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We all had this moment in life where we were just so hungry all we could ever think about is food. When we’re having a busy day, sometimes, we tend to focus on our work and just forget about eating. 2,567 more words

Awkward Stories

Humor Me

Humor is life and is seen in everything around us. That being said, it’s not okay to just sit quietly and then suddenly burst into fits of laughter. 414 more words


Anniversary Reaction

the house that i once called home, was now covered in the moss of my haunting memories. gathering courage i went inside, aware the demons might still roam the rooms that once were mine. 197 more words


No Longer At Ease

The year is 2004, Staff Primary School. We are being monitored closely. My class is full of notorious noisemakers, and I’ll have you know, I had no part. 550 more words


Seinfeld quote of the day

I do dumb stuff occasionally. Can you relate?

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Real Life

This beer

Hear me loud

And hear me clear

All of you will be beautiful

Once I drink this beer

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Real Life

Does Indian music suck now?

Chill out! Yes, the title of this article is indeed somewhat of a click-bait as saying so would be a gross overgeneralization and a huge disservice to the diverse musical heritage of the country and its many states . 350 more words