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Passed Every Test

Their relationship passed every test with flying colours, for their determination to be together was strong enough to fend such tests off.

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Social anxiety meets dating

Hello everyone!

I really hope that the weather is just as beautiful there as it is right now where I live. It’s like a second summer after two weeks of frost and rain. 924 more words


Stay another...

Stay another change of hearts,
Stay another memory,
Stay another great expectation,
Stay another late movie,
Stay another…
Stay another rush of lust,
Stay another shooting star, 65 more words

...a new chapter, another chance?

I had to stay with the company for a year before I was able to resign. As much as I wanted to resign sooner, my hands were tied by the contract that I signed when I was hired. 864 more words


Written by Jacob Ibrag

Yesterday you asked me what

I wanted for my birthday. Didn’t

really know how to respond because,

well look at you. The day we met, I woke… 51 more words




“It’s humbling,

to become the

very thing you

once mocked.”

– Gillian Flynn

Photographer Unknown


Dear Wes,

Thank you for the late night phone conversations in which nothing is said. Sometimes those are the best.