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Faithfully Yours

It feels good to look you in the eyes and know I’m not lying.
The truth doesn’t hurt when it works for the right purpose. 150 more words



The important thing is that I know how to WITHDRAW the cash.


Turning the Tables

We have had a visitor today.
MOH rang this morning and asked if we’d like a thrashing (this is our standard greeting now). Hubby had his head in the bow locker and was up to his knees in screws and fittings having to secure our gas bottles in accordance with new rules and regulations for boat owners, so going down was impossible. 564 more words


We Live Pride, Under Pressure

Anyone who can name all three songs, and their respective bands, referenced in the title gets a jednička (A).

Anyway… It’s been a while since I added a blog post. 1,650 more words

The Reality of My Dream Wife...

Dear Future Wife,

I’m writing this to you no reservations.
As a young man I fell impatient and settled for imitations.
Practice runs just pushed me even closer, 153 more words


Stop Trying To Impress People Who Don't Deserve You

We’re all perfectionists – there are different degrees – but we all want to be some sort of perfect. We want to look like the girl in the magazine, have a relationship like the one in the movies, excel at our jobs like a millionaire, or be the perfect family member like we see our friends being. 319 more words


A Comfortable Friendship

Last night I was enjoying the quiet of an empty house by taking some time to write about my day in my journal. I began with stating the fact that I had enjoyed a lovely hike with my friend in the morning, then suddenly my thoughts veered off into a completely unexpected but amazing direction. 856 more words