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In a Rut?

I have noticed that sometimes when I stick around the house too much, I begin to fall into a rut. I find my writing going stale, and I see myself slipping further and further behind on the things I want to or have to do. 337 more words

Fall Is For Gathering Firewood - Guest Speaker Judi Marshall

Notes from the Sermon: Fall Is For Gathering Firewood
Scripture: II Timothy 1:1-14
Rev. Judi Marshall

The signs and events that come with fall are all around us. 266 more words

Sermon Notes

When Couples Are In Stressful Relationship

“A good marriage is one which allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the way they express their love.” – Pearl S. Buck… 570 more words

Life Journey

New Romance: Diary of a Player's Wife

“I’d had enough last night.  I had wept the tears of yet another reminder of how I hadn’t been enough to keep his attention, how I was old hate, boring, old and unattractive to him. 199 more words


Reminisce.... Rekindle!

As we lie down and talk to each other

about our most cherished memories

in the company of one another,

we create yet another memory… 202 more words

To the Friend I Ran Away From

Dear TL,

You were great and I thought you’d be my forever friend. We shared many laughs, cries, and prayers for our future together.  You got me in ways I never really understood myself. 507 more words



Due to work, Jongin and his husband haven’t been hanging out too much. After weeks of planning, Jongin finally gets to take Kyungsoo on a surprise vacation. 7,275 more words