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Positively Impacting

Positively impacting the people I care about is annoyingly difficult.


Have a Little Respect

Over the past week we’ve been hearing stories of #metoo, of primarily women who had unwanted attention showered on them by bosses, people of authority and other guys in general. 563 more words


10 Years Ago

10 years ago today I was not dating a boy because my parents weren’t totally on board with it. About 6 months prior I had approached them and asked to go out for ice cream with a young man who happened to be 3 years and 7 months older than me (which is a big deal when you’re 16). 313 more words


3 Things you should never say to someone who's grieving

My ninth-grade teacher once said, “Life is fair, but it’s hard.” I always felt his statement was inaccurate. Who would say to the 7-year-old boy who’s dying of starvation, “It’s fair that other people get to eat, but not you”? 956 more words



My mom was a psychologist, so when she gave personal advice, people tended to listen. On one occasion, she gave a neighbor relationship advice that backfired. 584 more words


What happens when we see people as "avatars"

Sometimes when we meet someone new, we start to form ideas about them right away, even though we barely know them; occasionally — even worse — we start to decide what they’re like even… 799 more words


Happy 4/9 Months!

Some people take the beautiful, romantic, meaningful notion of a wedding very seriously, and others spontaiously decide to get married early, months before the wedding, for wholly unromantic but practical reasons like needing health insurance, and have to promise their mothers they won’t tell the wedding guests they’re already legally husband and wife because it would “take away from the special feel of the weekend” if guests knew that they already got married by signing some papers over a casual brunch with two friends and an underwhelemed waiter at Felice 64 wine bar on January 21st, right before heading over to the Women’s March to protest Trump and his pussy-grabbing, which is just kind of sad and ridiculous and bizarre and totally in conflict with the fairy tale lovey dovey-ness that society deems  13 more words