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Empty Nest

Empty nest.


It was a Monday morning a week after his fake sexual attack. As usual, my first destination after my weekly trip to the countryside to visit my family was our unit, our love nest. 390 more words


Ok so remember that girl Kylie biscuit or something who thought she was rlly rel...

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April won't make a fool out of me.

University is the stereotypical time of your life where you meet your closest friends. I’m very happy to say I’ve made a couple of close friends in my 4 year grind, but I am saddened by the ‘friends’ I chose to have along the way. 204 more words

Alone and Loneliness

Alone and Loneliness seems to be interchangeable words right? I’m writing today to say not really.

You see you can be alone but not be lonely, but can be lonely and be alone.  763 more words