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“Rampant” and “elderly” are words rarely used in the same sentence, unless we are talking of the percentage of people over 65 years old worldwide. Life expectancy has considerably increased, but it is still unknown how many of those years are going to be lived in good health. 122 more words




Twice now, we see
Thrice now, we move and try to be

a you, a me.

And then the walls came tumbling down.

In all this chaos, order may rise again… 27 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Five Elements, Vitamin D, Arvigo Massage; 12.29.2017


The winter solstice is a time to move slowly – a time to be wise with our bodies.

Book of the Week:  The Tao of an Uncluttered Life: Lao Tzu’s Ten Principles for Organization by Karen Hicks. 153 more words


Age of Robots Preview: Ending Aging, with Aubrey de Grey

If you missed my Seeking Delphi™ podcast episode #19 with Aubrey de Grey–or found Aubrey’s accent difficult to follow–here is a preview version of the cover story of the January  3,125 more words


And It Happens Again

And it happens again,
once again my world seems to be alive,
the colors come back to my life.
Stars start to shine, flowers begin to bloom, 93 more words