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The Chicken Pox Episode

You never quite think certain things will ever happen to you. Right up until they do. It never crossed your mind that you could shit yourself, till the robber cocked the gun and aimed it at you. 582 more words


Whoa Baby!

I often utilize the phrase “my kids.” While working in the public school system, that is a very common phrase among teachers and staff. Obviously these words are referring to our students either in our class, or in my case, kids on my caseload. 487 more words


Cheaper By The Dozen

Last night I watched the 2003 movie Cheaper By The Dozen for the first time, and I laughed so hard in some places, and in others it was so incredibly relatable that it was scary. 193 more words

Cheaper By The Dozen

'The Crash' (You. Yeah you. You've been through this XD)

Imagine you’re driving your new fast supercar at midnight. Say, a Lamborghini Huracan. And obviously you ain’t gonna be driving it at like 60 kmph… 1,451 more words

What the F*ck?

“What the actual f*ck?” I say to myself AT LEAST 57 times a day in my head. There are just some moments at this age that I can’t fathom what screws could possibly be loose that cause people to act in the manner that they do. 288 more words


Our inner narrative...

Before you read the full text, pause for a few moments and recap your life’s story… Now notice the kind of moments that came to mind. 147 more words