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Not so Nano November

I had good intentions of participating in Nanowrimo this year after a two year hiatus. I even had two projects that I intended to work on, and then non-writing life intruded. 103 more words


On not letting the competitive instinct crush creativity | poetry submissions stats

OK here goes.

I know some people will wonder why on earth I admit to all this in public. The reason is this: I’m sure I’m not the only person who gets downhearted about rejections, or who has self-doubts about my abilities as a poet. 519 more words

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Interview: Mike and Rachel Grinti, Part Two

Mike Grinti is a 2003 graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop. He and his wife, Rachel, cowrote two books: Claws (2012) and Jala’s Mask (released last November). 2,279 more words


So when is the editing done?

A quiet morning, so I’m taking the time to go through all the hurriedly-filed poems and get organised, as I want to send a few more submissions out – to fill the hole left by those I’ve finally given up on. 403 more words


Great American Sentence Contest - Update

I didn’t win.

Now a better update: I previously wrote about this contest here. Winners were posted today at Easy Street Mag, and there were some great sentences–much better than mine. 105 more words


Finding new homes

I’m currently in the middle of what the meedja likes to tell us is one of life’s most stressful times – moving house. I’ve managed to weather the others (divorce, bereavement, being fired, Liverpool failing to win their 10th championship in 1978 etc) so it shouldn’t be that bad. 299 more words

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Poetry submissions - stats for last 6 months, stocktake

Just a quick update on my poetry submissions, in case you’re interested – I know people often like a comparison, and while those “I’m delighted to announce…” successes are all very nice to hear about, sometimes it’s good be reassured that you’re not the only one who’s not currently delighted about anything.   416 more words

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