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Green Light, Red Light

Yeah, since 2 weeks there is a girl that is always on my mind. I am hopping everyday that the small green light on my phone lights up just to know i got a message from her and when the red light flashes and the phone shuts down, i wish i get texted by her after i turn it back on. 154 more words



We are human and we can be trained. Just like we teach our children how to behave we can teach ourselves. I have started to use cues to start things that need done. 320 more words


How To Find Out If Your Partner Is Cheating - Part 3

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Since we established in Part 2 the parameters on finding out whether your partner is cheating, let’s take a look at the technique. But first, let’s review two very important points 1) you must really, seriously decide ahead of time whether you want to stay in the relationship should your suspicion be correct, meaning your partner is cheating on you 2) you must decide methodically the best way to end the relationship (notice I said methodically; in other words, DO NOT let your emotions be the driving factor; have a roadmap). 718 more words


How Many Men Did 'The Golden Girls' Hook Up With

Move over Carrie and Samantha, the OG ‘Sex In The City’ girls were ‘The Golden Girls’.

Someone went through old episodes and counted the number of times each lady got down. 86 more words


Moving On

Just realized a few days ago that an ex-colleague had deleted me from her facebook. Sad, but I guessed my resignation might have caused her so much hurt and anger for her to do that. 222 more words


the reasons why they fight

My buddy always dates the wrong women. They’re saddled with emotional issues, they’re underage, and sometimes they’re straight. I think she’s in a good place now, and I really hope this underage dancer + roller derby-er doesn’t break her heart. 147 more words