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Network marketing Still Requires The Human Touch

In a world of advancement, technology has made it easier to do business. Now, you can reach millions of people with one email. You can blast a marketing campaign to a billion individuals. 280 more words

Network Marketing

Worldly Possessions

Worldly possessions

Subjugates your existence

Accumulation of woes

Far from freedom

It binds you with invisible ties

The more you spend

And empty your coffers… 108 more words


Do We Have to Lie in that Bed?

It would be nice if we could figure out how to use our human ability to reason to overcome the emotional characteristics of our species that are evolved adaptations for a lifestyle of consuming and reproducing. 383 more words

This is a poem at midnight
a walking away of hands.
It is beautiful,
we will never run out
of salt the way we
run out of love… 125 more words

Perdues à Ruisbroek ou dans la gueule du loup IV

La chambre du jeune homme est minuscule et les meubles sont d’une simplicité presque carcérale. Les seuls signes de luxe, un vieil ordinateur et un réveil du genre de ceux qui émettent  un son particulièrement strident, même lorsqu’on les jette contre le mur. 1,242 more words


A Conundrum

Maybe he has it backwards. I’m the friend and she’s the love. Most men that have an attractive woman at home, begging for sex to the point she gets angry; dont cheat. 126 more words