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The Cherry Bumps Are Coming!

I grew up in a “co-op” called Valentine Gardens in South Yonkers (NY). This affordable housing complex featured simple ways to build community – like patios where the adults got some fresh air and chatted while the kids jumped rope, played hand-ball or traded baseball cards a few steps away. 868 more words


Pipelines Below the Radar

Remember when we were all frantic about the state of our economy in 2008? Like most folks with life savings invested in the stock market, I was hunting for stocks that were safe and recession-proof. 553 more words


Are You a Maximizer, Satisficer or a New-Fangled Hybrid?

If you’re not familiar with the lingo, maximizer and satisficer are words coined by Barry Schwartz (a top rated TED talk lecturer and author of The Paradox of Choice). 495 more words


What Color Is Your Parachute?

What Color is Your Parachute is a classic book about career planning. Are you familiar with it? I’ve recommended it time and again. An animal lover discovers that her pipe dream of becoming a veterinarian is realistic! 412 more words


Justice Reinvestment Task Force Kicks Off Review of State Criminal Justice System

JEFFERSON CITY, MO July 12, 2017 (STL.NEWS) At its first meeting today, the recently created Missouri State Justice Reinvestment Task Force began to explore a number of issues facing the state’s criminal justice system, including an uptick in viole…

architecture for change

If you don’t commonly engage in the world of architectural social media, if you don’t read architectural journals or participate in the architectural community, then this topic might be new to you. 690 more words


Giving Feedback on Skill Performance

This post is intended to give an overview of several aspects of coaching science, in particular surrounding provision of feedback to athletes, something which numerous coaches (both strength and technical/sport coaches) often don’t do effectively. 1,160 more words

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