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MMP Rejections-my rant

I really hate working with the MMP department (corporate office) and since I’m annoyed with them I’m going to rant about it.

First and foremost I work for a restoration company-we handle water damages, mold damages and fire damages. 173 more words


Rejection Season Has Begun

It’s that time of year when rejections pop up like pansies.

Four rejections* to follow..

Residency Rejection

On the application, it said something like, “This residency is for emerging artists. 878 more words


Getting Published in Magazines (Tips by Someone Who is Also Struggling)

You look into a bookstore and see row after row of glossy covers lining the shelves. You think about all the authors whose work you see, all those who have “made it.” Then you think about your half-finished and entirely unedited manuscript that only your parents have read. 1,115 more words


Avoiding Red Flags in Your Submission

I’ve written two posts on top reasons why submissions are rejected (part three to come soon!), and so I thought I would also write a short post on red flags in the slush pile.  386 more words

My Rejection Note, Their Marketing Tool

Writers attract rejection via the inbox like electricity draws dust via static cling. It’s just part of the game. Sometimes, though, Emperor Nero publications add thumbs-down insult to injury, salt to wound, in- to dignity, when they use rejections as marketing opportunities. 294 more words


Diary - Submissions, Elections, Misery, Despair

This week, I wrote a story to submit to Gutter and then I forgot to submit it. I am clearly getting a little bit sloppy. Quite appropriately (see below) the themes of this story,  called… 849 more words



So far, I’ve sent out six query letters to potential agents. And so far, I’ve received two rejections. It’s normal, only slightly crushing, and that just means it wasn’t a good fit for them… right? 157 more words