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Get going in a different direction…

This little quote from the Jack’s Winning Words blog got me to thinking about the rejections in my life and how that changed my direction. 573 more words


Submissions Pump Soundtrack

Submissions. *sighs* Submissions are hard. And while I feel like I’ve gotten way better at it over the last year, it can still take a bit to get myself worked up enough to actually hit that send button. 306 more words


Dealing with Acceptances and Rejections

Did you get accepted? Great! Did you get rejected? Even better! You might think I am crazy for saying this, but it’s this positive attitude that you have to maintain with college applications. 548 more words

Literary Agents, Query Letters, and Rejections

Preparing to query a literary agent? Then steel yourself. You never know what will attract the attention — and acceptance — of your query and sample chapter. 455 more words


My Heart-Break

Heart-break: it’s so sudden and also not so sudden. Cause when you love somebody, you don’t think about possible outcomes, you don’t want to think anything bad about the person of your affection. 522 more words


Here's The Pitch Publishers Rejected When J.K. Rowling Was Trying To Get "Harry Potter" Published

Everyone loves Harry Potter, or if they don’t then they definitely know all about the boy wonder. But what some people don’t know is how hard it was for author J.K. 523 more words


Of Monsters and Stars

“So why can’t it be us? Just this once, tell me.” Before I devote myself to a night of alcohol to ease the pain a little in the process of forgetting you, I know he wanted to add. 523 more words