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Investing in your Marriage

You’ve probably heard the maxim, “It takes money to make money.”

Unfortunately, even if you’ve been gifted the initial setup from a friend or website dating service, most of the future investments will need to be your own. 731 more words


What to expect in couples therapy:

Couples come to therapy with issues. I would say, in crisis.  There are problems at home.  The same argument happens over and over again.  The communication has broken down.   350 more words


Perceived Communication

Has anyone ever told you that you mean well but you come across as something different? Is there a certain group or type of person that tells you this? 141 more words

All Work and No Play?

Next time you and your sweetheart are busy on a project, add a dash of romance into the job.

After working for a while, and when your sweetheart is in another part of the house or outside, ask your sweetheart to come help you with something. 46 more words


How pornography ruined entire family

Bukky Oyetade writes Zonda:

Some people do not take sex addiction seriously. Or they think a Christian cannot be struggling with such a lustful thing. This story reveals how man’s addiction to pornography and lust ruined his daughter’s and wife’s life. 646 more words

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The Emotional Affair

7 Signs of a Cheating Spouse can take many forms.  The truth is emotional affairs can be more damaging and more difficult to recover from than physical affairs. 711 more words

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Three Subtle, Subconscious Ways We Procrastinate

We know what typical procrastination looks and feels like: We’re on social media, checking emails for the tenth time in an hour, clipping our toenails, loading the dishwasher, revisiting the snack room, dragging our feet in other blatant ways—all instead of accomplishing the necessary and important task at hand. 971 more words

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