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My inlaw is making disputes wantedly.. what to do??

మా అత్తయ్య అనవసరంగా గొడవ పడుతోంది..!

మేడం నమస్తే.. నాకు 17సం|| వయసప్పుడు పెళ్లి చేశారు. అప్పటికి మా వారు సేల్స్‌మన్‌గా ఉద్యోగం చేసేవారు..continue

Sweet Relation

How to love a woman !!!

PATIENCE. Be patient with her. She will have mood swings. She will be dramatic. She will be emotional at some point.

ACCEPTANCE. Accept the real her. 199 more words


The FLAME Part 2 (Let it marinate)

“Romance requires effort and consistency; it is not a one-time thing and is not limited to the first few months, or even the first few years, of a relationship.” 556 more words

Relationship Advice

Communication mistakes by men!

Let’s face it – communication is one of the drivers to a healthy and successful intimate relationship. But it should not be neglected that although communication is a main key, life happens which simply means, we will at some point make some communication mistakes. 297 more words

For Him

What You Should Wear On a First Date

Are you going through your closet for things to wear for your date this week and can’t seem to make up your mind? Are you hoping that this date could be your forever after? 577 more words

The Ultimate Ingredient

How often do you chat on WhatsApp? How often do you open, read and reply to your emails? What about calls, how many calls do you make and answer on a daily basis? 482 more words

Relationship Advice

Dear Vasundhara: Expert tips on Relationship Problems

నాకు అతని మీదే అనుమానంగా ఉంది!

నమస్తే మేడం.. నా వయసు 32సం||. నాకు ఇదివరకు పెళ్త్లెంది. కానీ ఆయన సంసారానికి పనికిరారని తెలియడంతో విడాకులు తీసుకున్నాం..continue

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