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Memory Lane- Buddy

My brother Chris is 38 years old. I grew up calling him buddy, that’s just what we all call him. My earliest memory of buddy was when I was probably in kindergarten, and he would draw pictures for me. 1,224 more words


Soft Place To Land

I don’t know how to respond to Florian’s saying “I love you” without sounding cheesy or obliged. I used to feel unsure about my feelings or expressing my feelings for him, but after all the time spent laying either in bed or sofa with him and of course, after the fall, now I can confidently confirm what I have for him. 1,050 more words



1am, blue light glows,
staring at the screen
waiting for the words
thinking of you
in the bright blue glow


Journal Entry - 03.08.2015

Location – Sitting in the living room.

Mood – Flat.

Recap of the day

I know it is a little early in the day to be doing this, but I figured that it might help me a little. 447 more words

Journal Entry

I'm Learning To Stop This Shipwreck

There is a boy with soft lips of refuge spilling
words that drown in thunderstorms of red wine.
You haven’t felt like this for four months… 111 more words


Blind Love

A little while ago I saw a video on my Facebook page. Its an advertisement for Coca Cola where 6 strangers are put in a dark room, and they get to know each other without seeing what they look like. 450 more words

Don't Let Loneliness Cloud Your Judgement in Dating

Have you ever dated someone, or had a relationship, and looked back after it was all over and thought “what the hell was I thinking?”. Perhaps you settled for something less than you really wanted, or deserved. 524 more words