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8 Habits of Women in Healthy, Happy Relationships

It’s the ultimate #relationshipgoal: having a happy and healthy one. Even if you and your partner are generally compatible, maintaining a great relationship doesn’t come easy. 931 more words

Love + Sex

Create a Romantic Interlude for and with your sweetheart.

  1. Place a photo of your car in an envelope.
  2. Choose a place for dinner then put a picture of the restaurant in a second envelope.
  3. 77 more words

What Would Encourage You To Romance Your Sweetheart?

What can I say to make me love you?”
It’s only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away… 154 more words


What to do when you and your partner have different needs in the bedroom

There are a great many myths about sex in relationships, including:

How often you should be having sex

That a man always has a higher sex drive than a woman… 767 more words


5 character traits- which one are you? | Relationship Tips

Since the dawn of time philosophers, scientists, theologians and psychologists alike have been discussing the topic of ‘identity’.

You know, that age-old question we’ve all asked ourselves at one time or another: 653 more words


How to Pursue and Be Pursued

Welcome to the guest blog week by Lauryl and Kasey Redfern!

Here’s a little back story to our dating relationship which turned into MARRIAGE 9 months ago. 1,713 more words


How to deal with spouse's most annoying habits

మీ భాగస్వామి అలవాట్లు మీకు ఇబ్బంది కలిగిస్తున్నాయా??

దంపతులు వారి భాగస్వామికి ఉన్న కొన్ని అలవాట్లు తమకి ఇబ్బంది కలిగిస్తున్నా మౌనంగా భరిస్తూ ఉంటారు.ఇలాంటి ఇబ్బంది కలిగించే అలవాట్లు ఉంటే ఏం చేయాలి?continue

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