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Why Are You Running?

Any idiot can run, it takes a special kind of idiot to run a marathon. Philosophers say that life is like a race, you keep running. 579 more words


Poetry Aftercare: Perspectives

Have you ever thought how the other person may perceive the same experience as you? Where you may feel one way, and they may feel another? 1,104 more words


Are We There Yet?

Influence or Affluence which is your pick? Would you rather be a Donald J. Trump, hell-bent on rewriting the history of a World Power or a Bill Gates who is well on his way to single-handedly ending extreme poverty in some countries? 616 more words


Taxes, is it right?

Stop scrolling! Just for a second have you ever thought about taxes? Of course! They are such a prevelent part of life that even Christ the Son of God commented about them. 415 more words



Chloe x Halle Do It vs Dream Girl

Think About It

What if the reason men wear suits is so that when birds fly, they look like they’re shuffling? But it’s a figment of your imagination, which can’t be caught on camera because the opticians’┬áverdict is that grandma shifted her hip bone? 295 more words


A Lesson from the Book of Proverbs

Often times when I find myself getting angry, annoying, perturbed, or ticked off I’m liable to say anything without thinking. Usally these hurtful words are directed to my family, the ones I should love the most. 125 more words