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To accept or decline...

I got the job… now what? There are decisions to be made here. The first one is the easiest.

Accept, simple as that. Let HR know you are willing to move forward, sign all the initial hiring paperwork and get ready for the next chapter in your life. 870 more words

Entry Level

Book Progress Report #13

Uh-oh. Number 13 is not my lucky number. Here’s the second rejection letter I just received: 133 more words


The many faces of Rejection

I hunkered down and put out over 100 agent queries. The odds are I will get a lot of rejection with that much exposure. All it takes is one yes and even if I get 100 rejections I’ll keep trying. 838 more words


Rejection Letters: Stories Reconnect Mother and Daughter Beyond Grave

I felt like history was repeating itself after I received my first rejection for the book I’m writing about my grief journey. Was I inflicted with a curse or a defective family gene? 517 more words

"I think all great innovations are built on rejections"*...

Screenwriters sending scripts to Essanay Studios, a Chicago company that produced silent films between 1907 and 1917, received this form rejection letter in response to their submissions.

246 more words

Rejection in Writing

Some consider rejection a rite of passage for authors. It’s a rare individual who gets a contract from a literary agent and a Top 5 publisher on the first book they’ve written and submitted. 525 more words


No No No No!

Day 9 of the #PNIWritingChallenge asks a question most authors had better have an answer for, otherwise, what’s the point?

Have you ever received a rejection letter regarding your writing/artwork/job? 1,188 more words