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Question of the Day

Hey peeples!

Let’s say you put out pictures of yourself and your partner on social media or wherever when you guys were together and now that relationship is no more, are you meant to remove them pictures?

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Inadequate Lovers - First sight

Every love story deserves a dedicated space to be stored and shared.

High school, a place where is probably the funnest stage in life, you get to do dumb things with you buddies, prank your teachers, and most importantly, this is probably where you had your first girlfriend / boyfriend. 111 more words


City Of Refuge

The hot sun beat on my back as I scrambled up a dusty embankment. The sweat poured down the side of my sandy face as I pulled myself to the top, lying flat on my stomach in an attempt to keep out of sight. 876 more words


My Place

You took me to a place no one else could. But then you left me there. Alone. You left me without even looking back. Without giving it a second thought. 57 more words


Advice needed: My Boyfriend Is Too Rough In The Bedroom

My boyfriend is far too randy for me. He wants lots of hot s*x every night, and he goes at it fast and furious. Sometimes we go on for hours and I end up sore and exhausted. 192 more words

Social Issues

Its ok to be wrong...

I have to admit something… today was a roller coaster…situation after situation came as if the devil didn’t want me to mentally rest. You see the enemy wants you to feel as if you’re overwhelmed, or bogged down with the responsibility of doing right. 190 more words



Lil by lil
I am falling
My Ribbons
The ribbons that have trapped
My body and soul in a puzzle

A puzzle that has a never end… 242 more words