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Her Dating Advice // Spice Up Your Relationship

Having friends who have been in long term relationships, we have had various discussions on ways to bring that spark back into their love life. There are moments where you maybe ask yourself… “how can I spice things up?”. 109 more words


The Crazy Woman Phenomenon, True or False?

Nowadays, there’s so much talk about a woman being “boring” if she isn’t crazy, and by crazy guys mean starting (what are more than likely) petty little arguments and being “overprotective” of their man’s social media accounts, text messages, etc. 371 more words


Are You Guilty of "Pphubbing" In Your Relationship?

“Pphubbing.” It sounds horrible, almost like the latest deviant behaviour that people shamefully hide from their nearest and dearest at all costs.

It’s the practice of ‘partner phone snubbing’ or paying too much attention to your cell phone when in the company of your partner. 211 more words


Practicing Empathy Before Feedback

When your partner is going through a challenging time, do you feel instantly compelled to give them feedback to “fix” the issue? Or do you take the time to attune to them, open your heart, and relate to their experience. 196 more words

Juna Mustad

3 Ways To Attract A Woman Without Speaking To Her #unigoss

Standing Tall

Sounds a little silly and obvious right? Especially if you’re 5ft tall. But what I mean by this is standing with your shoulders back, head held high and back straight. 482 more words


An Empty Chest

An Empty Chest

So my 8 year old nephew comes storming into my room infuriated that his little 2 year old cousin, who happens to be my son, has gotten a hold of his new fish shaped pencil sharpener. 708 more words


Sad but true

Ladies are always quick to say “he does not love me”
But he does but you just do not understand what
Going through his mind 425 more words