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My letter to him

Dear H,

You filled
my life with colors for a long time. You were the beautiful weather to my cup
of tea that I adored to have on a Sunday morning. 170 more words


Foodie’s fitness

Struggle between fitness and health is too familiar for us all! The physical and psychological issues associated with an unfit body are well talked about. But, no one is raising another important issue of space crunch! 66 more words


Break Point

Don’t choke don’t choke don’t choke. I twirl my tennis racquet around my fingertips, anticipating for the ball boy to toss me a ball. I attempt to calm my breath as I prepare for my first serve. 135 more words


The Truth

I’m in a dark hole. Serious question marks over how I got here in the first place but I’m doing my best not to overthink it. 643 more words


Is sharing caring?

Let’s be clear. This never happened with me! It happened with my good friend..umm..let’s call her Clingy. Even though she grew up with a bunch of siblings she was way too possessive about her belongings. 501 more words


"C'mon" vol. 1

This is the first edition to a reoccurring series I call “c’mon”. So to give a quick intro, these entries will focus on random subjects that make you squish up your forehead and then give a long drawn out sigh of pure c’mon-ism. 512 more words