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Rejection and The Beats

For a while there, in my youth, I was obsessed with the Beat Poets. My preference was for Ferlinghetti but I finally read Kerouac before I went to college. 279 more words

Gender Politics

Oh, humble, hubristic blogger

So you’ve started a blog. You’re excited. You’ve written your very first post, received your very first ‘like’, your very first follower.

You check that followers post – you’re so happy – you read and ‘like’ half the posts on their blog before moving on to your reader, read and ‘like’ everything as you move down on it. 778 more words

Congratulations! You've been rejected!

I know I’ve dealt with the subject of rejections before and although it’s hardly a happy topic, it is one of transition. Reality is a cruel mistress, and you can’t spin in the real world of writers if you’ve never been kicked to your ass a few times (or over a hundred like I’ve been, probably more, as I trust my agent to only give me the good news.) And you may as well face it now, snowflake, it’ll probably get a lot worse before it gets better. 440 more words


#AuthorToolboxBlogHop: Tips for Writing a Query Letter

Hello, everyone!

For this month’s Author Toolbox Blog Hop, I thought I would post a few tips for writing a good query letter. I’ll also comment on patterns I’ve noticed in query letters in submissions recently. 551 more words

About me

I am an well known student in my college, Well known ! not in the terms of disciplined & Obedient student but in the terms of a student who got rejected in a campus placements for 20 times, a student who got failed in every Semester exams, a student who cant speak English. 171 more words

College Life

What It’s Like To “Adult” on Short Notice

Two things that happened last month has fast-forwarded my life at an exponential rate.

In a blink of an eye, here I am, a 20-something adult who just witnessed my first friend get married, and started my first full-time internship in SF Financial District. 1,467 more words


First Step to the Real World

I was a star lost in the dark. A star that gradually eradicating its brightness as time passes away. A star so distant from the light of the moon. 2,427 more words