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Press Start

Call me Luigi. Player 2. Only remembered when Mario is out of the picture. The backup plan. The filler. The substitute. I get that.

Call me Toad. 227 more words


Which one shall I feed?

April 20, 2017

Dear Cherished Heart,

I chose separation over marriage. It was a decision that took months or maybe years to make. Therefore I assumed this would be easier than that. 925 more words

it's not that bad... it could be worse...

Turned out that his parents came to visit him, brought him some furniture. He said to let him know when I want to meet. But what does that make us? 93 more words

Was your experience The Breakfast Club or 13 Reasons Why?

I finished watching 13 Reasons Why last night. I read the book, and I think that this is one of the few times where an adaptation was better than the book. 575 more words

Thoughts To Explore

It's Complicated!

I’m the solution
to your every problem;
As well the reason
you encounter them.
You wonder:
(What to talk about now? Nothing’s left.) 28 more words

no questions asked

I came to you

in my time of need;

you took me in your

arms and made sure

everything was alright.


My Writings

Sex and Roll Back Prices.

Allow me to get straight to the point.  SEX – it feels good!!  It’s one of the best gifts, given to mankind.  From centuries pass and even now, it has been enjoyed by many.   479 more words