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A is for Accessible

After doing the post, L is for Lazy, I realized that there are so many more topics I could do with this particular format. I had already figured out at least four others I wanted to tackle. 1,049 more words


In the beginning there was you and I

Through a seemingly aloof countenance

Through a calm and collected wit

Through the dispassionately succinct and articulately expressed verbiage

Through the steely stare of indifference… 184 more words

NOW my head hurts

I was recovering from lack of sleep and the physical ramifications of my personal decisions and my inability to adequately deal with life and what it presents me, when I simply became angry. 925 more words

Playworking plain-songs

Plain-song. Mus. A simple melody or theme.

— Oxford English Dictionary (1979)

Playworking is replete with stories, which are songs, of simple wonder. We can allow ourselves to become over-burdened with all the anythings that circle around and through our time in amongst the children’s play; we can forget to see and listen to the songs that play themselves out around us. 1,012 more words


The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off

TIme to learn a better way than the way it is

“Usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. 39 more words

It's All Relative

I’ve always had a hard time relating to people, especially people my own age. Most of the time growing up, I was much more content to hang out with the adults than the kids at a party. 720 more words


One thousand degrees of seperation

“I feel barren, desolate.

I lie awake in the night

with the knowledge of our separation hammering on my heart,

my lungs,

my mind.

Knowing I can never touch you or feel your hand in mine. 84 more words