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Cultivating relationships

Each moment is a new opportunity to practice presence and awareness. Each day I discover and realise this in deeper and deeper ways. This experiential knowing – beyond words, a wholesome knowing somehow. 117 more words


Connecting stories

A couple of years ago, I wrote a series of observations that I called White City Play Stories. I’ve continued this thread of writing since then, but for some reason I’ve no longer tagged them as such. 1,487 more words


How are we relating to our present moment? Let it be simple and easy

Listening to the Mindfulness Summit hosted by MrsMindfulness.  Today’s speaker was Joseph Goldstein – one of the key teachers who brought the practice of mindfulness to the west via the Insight Meditation centre. 123 more words



Sometimes, I feel lost. Sometimes, I feel as if I’ve lost something.

Star Wars was big when I was a kid. I collected all the figures and trading cards. 633 more words

Immersed in the layer of the children’s city, then and now

Stories of play can prove immersive. I didn’t write a blog post last week because of immersion in others’ memories. There’s more to a place than what, at first, meets the eye: this I’ve known for a long time, but when you start to dig down deeper and deeper into the recollections of others, you realise just how much has happened somewhere and how much you didn’t ever… 1,005 more words



Woes go walking on her heart, when life’s bits, crafted, fall apart, and play things won’t play or stay things don’t stay and words just can’t say all the things.   80 more words


The Underground

As I said some time ago, the London Tube is an incredible system of transport, but when it comes to human interaction it’s rather dark and gloomy. 160 more words