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My thoughts on "The Breakup Playlist"

Piolo Pascual (Gino) is Adonis personified, yet it was Sarah Geronimo (Trixie) who captured my attention and made me reflect on my perceptions towards this ill-used, often thrown away, granted but not usually taken word: love. 654 more words



It’s more like 3:30 now, since it took me a little while to get out of the seat of my car. The prominent image of a golden yellow wedding dress still freshly imprint in my minds eye. 48 more words


Allow me to share my story with you, a 5-year-old love story that made and broke me:

Through 2010 and 2011, i had my first ever real lover. A little older than i and very experienced. She taught me everything i knew then, from how to kiss properly and other basic things, to how to not be bothered by a girl’s other boyfriends. 559 more words


A Little Bit of Friday Fun: Don't Be This Guy!

The whole Kiss Cam phenomenon hasn’t really caught on at sporting events this side of the pond. Yet even us reserved Brits (?!) can sense when someone’s out of order. 16 more words


My Hands Sabotage

Knowing nothing of intimacy
Burning it all down

Made of fire
Vulnerability a weapon

Two headed coin
Same odds, same tricks

Knowing nothing different
Subconsciously, intentionally, sabotaging… 14 more words


Guest Post: Something Borrowed, Something Blue

by Nury Nada Más

I love weddings; maybe I love them too much compared to all the other feminists in the world. I have a Pinterest account with very specific boards for each detail of the wedding. 844 more words


Affair-Proofing Your Marriage

A short while ago we talked about marriage and the fact that my hsuband and I are working on the spirituality in our marriage. Well, while doing a weekend devotional activity, we were prompted to discuss how to prevent an affair. 471 more words