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The Top 14 Secrets To A Happy Relationship!

One of the most popular posts that I have written was about relationship tips. So of course being the diligent blogger that I am I took this information as a sign from you that this was a topic of interest and one that I should focus on more. 919 more words

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I love you like Peanut Butter...

Marriage is like the peanut butter side of a PBJ sandwich.  At times, it is sticky and messy.  Other times it is sweet and satisfying. 92 more words


Best Weekend EVER!

What are your best memories of the greatest weekend ever? Sun and beaches? Fantastic Trips? Relaxing or Crazy Fun? Mine? Well, … not what the average person would expect, for sure. 511 more words


Reverse Phone Look Up: If You Need to Use This, It’s Time to Break Up Anyway

A brand new website has been unveiled and it can mean good or bad things depending on who uses it and who it’s used against. 517 more words


“But I love him!”: Why She Keeps Going Back to Him

I struggled to understand this concept while growing up with a lot of friends who were initially described as ‘boy crazy’ – a term used for pre-teen girls who discuss boys in varying degrees at great lengths of time. 979 more words

Relationship Tips

Why True Love Is So Hard To Find...The Naked Truth!

We as a society have been told over and over again that when we’re young, we’re too young to know what we want, when we’re of age, “love is hard to find….you gotta set boundaries….set your expectations high….have standards….keep your legs closed….” And the list goes on and on and on…”Find someone who is your equal, someone who completes you!” And might I repeat, the list goes on and on and on….and if that is not the message then the  message is to set boundaries, protect your heart from being broken, oh and by all means, follow all these rules, and surely you will attract the “right person.”  Then there is the definition of love, and what true love means. 532 more words