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Failure and success in writing

Regular readers of this blog might have noticed that the frequency of posts has dropped off lately. For this I must apologise and explain.

In my core I am a writer. 610 more words



© Chris sam

I look through the eyes of life,
I saw myself sinking faster than
‘ve ever rise.
Each breath as my last, I cry. 201 more words

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Traditional or self publish?

I like facts and figures so I collated some facts and figures about trying to get a book published.

After months of research and many more months of writing I completed an historical novel, called… 1,048 more words



​© Chris Sam
When love falls in the wrong hands,

Tears replace smiles without a second glance,
emotion are suppressed without romance;
thoughts becomes an open battle in a walking trance. 71 more words

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Towels, chucking in of

Before chucking in the towel in the vain search for an agent who will actually agree to read more than the sample pages of the query (it hasn’t happened to me yet), I queried the main UK literary agencies, just for shits and giggles as they say. 177 more words


Try Again.

2016 definitely isn’t my year. I went from one failure to the next, not realizing that I’m headed to another round of failures. Right now I feel so down, hopeless… It feels like I’m never gonna be good enough. 148 more words


Cool Rejection and a Job

Cool Rejection First:

There’s a “cool” theatre space that does “cool” shows in the city. We rehearsed in the theatre for our first show back in 2001 – before it became the “cool” space. 417 more words