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21 Days with Michelle Mckinney Hammond- #Day10: Know How To Take Advice

One of my favorite quotes is “Experience is not the best teacher, Mentorship is”. I mean why go through all the stress of making mistakes and failing when you can learn from the mistakes and experiences of others? 307 more words


Like Riding a Bike...

So I went on another date with that fellow from last week. Well, two. And he shall now be known as Mr. Coffee, yes with the automatic (he makes me) drip. 423 more words

RMAF 2016: Soundings Dials-in Boulder, Rockport

I had my glasses down at the end of my nose and my severely myopic eyes were about an inch from the screen of my Nikon D5300 as I attempted a Rafe Arnott-esque extreme close-up on a… 564 more words


'FFO' - For food only 

If you grew up in Nigeria then the word ‘FFO’ should not be alien to you. It is almost synonymous to being called a glutton 😇 and worse. 718 more words


Rel - God of Thieves

(Another Hyperborean deity today, and an update to a custom class. I’m starting a new adventure soon, and one of the PCs is a Purloiner of Rel.)

208 more words

rED, White (House) and Guru [/Tzar]

So one minute you’re planning which cheap package holiday to book for half term and the next you’re flippantly replying to a tweet about an educational research conference in Washington DC. 1,260 more words


Barbara Herrnstein Smith on Latour's Religion

Here is an excellent article by Emeritus Professor Barbara Herrnstein Smith on Latour’s religion: a must-read for all who are interested in this blog.

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