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Swinging in Rovinj

Rovinj is sweet small city in Adriatic sea in Croatia. I was there before 5 years when famous DJ Carl Cox had  music advent. It happened in Monvi center, place with night clubs near the beach and surrounded by forest. 420 more words


Let me be.

Wake up, open your eyes, hear them shouting again. Let them fight as you don’t know what else you could do to make it right. Someone died again,  war in the  name of printed values and invisible beliefs  didn’t  have mercy on actual living being.  118 more words

Love with deadline

I will be older and smarter, we used to say after every birthday. As we are getting old, we don’t become smarter. We just easier handle some things than before, so correct thing is that we are wiser with ages. 399 more words



​The pleasure I obtain in remembering her can not be evaluated. But sometimes I think it is possible, that is someway I may not recall her and get happiness. 354 more words


Die in your memory

Our hardest battles in love relations are about invisible issues. Fights with ghosts are unfair because you can’t face with them , so issues have roots in deep past. 514 more words


The key of love


What i learnt from mine love relations, is that you should never be desperate. That  makes wrong impression, as you are the most lonely person in this world. 405 more words


They are there for a reason



there are ties that we don’t break

they are there for a reason

maybe it is love, maybe just a flake

like appreciation or the pleasin’ 38 more words