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architecture for change

If you don’t commonly engage in the world of architectural social media, if you don’t read architectural journals or participate in the architectural community, then this topic might be new to you. 690 more words


Giving Feedback on Skill Performance

This post is intended to give an overview of several aspects of coaching science, in particular surrounding provision of feedback to athletes, something which numerous coaches (both strength and technical/sport coaches) often don’t do effectively. 1,160 more words

Strength And Conditioning

5 Ways to Explore Your Hometown: Reno Redevelopment

I grew up and live in Reno, Nevada and to most people who have lived here, it is one of the friendliest and supportive communities to live. 944 more words

12/12/2016 Week Reinvestment

12/11/2016 Week with reinvestment in trading profits.


21/11/2016 Week Reinvestment

21/11/2016 Week with reinvestment in trading profits.


CGT in Portugal

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is one of the major matters of interest when it comes to deciding where to buy a property, so it might be worthwhile knowing how it is calculated in Portugal. 556 more words

14/11/2016 Reinvestment

14/11/2016 with reinvestment in trading profits.