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This Is Horror Episode 120...With Outtakes!

This is the second  part of the two part interview with This Is Horror. We discussed Gamut, rejections, and fairytales. Also, exploding Coke Zero bottles, selling organs on the black market, and about ten minutes of outtakes.  104 more words


Poem on the Resistance Poetry Wall

Yesterday I posted my poem “Soup du Jour (Election Year)” to the Resistance Poetry Wall. Looks like my post was number 129.

A page on the… 168 more words


Where Have All The Rules Gone?

Remember the good old days when strict gatekeepers had total control over what got published? It wasn’t all that long ago, when you think about it. 1,208 more words


100 Letters, Pie, and Reasons Why

Imagine making a pie, but this pie takes a year or more to bake. Before that, you spend weeks looking at recipes, reading cookbooks late into the night, and tasting ingredients. 1,041 more words


Been thinking about...Rejections

Lately I have had rejections on my mind. There is no particular reason for it, no painful angst or sting of a recent rejection fueling it. 814 more words

Salon des refusés

I’m nearing the final selection of pictures for the project, which because of the approach I am taking will be more than the minimum 5 pictures required for the project… but of course I took many more that the ones I have even posted… so I thought I would provide a selection of some of the ones that did not make it… a salon des refusés of sorts… yes I’m being incredibly pompous… allow me that latitude please :)


The Rejection Reflex

Please comment with any advice about the querying process, especially if you have successfully enlisted an agent.

I have an idea for a new business that could be a real money-spinner. 618 more words