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What a beautiful day it is

I recently re-watched “The World of Tomorrow” on Netflix streaming. It’s this amazing animated film by Don Hertzfeldt (Rejected and It’s Such a Beautiful Day), and this line has seared itself into my brain.


Bad News Gives Me The Blues

Today started like any other, I didn’t want to get out of my bed. It was just the right amount of warmth and if I had to get up I would be cold and I would definitely be cranky. 488 more words

Morning prayer on Tuesdays: Luke 9,18-22

“Lord, help me!” she said. (Mat 15:25 NIV)

Here’s this mornings sermon preached in St.Timothy’s chapel of the Lutheran Theological Seminary by Rev Dr. K. Boehmer on Luke 9,18-22: 1,320 more words

February 08, 2016: "Struggling Artist"

An obsession.
Success had been brief.
The works were rejected.

Could not afford to marry.
Could not afford to eat.

The food… 7 more words

Erasure A Day

The Loneliness Inside

Loneliness is demonstrated in various form in our lives and most of the time we do not even realise it, because of the amount of things we accompanied ourselves with. 461 more words



I’m beginning to wonder how many rejection letters I can collect this year. Someone told me once they framed all of their rejections and filled many walls before they received their first acceptance letter. 25 more words

Mumblings And Mutterings

2 Goodies For Your Job Search Toolbox

The norm it seems for many job seekers these days is to be rejected by employers several times prior to landing with a company who is willing to take a shot and offer you a position. 873 more words

Job Search Advice