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Meeting Student Needs Despite "The Gap"

I sit here reading the book For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood…and the Rest of Y’all Too because…I’m white, and I’m a school leader in a quite diverse urban setting.   448 more words


Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs And The Hotdog Guy

“I don’t know why the City doesn’t do something about them. They just lie there all month until their welfare cheques come. Just get a job!” 903 more words


table manners reviewed

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Wednesday July 18th 2018

It occurs to me that it’s a long time since we had a table manners update. 710 more words

Dear Little Isis

Top 8 Benefits of Networking

Networking is about Building Relationships

Before I started my consulting business, I didn’t network at all because as a working stiff for a large hearing aid manufacturer, I didn’t need to, nor did I really have time to because of all the work I had and all the business trips.  1,514 more words


The High Cost Of Indecision

So you have a big decision to make. You’ve been wrestling with it for some time, weighing out pros and cons of the choices before you. 928 more words


Parenting Teens: The Fun Factor

Parenting is hard. Being a teenager is hard. Change is hard. For those of you with a teen, especially one who’s heading off to college in the near future, you’re probably going through a lot right now (as are they!). 513 more words


Not The Judgemental Type? Yes You Are!

Well it seems pretty harsh to say, maybe to some insensitive or cruel, but the fact remains that you’re being assessed and judged by each person around you daily. 906 more words

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