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Writing Update (with Sales!)

Folks, it has been a hell of a summer.

Short Fiction News

2016 is the first year where I’ve tried actually submitting things in any systemic way. 486 more words


A True Cliché: It’s Darkest Before Dawn

As a writer, I often strive to avoid clichés. However, there are times when they are just necessary. The title of this blog post was one of them. 436 more words

My First Sale

My short folktale-ish story, “The Fourth”, is going to be published in Lackington’s in early 2017.

Yay! ^_^

And even more YAY because this is my first fiction sale! 279 more words


Half-Awake Thoughts on Publishing Short Fiction

This morning, I woke up to two rejections.

One was a form rejection from the Drabblecast for a flash piece called “The Largest Looser.” I just shrugged it off and started thinking about where to send it next. 414 more words

Two Peas in a Pod: The Writer and Antique Dealer

Two Peas in a Pod: The Writer and Antique Dealer

By Sara Codair

My mom is an antique dealer, and has been since I was about three years old. 810 more words

Submission Talk: Multiple Flashes in one Document

Hello followers and fellow writers!

Instead of a traditional post, today I have a question that I hope will propt a discussion in the comments section: 197 more words

Adjunct and Writer

I write fiction, and I teach. That pretty much sums up my life during the school year. In the summer, I write even more and spend insane amounts of time outside. 175 more words

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