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The Brown Envelope of Doom

The postman’s come too early
Before I’m quite prepared
I hear the clunk
My heart has sunk 86 more words
The Writer's World

No Posts for Old Farts

Hi Anthony

I’m sorry that you weren’t shortlisted for the vacant post here in Creative Writing. I know how much effort and emotional energy goes into a job application, and how disappointing it is not to get an interview. 108 more words


No, No, A Hundred Times No

By Kristine Langley Mahler

I recently hit a milestone in my literary career: 100 rejections. 100 times my inbox buzzed on my phone and I saw those brackets around a journal’s name in the subject line and I excitedly opened my email, happy to get that response AT LAST, and stared at some iteration of “Not today, sucker!” 804 more words

Literary Citizenship

A Good Rejection

In my last post, I mentioned that August was not the greatest month in terms of my writing. Well, since then, I received three more rejections, bringing my grand total for August up to 11. 454 more words


I plan to catalog all of my rejections (and acceptances), and I have received my first rejection since I started submitting stories again. It was a terrific rejection and I’m more proud of it than is seemly. 136 more words

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The waiting game.

I hate the waiting game

Do I really have to wait that long

Rejections I can accept

But to wait for nothing is a pain in the ass… 157 more words

Job Hunting