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Love Came Down with Legitimacy/ l'amour est arrivée avec la vérité que nous sommes fils

An acquaintance of mine once told me the heartbreaking tale when he and his wife fostered three boys in their early teens. Though the kids lived in a house full of love and acceptance, the three siblings rejected the couple, unable to transition from homeless orphans to beloved sons. 3,361 more words

Love Came Down

The many faces of Rejection

I hunkered down and put out over 100 agent queries. The odds are I will get a lot of rejection with that much exposure. All it takes is one yes and even if I get 100 rejections I’ll keep trying. 838 more words


Another Relapse 😓

I tried so hard to get better, to overcome this, to forget it all and move on. I honestly thought I was getting to the stage of recovery where I could say “I’m feeling a lot better!”But right now – I couldn’t feel any worse! 464 more words

Mental Illness

Drabble #86

Her breath was labored as he got off of her, laying in the cool space beside her sweaty body. She let out a laugh she tried to conceal as she looked at him. 156 more words


Discontinued Pattern

Some nights, I sit back and wonder
If I am doing all of this just to prove you wrong:

waking up at 2 and 3:00am… 57 more words


A prophet’s price

Prophets are normally held in awe, but no, not among their own. Jesus’ family thought he was a lunatic (his brothers mocked him). There are signs even his mother Mary, who is revered (an undeniably pure, noble, godly woman she was!), seems to have struggled placing her son (for still she was human). 122 more words


Still Small Voice

I’m just gonna jump right in and get to it.

Sometimes I don’t hear the voice of God.

Sometimes I get frustrated when people’s first response is “did you pray about it?” 407 more words