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Removal of Sin

Today’s post is going to be a bit different, simply because I feel as though God wants me to talk about something that many of us have buried deep inside of us. 2,315 more words


The sting of rejection...is not so bad

Well, it finally happened, dear reader. my first official rejection.

I have submitted my novel twice to publishers’ Open Submissions, which is basically submitting to the ‘slush pile’ and just never heard anything. 351 more words


How to deal with rejection...

A big part of being a newbie in the tech field is rejection. Rejection is just an unpleasant part of the human existence. I’ve suffered enough setbacks to make me a rejection PRO, but for some reason every time I see that ‘we regret to inform you’ from a potential employer, I do a little bit of this… 130 more words

Questions to Ask when Editing Scenes

1. How does the scene impact the plot? If  I cut it out would it matter?

2. Can I make the scene work harder for me? 33 more words


3 Ways To Handle Rejection That Won't Make You Crazy... Or Sad

‘I’ll call you’

Girls – we all love this. After a date, three dates or maybe even a night with a prospective partner, the non-committal follow up text. 1,224 more words

The Farmer

Oh what a cutie, we met on Tinder, conversation flowed, he made me giggle, I really wanted to like him in person.He lives 1.5 hours out of Edinburgh, on a beautiful farm. 370 more words


Rejection & Random Thoughts

So rejection sucks. Shocker I know.

But here’s the thing: rejection doesn’t mean you’re not good. It means you’re not the right fit for whoever it is that rejected you. 287 more words