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What Does It Mean to ‘Hear From God’?

SOURCE:  relevantmagazine.comJade Mazarin

Hearing God speak to us is like an art. Much to our frequent frustrations, it’s not as easy as hearing the audible words of a friend or mentor. 1,049 more words

Relationship With God

The One Where Facebook Was Down

So Facebook was down for around an hour this evening.

What did you do with yourself?

Did you run outside in the street and start telling random people what you had for tea? 117 more words


6 Dysfunctional Parenting Styles

SOURCE:  Michelle Anthony/Family Life

Spiritually healthy parents walk each day, step by step, with God as their guide.

Sin is a reality of our lives. Without God’s love and forgiveness, the spiritually healthy family would be impossible. 2,044 more words


The One Where I Forgot the Tent Pegs

So, we got to the campsite and carefully picked the spot for our tent. We unloaded the car and began putting the poles into the canvas and that is when we realized that I had forgotten to pack the tent pegs. 357 more words


The One Where I Was Nearly Ironic

My daughter came up to me just over an hour ago and said ‘will you play with me?’

My instant reply, because I was in the middle of something, was ‘no, I have some work to do’  but then I stopped and thought about it and changed my mind. 173 more words


The One About A Special Moment

It had been a fantastic day out and we were nearing the end of a lovely walk. My daughter appeared alongside me and took my hand, we walked in silence for a while and then as she looked into my eyes and I knew she was going to say something profound. 160 more words


The One Where Mary Poppins Came to Church

A few weeks ago, Mary Poppins came to Orchard Baptist Church and she even lent me her umbrella to use as an illustration in my talk. 277 more words