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#amwritingfantasy: "Down"

We’re going under.



Just like that.


Well, I need more time to select.


Yeah. What do you think?

Everything you need is down there.

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Artists And Writers

How a rejection can change your life?

How do you react to rejections? anger, disappointment, frustration or dejection?

If your answer is any one of the above then you are not someone who is ready to face the challenge of life but someone who chooses to do easier things and when they become challenging you are more likely to quit even if they may help you achieve your dream. 536 more words

Personal Excellence

…it’s time to go out and send your work into the world. Why? So you can get rejected. Look, we don’t say that because we think you suck or we want to be malicious.

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Lark, Drama League and Loose Ends Rejections

In a climate wherein it feels like my entire worldview has been rejected, writing rejection posts hasn’t felt like quite the priority it once was. However, one must go on. 527 more words


[Poetry] Superpower

If I could have any superpower,
I think I would want to fly,
To zigzag around the clouds,
Like marshmallows in the sky.

With brown wings like some birds, 116 more words

Jade's Poetry

Monday Morning Reset [03/13].

This post almost did not get made, all thanks to a cat on my lap. When there is a cat on your lap, and your laptop is in another room, more often than not you decide that a Monday Morning Reset post is not the most important thing in the world. 607 more words


When Life Says No.....What Next?

What next? What do you do? What happens when everything and everyone you know says No to you? What do you do when everything falls apart? 642 more words