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A Letter to Her Ex's

Thank you.

The best I can do to explain is simply to tell you the truth.  I have known this woman before, we have created a deep love and lasting bond that time cannot break, and in this life we are meant to be together again for an important destiny. 84 more words


Friendships, relationships, and the so called friendzone pt 8

Been a while since I’ve done one of these things. In part 7, I pretty much prepared the transition into people having a change of heart about someone. 543 more words

Let's not mince words. Let's lay them out nicely and evenly and let them be

Its the whispers I hear
above the storm
below the thunder
encircling the wind
reminding me that I do have essence.
I am of significance… 543 more words



Was I your enemy?

Had I been slipped into that category,

as a easily as a slip falls off the shoulders,

tumbling to the ground, 19 more words


I wish I could put some people on mute. Like myself

I like routine, I am a creature of habit. I might force myself to step put of my comfort zones often but in order to accomplish such a thing I will have to allow for something to feel regular and habit. 877 more words


the whole world listens when love is spoken of

when i speak of the depths
and the magnificence
of unconditional love
shared with another
the whole world
and says YES!

are we so starved… 107 more words

Nikon D3300

"Prep is 85% of the work..."

….And the magic is in the make-up.

I sat on the subway on my late night ride home. At a stop, a young man got on dressed very “goth”, in the androgynous nature of the goth culture, all black everything and a full face of beautiful make-up. 191 more words

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