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Enhancing the Eating Experience and An Honest College Rejection Letter; 20-April-2015

A Foodie’s Paradise

I know lots of people who are passionate about good food. Our taste buds though major contributors are not the only ones that tells us the flavours of good food. 103 more words

Noteworthy Web Articles

What's your relationship with professional rejection?

This question was posed at a course I attended recently. For me, it depends.

I am rejected approximately 90% of the time–or, I should say, my short stories are. 1,108 more words


The Acceptance Letter

You either got it or you didn’t–the acceptance letter.

For many young people, this will be the first time of supreme acceptance or utter rejection. Yes, there are fledgling¬†relationships and other successes and failures, but getting into the school of one’s choice may be the first major hurdle that comes as a teen transitions into the world of adults. 653 more words


No News is... No News

Job hunting is turning out to be as frustrating as trying to soothe newborn babies cries when you’ve tried everything to make it stop. When I started this mission I was pretty specific about the job I want and also where I want to be located. 1,281 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Rejected...and Resting

My heart is a bit heavy today. I got news that the publisher who had been evaluating my manuscript for the past seven months–and who gave me reason to believe they wanted it–doesn’t actually want it. 322 more words


That's Life

This evening I received one of the most disappointing messages…

“Unfortunately, your application was not selected for interviews this academic year.”

*cue tears*

I know, it’s not the end of the world, but it definitely feels like the end of something. 310 more words