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Beloved Lover,

There are fears deep within me.

Let those fears not create controlling patterns.

May I not create a contract based upon bonds of fear, turning our relationship into a bondage of limitation. 181 more words


Balancing after a slaughter of the sofa

October to February is such a long time in the waiting for the children who needed to get back onto the playground again last week. It was the first half term of the year and so that meant ‘open access’ was back. 1,467 more words



#6 Introverted Highly Sensitive Personalities hate small talk.

Sorry friends but sometimes it can be exhausting listening to some stories. Most HSPs agree that we get a charge out of deep philosophical conversations, finding solutions, or discussing world-changing ideas… 587 more words


8 books finished in 2015: The Meaning of Marriage

I did not intend for this to be the Winter of Tim Keller, but here we are with three books by him in a row (…ish). 613 more words

Book Club

A question I want to start asking (you)

“What do you assume I assume about you?”

Wouldn’t this help us deal squarely with each other – family and friends, nearlings and neighbors – instead of obliquely communicating while fraught with suspicion, cynicism, and/or resignation? 90 more words


Dear Divorcee: The Litmus Test

Dear Divorcee,

I wonder if it is common for both parties in a relationship to feel the other is selfish.  Any quick litmus test to find who is to be blamed? 1,240 more words

Becoming Frau

On words and of ways of using them when with children

Is it fair to say that any and every one of us is a different ‘us’ according to the person that we’re speaking with at any given time? 1,088 more words