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Forget everything you think you "know" - at least for a day

No, I’m not talking about things like reading, writing or general facts. I’m talking about everything you think you know based on emotional experiences. Like “I don’t like this or that food, I am stupid, fat, unattractive, bad at…whatever, I’m afraid of dogs, cats, snakes, I hate left-wing, right-wing, football-teams, these people….” no matter what it relates to. 474 more words

Play for a Calmer, Happier You and for Better Relationships

photo by noah silliman

We all want to feel happy and be connected with our loved ones. Play is a natural way for us to feel light and joyful thus spilling over into feelings of happiness and passing that on to the ones we love. 1,171 more words

Relationship Building

the bridge

I came to the green bridge. Purple lights on the dark water. Purple lights in the trees. I walked midway across the bridge, my hands on the metal railings. 533 more words


Our Prescription For Nature Deficit Disorder

Disconnect to Reconnect

By the time you arrive at your destination for a long awaited vacation, the chances are you are feeling pretty relaxed, at least compared to the hustle and bustle of your daily life.  414 more words

Green Travel

The dream is always there

However hopeless,

Even if it looks like a dirty

Poster on the floor in the subway

Trampled by hundreds of boots…

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Just a Drop of Water

A droplet of water in winter, on the verge of hitting the ground. Another moment and it will be gone, hitting the earth to moisten the ground.