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Coping With The Side Effects

A side effect. A usually undesirable effect. Are all side effects bad? Maybe not, but they do increase your risk of exposure. Side effects can happen at any time, without warning. 847 more words



Love the tracklist msg:
1. Social Climber
2. Set Me Free
3. You're Next
4. Turn Your Back And Run
5. Crime Of Passion… 38 more words



We all remember the 90s. Probably for different reasons, but we still remember the 90s. For example, I remember being put in timeout in daycare. It was traumatizing, which is why all these years later it lives vividly in my mind and I feel a need to share the audacity with the Internet. 651 more words

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A Sunday Full Of Realizations

Sundays have always been my least favorite day of the week. I think it has something to do with how sundays went in my house growing up (realization # 1). 737 more words


What are we?

I was talking with my mate about food when suddenly the topics randomly switched to a serious talk in a broad daylight consist of a romantic somewhat tragic line of ‘Is it fine or ever acceptable to ask someone of what we are?’. 661 more words


Why Are You Running?

Any idiot can run, it takes a special kind of idiot to run a marathon. Philosophers say that life is like a race, you keep running. 579 more words