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Fix. Change. Resist. Repeat.

The man on the phone is speaking about his relationship with his teenage son. Things are not going well. The man has the experience that the son is keeping him at arm’s length, not allowing he, the father, to get close to him. 412 more words

Philosophy And Culture

When a Guy Shows You Who He is…Believe Him!

When a guy shows you who he is…Believe Him!
Here’s a question I had first thing this morning:
Client: Question?? Why does a man say he doesnt see a future with you but wont let you walk away and gets jealous if you  mention another man? 280 more words

F*ck The Rules

I actually texted that message to a friend today (minus the asterisk of course).

The Rules…Act like a lady, think like a man…How to get a date worth keeping…blah blah blah. 410 more words


Relating To Wordpress, The Secrets In This Article Are Priceless

Would you like to know more about using WordPress? This is a platform that many people use to create their sites and blogs. It’s pretty easy to learn as well. 26 more words


The Pull of the Rain: A Free Flow Write

“I don’t know how to win you.” He said, the lines in his brow straining against the pull of the rain. The eyes that looked back at him were equally intense, equally determined. 546 more words


Reason and Evidence

Once someone mentions “My Opinion” in a logical discussion, emotions have just entered the conversation. They are getting defensive and closing up. If you continue, you run the risk of being labeled a “bully” forcing your views on them. 21 more words

Worthy Of Self

Reclaim Curiosity

We are naturally curious, for the most part.  Willing to turn our faces to the sun.  To feel the warmth, not only from UV light, but from one another.   299 more words