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I’ve seen a lot of blogs and bloggers talking about love this month. And why not…this is the month of love, right? But love covers many things, not just romance, the moon and June and swoons. 494 more words


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Is There Rape In Marriage? - PANCHO WEALTH

Rape is a sexual intercourse without consent. So, whether you are married or not, when there is no consent, there is no consent. The law does not recognise it. 259 more words


The Start To My Journey

Have any of you or are you in a challenging relationship where you yourself are half of the problem? That may almost sound silly to you considering most would agree things are 50/50 in a relationship or your sitting there thinking “hell no, HE did this not me”. 426 more words


This love is dangerous. Whew! Have you ever experienced this type of love? The kind of love that has you doing all kinds of crazy things because you are addicted to the person? 109 more words


The Kiss

Does your sweetheart carry a backpack, briefcase or lunch bag to work? Does your sweetheart appreciate your kisses?

On a half sheet of paper, either press your well colored lips, or draw a pair of lips. 55 more words


Season of love is here – but is Facebook proving to be the relationship killer?

Examining five different ways in which Facebook happens to ruin your relationship.
As Valentine’s Day nears, there will be a lot of talk on relationships, finding love and so on. 558 more words

Women's Issues

Not being able to find true love? Here are 6 tips for achieving lasting love

How do relationships get balanced? What is the secret mojo behind long lasting relationships? Well, loving and trusting yourself might just be that mysterious ingredient. Being let down by anyone in the past is a frightening prospect and holds you from seeking a relation. 554 more words

Women's Issues