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# 128 How lucky you are you have a BFF, and they you!

In the world today, there are many trials and tribulations; that man choose to go it alone, utilizing the philosophy/fashion of being a loner, thereby answering only to themselves. 278 more words


Unimpressive Hookups

My Monday night could use some entertainment. Who wants to hear some past hook up stories? Fantastic.

The Bruised Lip

Three year age difference, me being the older one. 570 more words



Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Blood is thicker,’ they’ll whisper as they’ll

try to paint me as just another stranger to keep you

from slipping out of their fingers. 56 more words


a mess

Inside: we are a mess

Of flashbacks and diluted green tea

(do you know how gross it tastes?)

And swords

That’ve never been sharper.

Inside: you are a madman… 90 more words



“It’s this old idea that you get sometimes, that, this place is not just mineral deposits and old bones. It is the flank of a dreaming animal. 75 more words

Hurt Mechanics

The person hurting you can’t stop the person who hurt them.  That feeling needs a place to go.  Bottled up inside it destroys them.  Released upon another and it leads the person to feel somehow empowered, victorious even.   594 more words

3 Tips Jitu Menghadapi Stress Menjelang Pernikahan

Dear sister, merencanakan pernikahan tentunya menjadi momen yang menyenangkan sekaligus stressful. Di satu sisi, kita nggak sabar dengan datangnya hari bahagia. Merencanakan detil-detil kebutuhan wedding day… 537 more words