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19 Basic Rules of a Healthy Relationship

Honesty is always the best policy

If you or your partner can look each other in the eye and be dishonest then you’ve got a problem with your relationship. 1,390 more words


How To Tell If A Guy Likes You: The #1 Subtle Hint

So, here’s a post that’s a bit lighter than the last few. I’ve had this piece of advice stuck in my head for a while now. 611 more words

You are worth being single

Everyone I know on earth: “So.  How’s it going?  Are you dating anyone?”

Still single me: Sigh….”No, I’m not dating anyone at the moment.  Yes, I’m still single.  115 more words


12 Signs That You're A Controlling Girlfriend

Yes, men are not the only ones who can get controlling in a relationship, but no matter who it is that’s being controlling, I guarantee, the one being controlled will not stay happy for long. 909 more words


She keeps ghosting on me. Is she interested or not?

Dear Megan,

So I’m texting this girl at the moment who I’ve bumped into a few times.  She’s extremely cute, and the first time I bumped into her I was kicking myself for not asking her for her number.   1,031 more words

Relationship Advice

Entrepreneurial Couples-What kind are you?

Entrepreneurship has recently been on the rise with more people turning to the entrepreneurial lifestyle rather than staying in their regular jobs. Starting a business can offer a lot of freedom but not without stress, long days and it’s share of hardships.   364 more words