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Cargo Cults and Entrepreneurial Baggage

During World War II, a small population of indigenous Melanesian islanders was direct witness to the largest war effort ever mobilized. The vast amounts of military equipment and supplies airdropped by the Japanese and then the Allies introduced drastic changes to the lifestyle of the residents. 463 more words


An alcohol manifesto

Like many Belizeans, for me growing up included countless interactions with alcohol. My father drank. He worked hard and was a good provider, but alcohol was as present in our home as if it were another person who lived there. 1,787 more words

Christian Living

Inspiring Quote #1 (revised)

“Never be ashamed of what you feel. You have the right to feel any emotion that you want, and to do what makes you happy.” —Demi Lovato…

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Ingrid Graham on Design You

Welcome to DESIGN YOU~
The show about people pursuing their passions.

Garrison’s guest in this segment is classically trained dancer, choreographer, mentor and educator Ingrid Graham. 220 more words


The Reinvention of Unbroken Me

Last year, I started this blog. And for a little while, I posted regularly. But then, all of a sudden, that ceased.  I wanted to explain that—and I’m sure you will understand that—life gets hectic sometimes. 110 more words


A Drink from the Wisdom Well with Dorie Clark

Like a great classic book or symphony, Dorie Clark is one of those cornerstone branding experts who beckons you to keep going back to the wisdom well for a fresh drink. 92 more words


Life's most persistent and urgent question

You know me by now as someone who is a passionate evangelist for people pursuing their vision and living an authentic life. It is the only path to true fulfillment. 147 more words