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What to do when your ex gets married or getting married?

First of all many congratulations for this great news that your ex is getting married. Now, there could be two scenarios at this moment; the first one is that you are too much happy for your ex. 1,129 more words


Dear Ladies,
So He Dumped you after impregnating you, Now what you could say is…..all Men are Dogs all men are morons. 146 more words

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Fun things couple must do

‘సరదా’గా దృఢమయ్యే అనుబంధం!

నేటి బిజీబిజీ లైఫ్‌స్త్టెల్ కారణంగా రోజులో ఆలుమగలు కాసేపు మాట్లాడుకునే సమయమే దొరకట్లేదు.. ఇక సరదాగా గడిపేదెప్పుడు అంటారా?continue

Vasundhara Kutumbam

Don't Worry Love Is Coming

I dedicate this words

To all the lonely souls

To those souls who gave it their all

That at any sign of love, they trip and fall. 405 more words

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Take the one you love on a walk…. What starts as a simple walk, turns into a conversation, that then turns into discoveries of one another. 36 more words

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Spontaneous Sex

Sex…. I mean define normal sex. No, don’t do it… Seriously no normal sex… I don’t even know or want to know if there is such thing. 252 more words

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Being Yourself Without Being Yourself?

What is it about society that reprehends a person for being themselves? I mean, I don’t care, lol…. I’m gonna be who I’m gonna be. What you see is what you get. 22 more words

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