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What It Is

It’s the little things
A daily collection of socks
Ashes in cans and wrappers in cups

It’s bearing the pain
Of popcorn kernels boring into the soles of my feet… 179 more words


To Fit

Written by Jacob Ibrag

Just stop. I don’t care about perfect. I’m a wreck

on my own and won’t be able to appreciate perfection. Not… 163 more words


The Anniversary - A Story Of Love And Murder

They followed the hostess to their table, a quiet booth in a dark and candlelit corner of the restaurant. They paid little attention to those they passed, but they couldn’t help but notice the couple across the aisle. 1,017 more words



Nowadays it’s hard to find someone whose willing to stick it out with you through hard times. A lot of people want to be in a relationship only for the good times and to have fun, and when it gets down to it and when life throws you both lemons, some people are so quick to take a step back saying they weren’t ready or that they want to take a break. 78 more words


Maybe God is better than portrayed in our theology! 

​One may ask, “If God, having created us as we are, speaks through signs and subtle details more often to humans, which is not a standard human communication protocol; if He speaks so more often than in a clear auditable way, then why are we promised punishment for failing to hear His voice and do as He instructs?” 130 more words


3 Questions for a Happier Family

“What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life – to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories.” – George Eliot…

200 more words

The Lazarus resurrection issue

“So, will you address the Lazarus resurrection issue, now?”

Yes I will.

This is the end of one conversation and the beginning of another.

The verses relevant to the “Lazarus resurrection issue” are: 895 more words