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I get them. I get a lot of them. And each rejection is starting to hurt just a little less, but I must say, each one also gives me something to strive for. 179 more words


The Life and Times of a Short Story

The young short story begins with a bang as the author manages to write six thousand words in several non-continuous sittings over the course of two weeks, though the author will later describe it in workshop as a single moment of creative pure truth. 435 more words



Some things are unavoidable in life. Death, taxes, politics, and idiots plague all of our lives. One thing that is eventually unavoidable for all writers, is the dreaded rejection letter from a publisher you’ve submitted to. 525 more words


Why Rejections open a way forward !!

Rejections are painful and heart breaking in all the ways it comes. We get rejected in relationships, professionally, socially and in so many other ways. Sometimes we feel alienated in a crowd because nobody wants to talk to us, sometimes we get rejected in job interviews or we get rejected from the person we think we love.. 681 more words


"She's Not For You"

That girl that gets up in the morning to pray…she’s not for you
That girl that hears God’s voice above all others…she’s not for you… 1,117 more words

Did You Know Reactions Are More Powerful Than Rejections?

As a midlifer with stiff joints and a few extra pounds, I decided to make some changes in my daily routine. The goal is to delay the aging process as much as possible. 713 more words



It’s the one word, which no one is ready to go through but yet life throws it often. We all crave for love..To be in love and to be loved by the other person is the greatest thing one can have in life. 246 more words