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Not the one

So much for writing a cover letter you feel really good about.

“That we didn’t pick you doesn’t mean you’re not qualified, it means that we had a lot of options and went with people that were even closer to what we wanted.” 89 more words



I really don’t mean to keep whining but I’m sick of being sick. I’m also sick of getting rejection after rejection in regards to my poetry. 7 more words

A massive, impossibly-complicated crush and the return of The Bro...

So last year I went out on a date with The Bro, and then he got super crazy and clingy and I cut him loose. 898 more words


Illusions of control

Father God Be Glorified.

i ask Jesus to show me who He was.  told Him “You want me to follow You. But i don’t really know You, to follow You.” 1,025 more words

My Thoughts Convo's

Accusations & Understanding

When you are repetitively accused of doing something that you actually haven’t done, you ( or in this case I at least) begin to think that maybe if you are doing the time you should do the crime. 257 more words



I just got my final rejection for studying Midwifery today. It hurts, the rejection, I won’t lie. In a twisted way I feel like I just reminded my life back to when I was 18 and applied to studying Medicine, and naturally get rejected from everywhere too. 247 more words