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Ways to reject an ex

This is based off my experience, not recommended but if you’ve said things like this too, cool. You’d get it.

#1 Say nothing. 

Him: Wanna hangout? 173 more words




Five minutes to be completely vulnerable and write the first thing that comes to mind. No take backs. 163 more words

Dear Princess

The search for calm

Calm – it’s something the can be elusive at times. There is a fine line between boring and calm. For me, calm can be difficult to achieve in regard to the outside world but it’s almost impossible to achieve within. 314 more words


the play's the thing

What if I write and write and write and make movies and make art and put myself out there emotionally time and time again and nothing ever comes of it? 325 more words


Authors Who Need a Binky

There are authors who believe their writing comes from the hand of God. Hey, maybe it does and I’m too dumb to realize it. But I do know what works for us and what doesn’t. 707 more words


Seven Billion Realities...How Cognitive Dissonance Works

She held fast to her reality that her mother was a narcissist, borderline, and even schizophrenic.  She held fast to her reality that her mother couldn’t love, especially her. 1,232 more words


18 Things for a Brand New Start

It’s my birthday today! What? How am I an adult right now? Okay, so I am fully aware that a year has not passed since I first started this blog way back in January, wherein I awkwardly stumbled through my first post introducing myself; nevertheless, I think it’s fitting that with my 18th birthday, I consider today as a brand new chapter for my blog. 1,041 more words