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What makes your blood run faster?

Did you ever wonder what’s keep relation alive? Is that harmony, laughter, habit? Or this is something else, what makes your blood run faster?

Now here is the story how conflicts might make relation interesting, painful but also challenging. 624 more words


Towards the eternal east! Towards the sun!

At the first ray of the dawn

At the first crook of the hen

At the sight of an early bird

At the sight of an owl rest… 502 more words

Some Things, Hard to Maintain.

How hard you try, some things have no fruitful results.

And the saddest part is, you don’t want to give up.

Ur död är du kommen

“… och kanske är det så

ur död är du kommen


utplånar dig livet”

-Gunnar Ekelöf

Graphic Design

Today friends, tomorrow enemies

Yesterday we were close friends, today we are enemies. Shit happens, and life is creator of dramas and tragedies because human nature is variable. Some people will turn you back, no matter if they were friends, lovers, even members of your family. 510 more words



It’s a quarter to one and my eyes are yawning lazy in the summer noon. I’ve left my right foot a foot above the ground, swinging carelessly as my left foot stays tucked under the right knee where my right fingers are humming a tune whose lyrics I’ve forgotten. 415 more words

A man who uses every opportunity

If you are one of those women who think that your man will change, you are wrong. Even if it is, you are not the one who will change him. 388 more words