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Let's Go For A Walk

Medical experts tell us one the best physical exercise is walking. It has many benefits without damaging your body. Many married couples find walking together is a great way to pray together, talk over situations that need their attention, and a way to take a break from the hectic pace of life. 190 more words

Relationship With God

A Pleasing Fragrance

The human body possesses five senses: Sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. I was thinking about how much we take our senses for granted. Rarely do we stop during our hustle and bustle of life to think how blessed we are to have these abilities. 284 more words

Relationship With God

Surrounded by God's Love

When I think of being surrounded it feels like it has a negative connotation. The police officer might shout ‘we have you surrounded’ to the criminals in a building. 174 more words


Heart Health

The last several years the medical field has made tremendous advances in the area of heart health; proper diet, new medical procedures and the importance of exercise. 146 more words

Relationship With God

The Walking Dead

I am not sure why some people are fascinated with “zombies” (walking dead). You are probably not aware that the “walking dead” are all around us. 201 more words

Relationship With God

Good Improv and the Christian Life

I recently read an interesting thing about what makes improv comedy work… and it actually has something to do with the Christian life.

One of the most important of the rules that make improv possible, for example, is the idea of agreement, the notion that a very simple way to create a story—or humor—is to have characters accept everything that happens to them. 706 more words

Relationship With God

Are we Really Called to Greatness?

I saw an article today about how to help your kids grow into leaders that made my hackles rise. It was a Christian article and a second reading of it softened my initial response a bit. 1,761 more words

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