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Writer Milestones, or My Best Failure

I’m not one for handing out writing advice. Mostly because there is so much out there, some from credentialed authors I admire, some from random folk on the interwebz incessantly posting homemade manifestos. 417 more words

Emma Jameson


Forget we ever met.

Draw the curtain down on this short time,

banish it from your mind.

Take the surer bet.

I’m sure in hindsight’s eyes… 161 more words


love me, love me not

The art of rejection and feelings of unrequited love is similar to someone pouring salt into an open wound, it stings and hurts but eventually you clean it out and get over it. 934 more words



Not enough, not enough.

You are

not enough.

The gift of “no”:

rabid and gentle.

a pernicious




It foams at the mouth. 93 more words

Rejection Lessons

By the will of Allah, I am a very reflective person. I see the errors of my ways as time passes. I like to think someone or people upon witnessing my apparent flaw made duaa for me. 439 more words


Chapter 1

It all starts somewhere, doesn’t it.  After many moments pondering just how to go about this, I guess I just have to do it.  Put hands to keyboard.   580 more words


The irony called Love

They say love is the medicine to all ailments. Love heals the scars given by rejection. Love treats heartbreaks. Love repairs all cracks caused by misunderstandings. 116 more words