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The Symptoms, Part II: Physical

The symptoms! Everybody wants to talk about the symptoms. I view healing as a rhombicosidodecahedron— a shape with 120 edges. There seem to be endless tools/ sides and alley ways— all need to be used.”Symptom-bonding” is one… 2,148 more words

Eating shit sandwiches at work

For Joffrey. For Ian. For everyone.

It happens to us all. For whatever reason, occasionally we eat shit sandwiches at work and it’s always never by choice and it’s usually almost someone else’s shit. 427 more words


Why Relating To Your Mentor Is Key

When you own your own business, or even in any job, it is key to have a mentor that you can RELATE to. If you cannot relate to your mentor, how are their tactics that got them success going to be beneficial to you? 1,100 more words

Business Building

Full of CHANGE Moon in Aries -Oct15&16

Snapshot: Saturday is a very powerful day! From the shocking clarity early in the morning, to the suspicious expressions as we move into the Full Moon which will shake-up our emotions and show us another path to freedom and relating. 725 more words

Daily Aspects

Relating to Characters

You know when you’re reading and you can feel part of yourself connecting with a character? Whether it’s because of their situation, their personality, how they talk, etc, there is usually something you find in a character that you latch on to and you find yourself needing more and more of that character. 698 more words


The moment when you realize someone doesn't genuinely care for you as they are saying how much they care about you

There is a ridge on my thumbnail right on the side almost at the bottom. I had my thumb slammed in the car door when I was very small and the nail came off and has forever grown in deformed since. 156 more words


Buying Epic Flying Mounts | Figures relating to the users

However, in the same report, it said that Blizzard has a policy not to divulge the exact numbers of subscribers. They are confident that Chilton did not quote any figures relating to the users of “World of Warcraft” after the Legion launch. 426 more words