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Firecracker and the Fence

When I bring the feed buckets out and my horse doesn’t come to eat… something is wrong. So, when I went out to feed on Monday and I could see her, looking at me from the corner of the fence, but not making any moves to come eat, I went over to see what was wrong. 2,113 more words

Relationship With God

What To Do When You Want to Quit Marriage

SOURCE:  Barbara Rainey/Family Life

Though most every spouse marries with stars in their eyes and expectations that scrape the Milky Way galaxy, there isn’t a spouse on earth, on any continent, in any country, who hasn’t experienced harsh unexpected disappointments. 1,134 more words


He's behind you!

We had enjoyed a great lunch with a lovely view and as we finished our fish and chips I began to wonder where we would put all of the wrappers. 466 more words


Passion Killers- Part One

As an amateur history buff; I love reading stories of people who have preserved and became successful or reached their goals. It did not matter if they were rich or poor; educated or uneducated; attractive or homely. 148 more words

Relationship With God

Will Science Replace God?

Since the days of “God Is Dead”; man has been doing his best to remove God from every aspect of our culture. Humanity no longer needs God but may with the help of artificial intelligence develop a new form of collective consciousness that fulfills the role of religion, U.S. 189 more words

Relationship With God

Christmas Transformation

Jesus is the only human who ever chose to be born, so why did he come? Volumes of books have been written in an attempt to answer that question but I wish to limit my thoughts to one idea. 167 more words

Relationship With God

Where Are You?

I confess; I love electronic gadgets. (Unfortunately, I cannot afford most of them.) But the one device I probably use the most is my GPS. I use it even if I know how to reach my destination because the GPS “might” know a faster route. 228 more words

Relationship With God