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Heart Health

The last several years the medical field has made tremendous advances in the area of heart health; proper diet, new medical procedures and the importance of exercise. 146 more words

Relationship With God

The Walking Dead

I am not sure why some people are fascinated with “zombies” (walking dead). You are probably not aware that the “walking dead” are all around us. 201 more words

Relationship With God

Good Improv and the Christian Life

I recently read an interesting thing about what makes improv comedy work… and it actually has something to do with the Christian life.

One of the most important of the rules that make improv possible, for example, is the idea of agreement, the notion that a very simple way to create a story—or humor—is to have characters accept everything that happens to them. 706 more words

Relationship With God

Are we Really Called to Greatness?

I saw an article today about how to help your kids grow into leaders that made my hackles rise. It was a Christian article and a second reading of it softened my initial response a bit. 1,761 more words

Cultural Commentary

Firecracker and the Fence

When I bring the feed buckets out and my horse doesn’t come to eat… something is wrong. So, when I went out to feed on Monday and I could see her, looking at me from the corner of the fence, but not making any moves to come eat, I went over to see what was wrong. 2,113 more words

Relationship With God

What To Do When You Want to Quit Marriage

SOURCE:  Barbara Rainey/Family Life

Though most every spouse marries with stars in their eyes and expectations that scrape the Milky Way galaxy, there isn’t a spouse on earth, on any continent, in any country, who hasn’t experienced harsh unexpected disappointments. 1,134 more words


He's behind you!

We had enjoyed a great lunch with a lovely view and as we finished our fish and chips I began to wonder where we would put all of the wrappers. 466 more words