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The Stressed Stone is now Super!

We had started the conference by laying stones down as a symbol of us letting go of the burdens we were carrying and at the end of our time together we encouraged everyone to take away one of the stones as a reminder that we should ‘bear one another’s burdens’. 180 more words


An amazing Godincidence!

Today, I led the opening session at the EBA Ministers Conference and as I prayed and prepared I felt it was right to come prepared give everyone a large stone to symbolize their burdens. 184 more words


I'm In

I have always been interested in the study words and phrases and their origin. We often use phrases in our conversations but have no idea when or how it was used originally used. 118 more words

Relationship With God

Elvis Presley, Who is He?

So, we were talking about Elvis Presley and my daughter said ‘who’s he?’

Now, my daughter is only 11 and so there is no real reason that she should be familiar with Elvis, but in that moment it still came as a shock to me that she hadn’t heard of this iconic figure. 376 more words



​See, that right there is a problem.

You’re identifying yourself both as a sinner and as saved by grace.

Not getting my point?

Let me explain. 823 more words

Relationship With God


Religion focuses on who we are in ourselves, and it disqualifies even the best people. But the Gospel of Christ focuses on who we are in Christ, and it qualifies even the worst people. 171 more words

Relationship With God

Bonding Throughout The Day

​So I’m driving to work today and having a convo with God and asked, “With this life of mine and what it looks like at the moment, how can I have daily, quality time with you, and still engage in these other activities important activities of my life?” 489 more words

Relationship With God