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Written by Jacob Ibrag

You feast off my energy thinking that I’m

an ideal source for nutrition, and I am. Drink from

me, sleep comfortably. Your attention is the source from… 30 more words


The Ministry Years 24: as many as touched him:   theunfetteredpreacher 

This one has been in the hopper for quite some time. It holds a timeless truth.

Will I ever learn it?

As many as touched Him were healed. 843 more words

Serving God

For an ordinary marriage to progress into a good marriage, the wife will need to be blind and the husband deaf. It is not every wrong in your marriage that you’ll have to react to and not everything said about your spouse you’ll listen to. 31 more words



Let’s face it,abortion will always be a taboo topic to talk about.Not everyday will you find people talking about abortion.

The only time you will find a bunch of guys talking about abortion is when: 1,254 more words

The Self Made Man Deflects Grace

We Americans are strikingly individualistic, even inventing self-contradictory proverbs to make our point.  “Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” we say as though sheer effort can somehow overturn the law of gravity.   302 more words



From sickness comes revelations.

I wanted to take a break for the both of us. I’ve had some doubts about the part where we were not dating, and where he was choosing between other girls and me. 123 more words


Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there was a rebellious princess. This princess, Seina, had everything she wanted like a typical princess. So much that she thought the world was her oyster and fairytales would come true. 185 more words