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Trauma is a Gift. Open it to be healed.

I don’t believe it’s curable.

I know it is.

I am a breathing example.

Ah yes, most healers are “wounded healers”.

I am in the process of diving deeper to heal on a deeper level, but every day I awake more and more and feel more and more in tune with Spirit and what matters. 1,424 more words

Deep Truth

Choose with your soul.

Energies shift, change and move… As we shift, change, move.

The reason for this is, is for our Divine Path. To learn lessons, to acknowledge wounds, to feel what we gotta, to understand our selves a little more, to reveal truths, to feel love, to evolve, to know ourselves deeper. 606 more words

Deep Truth

Dear 4 year old me. You Matter.

Dear Little Me,

I see you crying by yourself, on the stairs. I see you, and no one else. Why isn’t anyone here to comfort and console you? 1,361 more words

Deep Truth