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Tall trees and Relationship Revelations

Exploring the Eje cafetero, the coffee region of Colombia, I remained in constant awe of how stunning the region is, which pretty much resulted in a permanently shocked expression on my face as our buses would fly past rolling mountains and luscious green valleys. 1,018 more words


the ample affection.

is love enough?

like, really enough?

i’ve heard conflicting opinions and stances taken on this inquiry, and i must say, for someone who is as much of a hopeless romantic as i am, i’m really starting to question it. 305 more words

Relationship Revelations

the hopeless romantic.

tomorrow marks one of the most anticipated and simultaneously dissipating days in the calendar…

and depending on your current relationship status, the next 24 hours could likely vary between being a… 421 more words

Relationship Revelations

the codependent couple.

i spend an extraordinary amount of time scavenging through the multitude of social networking sites that i have quite voluntarily signed myself up to…

and luckily, i can breezily access each and every one of them simultaneously, courtesy of my handy iPhone. 332 more words

Relationship Revelations

the love game.

couples who break up and then get back together several times during their ill-fated relationship:

i’m not very fond of people like you.

i see this occurring way too often… 308 more words

Relationship Revelations

the level of discomfart.

i tend to find a lot of things to be rather disgusting…

from talking with your mouth full to washing dishes in a bathroom sink, there are just certain manners (or lack thereof) that sits relatively high on my list of strong aversions. 392 more words

Relationship Revelations

the m.a.s.h. made in heaven.

i have always been a fan of childhood games…

primarily because the whole “i don’t want to grow up” saying has started to become much more prominent as i edge closer and closer to my late-20’s. 540 more words

Relationship Revelations