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The Art of Dealing with Rejections

The road of life is not just paved with multiple “yes”; in fact, there are serious “no”s as well and it is sheer important that you pick up your own broken pieces and move ahead with your head held high. 151 more words


Views From The Bottom Of The Slush Pile: Processing Rejection Depression

Writing is probably the most proper form of masochism outside of having the flesh on your back ripped open by leather whips or having your balls stepped on in seven inch, thigh high, leather heels. 1,420 more words

Collective World

The gift of symptoms

Your body speaks to you every day. In fact, Candace Pert, neuroscientist, says your body is your “subconscious mind.” What are your core beliefs? Your body may hold the answers. 449 more words

Silent Hawk

“Well, that was not good.” thinking to myself over another regret. I am paranoid and empathetic. This silence I hope brings peace of mind. I’m content enough when this hawk swoops down to get my thoughts to picture the sun shining into an autumn forest from my walk earlier that day… I have lost count over the possible shadows that could have caused offense. 170 more words

A Letter to Graduates Everywhere

Dear Graduates,

I am writing to you today in order to express my admiration for the work you have put into your studies over the past few years. 856 more words



Even my cornucopia of demons

Can’t bear

The burden of existence

Without her.

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Rejection Never Felt So Good

If you’re a writer, you’ve probably heard of Pitch Wars. Or maybe not. I didn’t discover it until earlier this year. Anyway, I applied to be a mentee this year, meaning a published author would mentor me as I got ready to publish. 73 more words