my third (and final—at least I hope so!). I started the day feeling . . . well, nervous. I shouldn’t have: I went to the same university last year. 520 more words


Postage from Shona

Shona, I love that the Sedona workshop set you on such a powerful course. In the name of badass traveling women and kindred spirits, here’s a travel story from my past, an excerpt from the memoir I’ve been working on. 625 more words


You can control your state

Ok, so this is a weird title I know, but let me explain a little before you click away from this page.

One of the many things that regular meditation has taught me is that I can control my emotions and my reactions to any given situation that life throws at me.   330 more words



I can hear the groans now.  Meditation is one of those things that we know are good for us, like brussels sprouts, and has about the same appeal.   305 more words



I got a call today. The university I am studying with are a little worried about the work load I have taken on. Understandably so I would imagine. 392 more words

Talking to myself

Because sometimes you need expert advice!

I am sitting here with no one to talk to, all my usual conversationalists are unusually quiet.  So I am talking to myself ~ well at least writing to myself.   556 more words