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If I don’t agree with someone, they’re not automatically wrong.


I Hurried Home

I started a blog dedicated to my boyfriend, M. I was planning to write it as letters to him that would help me sort things out in my head. 975 more words


Social Media Posts

You cannot be my man if you post “thoughtful” memes about our situations before we can even discuss them. That’s very feminine. Messy Feminine. I date men.


It's Time To Ditch The Term "Sexual Purity".

I’d like you to meet someone, Visitors.

This is Beauty Beyond Bones. (beautybeyondbones.com) She’s a stunning, young Christian woman who writes a blog about her life, which starts with a very dark description of her bout with anorexia. 1,127 more words


St. Francis, I Loveth Thee, But...

Lord, I pray that you will make me an instrument of your peace

even though Jesus said sometimes there would not be peace, but a sword. 537 more words


Loving at a distance

I’ve been thinking about how we show love to people we care about when they are not with us. When you love someone, you tend to smile when you see them, be generous with hugs and kisses (depending on who it is perhaps :D) and try to show in lots of little ways that that person is important to you. 760 more words