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Quod Erat Demonstrandum

Alice Maestra has been stuck in my head all day, so here we are.
Sound Holic is good. Blue E’s lyrics are probably my favourite from within this circle. 620 more words

English Lyric Translations



Circle: 空彩観測
Vocals: 佐藤早苗
Lyrics: 杷月
Arrange: 采原史明
Album: sweet sweets.
Reitaisai 9

今昔幻想郷 ~Flower Land, Yuuka Kazami’s Theme

Requested by Eiki.
And i have to apologize but requests might take a while from now on, university is kinda stressing me lately. 340 more words


砂上のFILTER | Sand-Foundation FILTER

Requested by SumireArche, these lyrics are somewhat cryptic.

Usually Kaito’s lyrics are more straightforward, but I have no idea what a filter atop sand could mean. 379 more words

English Lyric Translations

Poplica* - Resolution


Circle: Poplica* (Syrufit)
Album: Poptrick
Lyrics: 723
Vocal: Tsubaki Ichimatsu
Arrangement: Poplica*

Reitaisai 9

Septette for the Dead Princess, Remilia Scarlet’s Theme

Hello people, i am back with a new song, this time it’s Poplica*. 374 more words