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My Mother.

Since past two days, I have been thrown off-guard by the fact that I haven’t been able to figure out answers to two very simple questions asked to me in an exam! 1,251 more words


Story about bullying

That girl comes to the classroom and on her chair was a snail. Mostly others were laughing because she almost sit on it. The other day someone stole her notebook with homework and she had hard time to explain teacher where she lost it. 486 more words


Transparent happiness

Streets are full of couples who are kissing and cuddling in front of others. Go in tram or bus and there are also love birds who expose their feelings to everyone. 456 more words


Countless Blessings 

Really we received countless blessings and wishes for our younger son Pratyush who by God’s grace has scored 87% in his ICSE higher secondary boards. His result was out two days before and from that day onwards there has been celebration time in our home. 157 more words

The Daily Post

Premarital sex

You love each other and still you are not married? Your relation reached level when you both are ready to share intimacy. Now you want to make love with your partner, because platonic relation is not enough anymore.  378 more words


Sound of intuition

There is something you need to do and suddenly you know how. You have no skills and knowledge about certain thing, but something whisper in your ear that you are on good way. 616 more words


Vision of you

It is not gold all what is shining. People are as pearls, they can be fake. Sometimes is easier to believe in your fantasy, then to accept reality. 471 more words