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How Rejections Help Us to Grow

In order to grow, we need to step out of our comfort zone. And why don’t we do it? Well one big reason are our fears. 248 more words


On rejections


They suck, don’t they?

No matter the reason or situation, a rejection is always a painful thing. Whether someone is ending a romantic affair with us or a prospective employer is giving us a negative response, rejections hurt all the same. 961 more words


No success comes without rejections 

Rejections suck but not getting anywhere sucks even more.


2017 Notifications

Image: Beate Meier

It’s our third annual notifications post! Below, you’ll find information about creative writing acceptance, rejection and waitlist notifications; MA and low-res programs are included. 109 more words


12 Difficult Things You Need To Accept About Being A Writer #AmWriting #Writer

Here are some difficult things about being a writer, which are hard to accept and may cause you to take a few solitary walks in the rain: 228 more words


A Special Kind of Hell

Querying literary agents is a special kind of hell. I’d articulate, but as a writer, I believe in removing needless words.  ;-)


Venus scientists “just trying to hold on” after new NASA rejections

(Source: arstechnica.com)


  • James Head (Brown University)/Russian Academy of Sciences

  • NASA Planetary Photojournal



  • NSSDC Photo Gallery

  • NASA

  • ESA/INAF-IASF, Rome, Italy, and Observatoire de Paris, France …

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