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Hebrews 9

Blessings today! God is good to move us along in our journey through the Book of Hebrews. Today is a reading day that will prepare us to find more little nuggets that are more precious than gold. 770 more words


The Reward Of Patience And Honesty In Life

Little Drops Of Water Make A mighty Ocean(Patience and Honesty).To enjoy success in life never neglect these two.Find out why…

This very quote “little drops of water make a mighty ocean”, is very a popular quote to hear from people;it is always popular to hear people say “Patience”,”Honesty”.Well said,but do we really carry out what these two sayings offer us?.Actually there are a lot of quotes that talk about patience in life and a clear example is; “a journey of thousand miles begin with a step”.That sounds absolutely true. 1,129 more words


5 Signs You Need Couples Therapy

For a lot of couples, it’s not until the relationship has broken down so badly that couple therapy becomes the last ditch attempt to save the tattered remnants of what they once had. 863 more words


On Board!

Hey everyone,

So, some of you may have read the post, It’s Official and know that I finally accepted a 2-year ‘lobbying’ to be a guest blogger on soempowering :) Well, I’m not exactly sure it was that long or was it that long? 320 more words


Soulmates — Imperfect and Real

Soulmates. Unlike fairy tales, they don’t come riding on white horses or in princess’ gowns. They’ll enter your life when you least expect it. Sometimes, they’ll be right next to you all along, but it may take ages for you to recognize them. 549 more words

True Love 

Never give up on true love!

Persistence pays off.


P.S. OMD (Oh-My-Dog)! Luna is almost touching one of my back paws with one of her front paws! Best Day EVER!!!

Short Story: 2:00A.M. Dreams

The pain was unbearable. It was like someone stabbed me with a sharp knife and they were twisting  it in the wound. I ran out into the cold rain. 620 more words

Live And Learn