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I’m not happy anymore!
Those were the words that I feared the most
to come out of your mouth

But you said it… 117 more words


Ba-Dump, Ba-Dump, Ba-Dump

It’s been another long day. BOB’s still having night terrors. It makes everything more difficult, health wise and emotionally, when I don’t sleep well. I kept thinking that once I had a good “bank account” of decent sleep I could work off of it if I had a rough night here or there. 346 more words


In Time

Age ain’t nothing but a number

Yet I still sit here and wonder

If your the silence before the thunder

And the rain that will take me under. 90 more words

Writing challenge Day 30

One thing I’m excited for…. My future. I have many goals and things I want to do and I can’t wait to see the beginning of what I have planned. 47 more words


Respect ME in your ABSENCE

What we want from our significant other is respect! Not only when we are around each other but when we are absent from each other. When we are away whether it is hanging with friends or away on business, we want to know that our partner know what they have at home and would not risk it for a few seconds of pleasure. 401 more words


Is Love only Temporary_

I find it interesting that so many people believe that love is only temporary.

It’s like reading a book;

There are only a number of people who will purchase a book and read it from cover to cover; investing in the pages before them. 94 more words

25 Holiday Gift Ideas For That Guy You’ve Been Hooking Up With (But Aren't Technically Dating)

Here lies the definitive list of gifts that are just un-sexy enough to give to the guy you don’t want to introduce to any of your friends, but who has slept at your place 5+ times in the past week. 142 more words