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“I wanted everything to stay the same, but feelings fade and things change..” My abhorrence for ‘changes’ can definitely do no wonders, they occur long time back but having realized them takes it damn all away!!! 651 more words

Wiser Stronger Better

To a beautiful week that has ended. Forgive the struggles, they’ve made you wiser, stronger and better.

It’s not difficult to remember the challenging times we’ve been through this week. 21 more words

Let your rythm help them grow

Select the rythm that fits you best. Your journey is different and so is the rest of everyone else.

Go by your beliefs that help you make those around you peaceful and grow at the same time. 12 more words

Employees' Struggles

Appreciate those who work for you. They have probably suffered in silence only so that the fruits of their labour benefit you.

Too deep for a Sunday but one of the best days to contemplate.

Be at peace with yourself

Anger has no meaning

To prisoners of feeling

Let the poison flow

Until there is no more.

Friend in need

Sometimes, all you are expected to do is listen. You may be misled into thinking that your friend needs help, when in reality, all they need is for you to give ear to their ranting. 50 more words

Narendar Modi blamed Pakistan for Train accident in India

After the accident Indian police arrested several people at the sight, among the arrested were few people belonging to Pakistani secret agencies found at the sight, Narendar Modi Indian prime minister said while his address to a rally. 196 more words