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These Boots were Worn Out Walking

Eleven months ago I wrote about my new walking boots in ‘These boots were made for walking’, but here is a picture of those boots now. 466 more words


You need money

So, I was packing and paying for the shopping in Aldi and my daughter kept saying to me


Now, any of you who have shopped at Aldi will know that you have to be focused as the checkout assistants scan your shopping at a very high speed. 474 more words



My oldest daughters favourite question is ‘Why?’

Why is it called that?

Why is it going to take 3 hours to get there?

Why can’t I have more chocolate?

938 more words

The one where I lost a waterfall

We were heading for the waterfall and we came out of an alleyway and emerged on the path where we could head left uphill or right downhill. 447 more words


Willing To Follow

I’m discovering that God usually answers my prayers by prompting me to do one thing or the other, go somewhere, or speak to someone,which in turn begins the process of me getting my request answered. 122 more words

Relationship With God

We've not been this way before

I was out for a walk recently with my parents and as we tried to navigate from a play area to a nearby pond (yes, there was geocaching involved!) someone said ‘we’ve not been this way before’. 204 more words


When Your Spouse Lets You Down

SOURCE:  Dr. Dave Currie with Glen Hoos/Family Life Ministry

Seven steps to letting go of hurt and disappointment.

“Forgive and forget.” It’s a well-worn cliché—one that is easier to say than to practice. 1,129 more words