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Does Indian music suck now?

Chill out! Yes, the title of this article is indeed somewhat of a click-bait as saying so would be a gross overgeneralization and a huge disservice to the diverse musical heritage of the country and its many states . 350 more words

Just for laughs

I have a dry sense of humor. Can you relate?

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Real Life

Time passed( 10 word poem)

She wanted this moment to

always stay

Time passed anyways

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Real Life

Humor Me

Humor is life and is seen in everything around us. That being said, it’s not okay to just sit quietly and then suddenly burst into fits of laughter. 414 more words


Chain reaction

I want my name to cause a distraction

When you hear it

Your body goes through a chain reaction

Heart palpitations,a slow smile,

Hell you might even sway… 35 more words

Real Life