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Relationships are quite fragile in nature.

Even a trivial unpleasant word or action can disrupt our entire belief system.

It takes years of love, care, bonding and sacrifices to form and sustain relationships but only a single deed of misconduct, for cracks to set in. 165 more words


Solitude Is Bliss.

There is a thrill in dancing alone.

This truth tends to offend some.

She chose solitude over human condition.
She never took to much company, 41 more words


Taking Time to Blossom (Waiting)

Greetings to you in the name of our hope, Jesus the Christ. As the days grow darker and the colder weather kicks in now is the time we look to our hope in the form of a child born with promise. 967 more words


Motivation struggles

Everybody has days where they just don’t feel like doing anything and I’m no different . Some days I just struggle to get going and be productive especially when I have barely slept the night before. 360 more words


Creativity Challenge Day 15

Creativity Challenge 15

The Challenge here is to use your creative talent to bring light into the current distress in the world around you, in whatever form that talent takes. 309 more words

Creativity Challenge

Poetry (Day 339): Proof


The Burke and Wills
of teenage love.
At the time, we thought
we would last
forever. The whole
world was ours
to discover. But now… 173 more words