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La religion comme un élément structurel du système philosophique de Latour

Que devons-nous faire de la religion de Bruno Latour?

Il me semble que la question est actuellement particulièrement confuse. En realité, peut-être devrais-je m’exprimer en des termes plus fermes encore: il me semble que cette question est… 1,858 more words

Bruno Latour

Religion as a structural component of Latour's system

What are we to do with Bruno Latour’s religion?

It seems to me that the issue is confused at the moment. In fact, perhaps I might express myself in even stronger terms: it seems to me that that the issue is… 1,396 more words

Bruno Latour

Review-E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleaner

Hey everyone!! About a month ago I purchased the E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleaner. I thought for the price I would give it a try

I purchased this from Walmart for only $2.85… 208 more words


Author: DINGDI

  • Kolasib District Bawrhsap H. Laleng-mawia chuan Bairabi rel chawlhhmun huam chhu-nga cheng mek chhungkaw 18-te chu tun thla tawp hma ngeia inthiar chhuak turin a ngen. 146 more words

    Zoram History

    Author: Kiddy Vanchhawng

  • India rama Rel tlan chak ber.
  • Gatima Express chhung awm dan.
  • Indian Railways chanchina bung thar kaina turin, tun kar lo awm tur Thawhlehni hian India rama rel tlanchakber tur, ‘Gatiman Express’ chu launch a ni dawn ta. 105 more words

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    Soren Kierkegaard, Peter Sloterdijk and the History of [REL]

    The Reset Modernity catalogue looks wonderful. I actually submitted a piece myself, which didn’t get accepted. I was very disappointed of course – but the… 4,164 more words

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    My Ex's Bestfriend

    I think what bothers me the most is how we should be together – want to be together – but can’t. It was a couple of months ago that I came to terms with how I really felt about you. 427 more words