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I told myself I wouldn’t do one of those cliche “new year” posts, and I am trying not to. Well, mostly.

So, let me just get the cliche out the way. 288 more words


The Need

Written by Jacob Ibrag

Dirty surface below their feet.

She takes out the vacuum and starts her

routine. Rolling up the carpet, she finds a key. 129 more words


The Dognapper (2013)

The Dognapper is a Brazilian RomCom of sorts that is sprawling, directionless, and definitely too long.

Our anti-hero is Deco. He is a nice guy, but emotionally immature and lazy as hell. 523 more words

An Argument Against Pornography

Pornography: The degradation of our morals

I am attaching this article that I see as insightful, not because I believe that perversion is unacceptable, it is a natural deviance. 225 more words

Mental Health

The Doll stole my man!!!

Sex dolls has been around for ages, but now the popularity is terrifyingly rising. The use of sex dolls will create a high end level of pleasure for both parties but in return it is diminishing of the natural affection between human lovers. 35 more words


Drama Llama

I’m such a drama llama.

I hate actual drama with people, but I can be so incongruously melodramatic with myself in my head. Even when my logic is pounding at my heart’s door and telling it to shut up, “I’ve heard this bit about five thousand times! 606 more words


We are all believers

Drunk monkeys

Can animals be homophobic

Do animals have language?

Humans Are World’s Deadliest Predators

And what about climate change?
98 more words