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How to Handle Being Single at The Holidays

Single at the holidays? It can make you feel that truly, baby– it’s damn cold outside! Not to mention those lonely mistletoes hanging around with no action to be seen. 366 more words


4 Signs Your Love Interest or Partner Is Bored, Upset or Over You

Have you ever wondered if you’re being sensitive or that your love interest or partner may be upset with you? Or worse, over you?

We all have our moments of paranoia and insecurity, but is your partner or love interest really done with you? 440 more words


Care Enough

Care enough.

That’s what I want from the people in my life.

To care…enough.

Actions are what tell us whether someone’s “I love you” is meaningful or meaningless. 176 more words

Care Enough

You’ll Never Make A Relationship Work With The Wrong Person

If you and your partner aren’t compatible, and all the love in the world will never change that.

No one’s at fault, you just aren’t a matching pair. 287 more words


Nerds In Love: Cat Sitting


Nerds in Love: the world’s nerdiest dating advice podcast.

Our expert is:

Stephanie Sarkis PhD is a best-selling author and psychotherapist in private practice in Tampa, Florida. 44 more words

Nerds In Love

5 Ways To Get Over A Breakup by Mariam Stevens

Breaking up is never easy. After all, you might have had months or years with the person you have broken up with. All the feelings and emotions you have felt during that time don’t go away on their own overnight. 803 more words

Guest Post

How to Make Your Partner's Bad Day Better

Is your love interest or partner/spouse having a bad day? How can you help, if at all?

You can do a lot to make your person’s day better. 256 more words