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Ring Flings

One of the most important decisions a person makes after deciding to marry a Desi girl, is to purchase a ring.

Being that my Husband and I had been dating for 5 years before we got engaged, our expectations were pretty clear regarding our materialism. 726 more words


R E L's “Colors” Is The Evoca-Pop™ Single Your Life Needs

Self-described evoca-pop™ artist, R E L, deconstructs lamestream pop with her own arsenal of avant-garde rhythms, sine waves, and electromagnetic synths to rebuild it into a celestial soundscape. 213 more words



dengarlah, raung derung lokomotif upaya
yang berlaju pada lajur —rel kereta.
seperti ular melata; menembus
belukar akasia dan semak-semak tandus. 90 more words

- Arshinara -

Nimin, Inrinni tlai lam khan Muzaffarnagar atanga 40Km a hla, Khatauli, Uttar Pradesh-ah Puri Haridwar Utkal Express rel a chesual a, hriat theih chinah mi 23 in nunna an chan a, midang 70 chuangin hliam an tuar. 441 more words

National News

My New Binge Watch

As I was coming home from our recent family vacation I decided to pass the time binge watching a new show on Netflix called Girlboss. Sadly this show is not being renewed for Season 2. 311 more words

SEO Best Practices for Canonical URLs + the Rel=Canonical Tag - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by randfishIf you’ve ever had any questions about the canonical tag, well, have we got the Whiteboard Friday for you. In today’s episode, Rand defines what rel=canonical means and its intended purpose, when it’s recommended you use it, how to use it, and sticky situations to avoid. 132 more words

Capítulo XVIII - Como alcançar e conservar a integração. Por Erika Mesquita e Laryssa Miranda

No capítulo XVIII, Deutsch apresenta as condições essenciais para a criação e o sucesso de uma “Comunidade Integrada”. Entre as tarefas de integração, o autor cita a conquista de uma nova identidade funcional. 539 more words