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Sometimes, when someone tells you “No,” it is the universe taking the reins and leading you to your “Yes.”

Top 10 Tips to survive a relationship with a writer

– For the ones who haven’t seen this

– for the ones who need them as a manual for their  partners

– for all the ones who need hints, tricks, innuendos and tons of support… 32 more words

Observations on Rejection

I have never had any illusions about making a living as a writer. I know that the people who do it are incredibly talented, incredibly persistent, and incredibly lucky, in increasing order of importance. 407 more words


Fighting to Freelance

Note that this is a continuation of Wednesday’s post, “Rolling With the (Figurative) Punches,” and you should read it first!

It only took one day of summer for me to realize how much free time I’m going to have for the next two months, so I quickly decided to try freelancing. 606 more words

On Writing

Rejection sucks

Two weeks ago (to the day) I applied for a job at another manufacturing facility not too far outside of the town I live in, doing the same thing I did at my previous job.   513 more words

Ah Rejection

The quilt peeks its head up from the pile on the chest of drawers, those ready to be rolled up and hidden in the closet until they are called out again. 451 more words


Writing a Book Requires an Herculean Effort

I regularly read and enjoy the wisdom of Brian Klems in his The Writer’s Dig. His words and those of his guests are a source of inspiration and edification for me. 319 more words