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To: You who betrayed me

Last Friday was a lot like hell. I found out that one of the most important people in my life betrayed me, and together with a friend whom I trusted and learned to love. 537 more words


Don't ask me where I'm from, ask where I'm a local - TED Talk by Taiye Selasi

I came across this TED talk by Taiye Selasi while scrolling through my Facebook timeline. TED is one of the pages I follow on Facebook. I thought this talk was brilliant because while reading through the transcript, I was reminded of the things I’ve learned from my Development Theory, Development Practice, Development Policy, and Migration, Diaspora and Transnationalism courses. 968 more words

New Zealand

Denial 'Demon'

Over the last couple of days, I feel a mixture of concern and hope.  My online research and reading has helped encourage patience, as I look for positive changes on the road ahead.  319 more words

Wednesday Blog #24 A major blast from the past

Good morning everyone! It’s the typical “Wednesday” for a night shift guy like me… So… Lets get started!

Kathy, Jackson and I are sick as a dog :( Jackson is having a hard time breathing, and it sucks… It breaks my heart to see him running around with his tongue out breathing. 857 more words



First of all, I suck at this blog thing. I didn’t die, I just got overwhelmed by the thought of wanting to overshare everything and not having time. 171 more words


Teeter Totter


finding myself


on the edge

Holding it back

like a suppressed sneeze

Refraining from crossing that line


My heart yearns-

for the adoration I will not allow it… 46 more words

October 4th Genesis 29:1-14

Genesis 29:1-14.

Jacob doesn’t really know God at this point in his life. We can see that from his words in yesterday’s reading; ‘If God will….then the Lord will be my God’. 439 more words

Bible Reading