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Making The Decision To Know And Follow Healthy Guidelines Daily

If you know the value of good health,yet you ‘ve had a hard time making the commitment to know and follow healthy guidelines,here are some suggestions to help you tackle it: 762 more words


It Begins With You

Everything you ever wanted in life takes effort. Fulfilling your dreams,enriching your family life,healing relationships. Give up the illusion that life should be comfortable. The truth is ,Life is difficult. 552 more words


When Conflict Avoidance Turns Deadly

There are some couples who may not fight in their relationship,instead they avoid problems. One reason couples stay married even when they avoid conflict is because positive moments outweigh the negative ones. 503 more words


Seperate but Attached

People romanticize the idea of making their hapiness dependent on another human being that they cannot be happy without their presence. Your happiness is yours and is worth more than anyone else’s presence- Nitya Prakash…

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Keeping your Relationship on Track (2)

2. Recognize that you don’t have Control over your spouse’s will but you do have a great deal of Influence

The second precondition to keep your marriage from derailing is recognizing the influence you have with your spouse. 657 more words


Keeping your Relationship on Track ( 1)

Your marriage depends on how willing you are to do what you need to do to be accountable for your thoughts and and actions. 343 more words


Creating an atmosphere for Change

Once you are able to recognize that you alone can change your behavior(and not the behavior of others),you become a changed candidate through an intimate relationship with God. 757 more words