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Shakespeare and False Friends

There are a number of words in Shakespeare’s plays and poems which are deceptive to modern ears. They may seem familiar words but, in fact, camouflage a quite different meaning lost to modern English. 307 more words


Escaping the Relationship Mirage

Human minds are amazing things.

Capable, analytic, innovative, imaginative, sophisticated, logical, systematic, investigative and perhaps a whole lot more than one can even wonder.

But for all its amazing powers it has one major flaw too, especially when you bring the word emotion and link it to the mind. 981 more words


Life is the most uncertain of all!

Firstly, I pay my condolences to the ones who lost their friends and dear ones in the high magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal today.

Such catastrophic incidents always leave wondering how uncertain life is. 528 more words


وہ باتیں جن کا آپ کو والدین بن کرہی پتا چلے گا

والدین سے محبت

سب سے مشکل کام  اپنے آپ کو غلط ماننا ہے۔اور اس سے مشکل کام اپنے والدین کو صحیح ماننا ہے۔آپ ان کی نئے طریقے سے ان کی تعریف کرسکتے ہیں۔اور ان کو یقین دلائیں کہ بچوں کی دیکھ بھال کرنا کوئی بے وقعت اور ارزاں کام نہیں ہے۔

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Is that a perfect Dunk ? - Motion (Weekly Photo Challenge)

I love to watch my sons playing basketball. They both are storehouse of energy and I am amazed to see how young ones are so flexible and light on their toes. 79 more words

The Daily Post

Time away:

Three nights away and I feel a different person. Celebrating my aunt’s 90th birthday was a treat. She is the last of my mother’s sisters. Mary holds herself so straight; always dressing in such a dignified manner, she’s an inspiration. 488 more words


Encounter part 1

Frustrating and intense all in one she’s longing for that touch to grace her skin , that fire radiating from the inside of skin raising with excitment breast tender and full . 529 more words