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12 Ways To Make Sure You Never Get Friendzoned

Some nightmares really do come true and friendzone is the biggest proof of it. It’s the worst place a guy can be in. We hate how conveniently some girls mislead guys into believing they’re interested when they really aren’t. 737 more words

Thought Bite

Avoid these bad qualities for a strong relationship

ఇవి లేకపోతే దృఢమైన బంధం మీదే..!

కొన్ని అనవసరమైన లక్షణాలు మన బంధాన్ని బీటలు వారేలా చేస్తాయి. మరి అవేంటో తెలుసుకొని వాటిని దరిచేరనివ్వకుండా చూసుకోవడం ద్వారా కలకాలం బంధాన్ని నిలబెట్టుకోవచ్చు..continue

Sweet Relation


Alot of men and women have the career, the wealth and yes they got the cars and the mansions but they have NO LOVER. It is a cold reality but hurts to the core to know that you spent your entire life building a career and at the end of it all – you realized at the age of Forty-Five (45), you forgot to create memories, you forgot to date, you forgot sex and so all you have is the money and a house filled with antique furniture shipped from Italy. 275 more words

Life Lessons

What to do on a first date - tips to make your date memorable

That all-important first date: where do you go?  What do you talk about?  Should you let him kiss you?  How do you keep a date from turning into an interview?  801 more words


Should I give my man "HUSBAND PRIVILEGES"?

It is a very scary place to be in a relationship – the decision to give your all hoping it won’t fail you. Almost every female dream of the day their “dream” guy asks her hand in marriage. 291 more words

For Her

Editor's Pick: Marriage is an exciting vocation that tests daily your ability to love...

Originally published on Lagos Convo

We are still celebrating families and marriages in this month of love.  From the comments on the previous posts, we are convinced a lot of you are really enjoying this series.   179 more words


Relationship Tips Volume One 'how to fart around your man'

Relationship Tips; volume one ‘How to fart around your Man’! Yes everybody farts, but there’s away to do everything! Follow Monie jonezy as he try to help relationships around the world! 13 more words