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Interesting School Events!

It’s been a while, how have you been? It’s been work, work and a little more work.  I told myself ‘I am going to squeeze out time to make this post during the day’ and Yeeah…! 790 more words


OG WILEOUT (Lil Rel) - WHATCHA WANT featuring REEL TIGHT (Official Video) - YouTube

OG Wileout drops the video for What Cha Want feat ReelTight. Directed by W Films. The Turnup is Real coming soon!! Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – @ogwile… 14 more words

Evoca Poptress R E L Takes Us Into The Surrealistic Waters Of Creativity In Her Video “Consciousness”

Evoca-pop artst, R E L, takes us into a visually hypnotic journey with her new video “Consciousness” where we see smoky close-ups of her singing in the dim, neon lights. 116 more words



You know that juxtaposed feeling of being close to someone but yet so far? Similar to missing someone even though they’re right next to you. I don’t always understand why that happens where you’re feeling something so powerfully but yet feeling the exact opposite at the same time. 447 more words

Infrastruktur dan Efisiensi Perekonomian Berkelanjutan

Saat harga BBM naik di bawah lima belas persen terjadi banyak keributan di mana-mana, di  Pulau Sumatera terlebih di Pulau Jawa. Demo dan protes bertebaran dengan kalimat mengatasnamakan rakyat kecil namun menikmati apa yang menjadi hak orang tidak mampu. 1,657 more words

R E L Gives Us A Cerebral Detox With Her New Single “Consciousness”

LA-based EVOCA-​POP™ artist, R E L, takes us between paradise and reality in her new single “Consciousness.” Influenced by the idea of self-awakening, R E L immerses us into a fluid state of mind where her bone-tingling croons breathes into our ears with a mesmeric flair. 106 more words