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Wandering Mind

The bees are dying

She makes me laugh

Deep, gutteral, soulful

We pulled paint brushes down and across

Grained, knotted wood

She told me I could sleep in her bed forever… 54 more words



Home may be where the heart is but many just need a home so their hearts can rest.


In all fairness, men are not the only one’s who are capable of saying stupid and insensitive things in a relationship; and yet they are typically first in assumption. 36 more words

Excerpt: From an Unmailed Love Lettter

…I just need you to know that you got inside my chest.

And I’m not 100% certain I can kick you out.


#workhardplayhard #inspiregrowlove

Inspiring While Being Inspired


A Letter to Her Ex's

Thank you.

The best I can do to explain is simply to tell you the truth.  I have known this woman before, we have created a deep love and lasting bond that time cannot break, and in this life we are meant to be together again for an important destiny. 84 more words


Friendships, relationships, and the so called friendzone pt 8

Been a while since I’ve done one of these things. In part 7, I pretty much prepared the transition into people having a change of heart about someone. 543 more words