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Miščević: Bad moment in relations with Croatia has no impact on EU accession process

BELGRADE – The current “bad moment” in the relations with Croatia cannot upset Serbia’s EU accession process, Serbia’s chief EU negotiator Tanja Miščević said on Tuesday, Tanjug news agency reports. 111 more words


Are you princess who lost shoe?

Independent person is gift for others. Many people love to say, i am independent, i don’t need anyone. In the case of struggles and problems, this statement will be confirmed or denied. 466 more words


Another word for forgiveness... Understanding

Our thoughts are enough to make us take action. Why not direct our thoughts to things that take us to a higher level? Forgiveness is one of them. 38 more words

Kill your grudges before you hurt someone

If what’s brimming inside

Is the poison you hide

Bring it all out

Be warned, don’t let it sprout.

Masked Idiots

Innocent faces are many or shall we call them masks?

It’s ok to not be able to forget what some masked idiot did to you. It’s not so ok to hold that grudge. 55 more words

Famous or mediocre - what is your goal?

It is not easy to be famous. You want to reach the top of the world, but still you are not the only one. Competition is tough, some would like to cross over the corpse just to gain success. 464 more words


Forgive yourself a little

The day is going strong. Chill with a little bit of indulgence. It’s ok to slip up coz sometimes, that’s just what is needed.