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I was Queen of the Psychopaths:

Idi Amin and I crashed dozens
of parties full of kwatoblasting
stereos, hard liquor, neonlights,
dirty lingerie, and graverobbers. 108 more words



धूल, मिट्टी,धूप,बारिश
कुछ भी कभी रोक ना पायी
उसने जो आवाज़ लगाई
इसने हर जेहमत उठाई
माँ को मनाया, पैर दबाये
पिता जी की डाँट भी खाई
चोरी से सबकी नज़रें बचा के
अपनी तिज़ोरी की ताली उठाई
चिकने चिकने,गोरे गोरे
देख उन्हें नज़रें ललचाई
एक इशारा सीटी का पा
दिल की उमंगें लें अंगड़ाई
भर हथेली में, छिपा जेब में
चले खेलने गोटी भाई !


Lonely mountain

Is it healthy to be this close to someone?

We’re all so temporary, when one of us goes it could cause a landslide if we’re not careful… 73 more words


Do you have a FRIEND ???

A Friend could be anyone irrespective of its race, and most importantly you can not be friend with anybody you want and so not anybody with you unless you wish’em in your life. 247 more words


तीन बहुएँ - Teen Bahuein, hindi short story by Mithilesh Anbhigya

कैसी हो रश्मि! मार्च में पड़ने वाले अपनी देवरानी के बच्चे के बर्थडे पर आनंदी उसके घर आयी थी.
ठीक हूँ दीदी, आप कैसी हैं!

Of Banoffee Cronuts and Bucket Lists

So today I had my long, long awaited union with the magnificence you witness above, the cronut.
That’s one off the 2015 bucket list and psst.. 401 more words


Prison Time that Changed my life.

The giant gate opened. It was old and rusty. For the first time in my life, i had seen such a gathering, of more than thousand of people, right outside a jail. 6,098 more words