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The truth is

The truth is, my love
That in every step
I miss your footprints

The truth is, my love
That in every move
I miss your presence… 30 more words


Why you must open your heart?

Open your heart and you will know all answers. How many people are able to open their hearts? It is easy to extroverts.

Popular drama queen is again sad. 470 more words


Some positive thoughts for my followers

I wish to all my followers happy Friday.

Here I share some of my positive, inspirational thoughts which helps me in hard moments:

If you wish to survive, you will not afraid of challenge. 106 more words


Are you person without plans?

When you see life as kind of game, you are playing as kid in the sand. Nothing is serious for you, because you are having good fun. 584 more words


Who is your friend with benefits?

You are hungry for passion and you are not in relation? Relation is indeed obligation and it takes lot of attempts to find right partner. Sometimes we can be so busy that we have no time to focus on special person in our life, to reply on every SMS and every phone call, to support that person in the case of troubles or problems. 453 more words


Love or Like or Infatuation

Love is a four letter word with a deep meaning. We all have heard people saying ‘I Love U’. But do we really love the people to whom we say ‘I Love U’ or to the things we say we love this or that. 137 more words




It was this superb weather after the mid terms that seemed to make college all the more interesting for me. The sweetly shining sun showering its mild heat added with that cool breeze in the air, “Winter was here”. 333 more words