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“Slob On My Knob, Like Corn On The Cob…” – Why Men Enjoy Watching Porn? #FreakyFriday

What’s up everybody! It’s another Friday on the blog and first off I gotta salute my readers. Thanks for reading my blogs, it really lets me know I am providing decent content. 400 more words

How not to handle rejection from women

When you let a woman know how you feel about her and she blatantly says no, what should your reaction be?

How many times have you heard guys that went from sweet to sour after a woman said no to their relationship proposal? 600 more words


3 relationship behaviours that are still as toxic as ever

Relationships might differ now from the way it was back in the day, but some things still remain very unacceptable now as they were back in the day.

284 more words


Sexual Enhancement System

If you want to enhance your sexual life, turn to what nature has to offer.

hings that we already possess that enhance our sexual appetite by nature. 195 more words

Relationship Advice

Polish Your Relationship 

Is your relationship dull and boring? Perhaps your significant other became unattractive? Do you have to hide to masturbate because sex is not there anymore? … 208 more words

Relationship Advice

10 qualities of a healthy relationship

Our most special relationships are those that bring us closer to others– our friends partners, spouses, parents and children. Such a intimacy is the most rewarding and often the most demanding of human involvements.The giving of ourselves to others, sharing thoughts, feelings, experiences, and sexual pleasures touches the essence of what it means to be human. 266 more words


#WHENMOMMIESTALK : Berteman dengan Mantan Pasca Menikah?

Awalnya pas denger ide topik #WHENMOMMIESTALK “Berteman dengan Mantan Pasca Menikah” dari Ayu, saya sempet hening. Antara yakin atau nggak mau nulis berbau mantan di blog sekarang. 589 more words

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