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BRAND PROBLEM (Why The Church Struggles To Love)

As the body of Christ, one of the things we struggle with a lot is the negative perception we have amongst non – believers. Hypocritical. Hateful. 1,126 more words

Relationship With God

Called Before Birth

A student of architecture entered a national contest for building design. When a panel of renowned architects awarded the student’s design “Honorable Mention,” she felt utterly depressed and defeated. 341 more words

Relationship With God

No Never Alone

Loneliness is simply feeling like no one really cares about you or about your life. Loneliness very well may be the most destructive emotion of all. 196 more words

Relationship With God

"Lord, remind me."

“Lord, if there’s any specific instruction you’ve given me that I’ve forgotten about or ignored, please remind me.”
This is one great prayer to make. I’ve found time and time again, whenever I don’t seem to be making progress as I think I should, or when my efforts seem to be hitting a wall, this prayer comes to the rescue, because soon after making it, God reminds me of the instruction that then opens the way. 171 more words

Relationship With God

Praying for People Affected by the Grenfell Tower Tragedy

I’ve been thinking about the best way to pray for people affected by the tragic events in London this week and especially how to pray about the anger that is currently being emphasized by the media… 770 more words



The morning time is so important to me for a number of reasons:

  • I get to hear from God on what His plan for my life for the particular day is.
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Relationship With God

Looking through the lens of life or the lens of God?

Often we look at God through the lens of life.

How different would things be if we looked at life through the lens of God? 209 more words