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“Examine what you tolerate. What you put up with you end up with. What you allow continues. Reevaluate the costs and your worth.”

― Karen Salmansohn…

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Perfection: Something to strive for or avoid in intimate relationships?

Is the idea of a perfect relationship achievable and more importantly, is it beneficial? Maybe not. Through a study of 382 married/cohabiting adults, Trub et al. 117 more words


How's your love language?

Can the style of writing used by couples to describe each other predict relationship satisfaction? Research from Robinson et al. (2020) examined partner’s perceptions of closeness in their relationship through self-report methods, including daily diary protocols. 103 more words


Viewing Pornography in a Relationship

What is your opinion on individuals who view sexually explicit material (SEM) while in a relationship?

In a recent study based in India, Jain et al. 153 more words


The Hormonal Rollercoaster of Love

Did you know that estradiol, testosterone, and progesterone levels affect the way women and their male partners evaluate each other? In a study where a couple’s evaluations of each other were compared to their hormone levels in urine, high pre-ovulation estradiol in women meant lower romantic and sexual attraction towards their partners and low self esteem. 107 more words


Can weight bring your relationship down?

With nowadays standards, it is hard to have a positive self-image, especially for women. In fact, 75% of middle-aged adults are considered overweight in the U.S. 204 more words


Social Media & Commitment Levels

Can social media affect relationship satisfaction? Abbasi (2019) uses a self-report method to assess the number of social media accounts owned by participants, time spent on social media, relationship status, and commitment level. 101 more words