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People Are Like Eggs

As my daughter and I were hiking through Lynn Canyon, we found ourselves lost in deep conversation as we often are when we go on one of these nature walks, reflecting on life, relationships, our challenges and our dreams. 563 more words


My grandmother is my memory keeper

Every time I see my grandmother I go back to when I was five. We chat and she recalls things I barely remember but soon, with all the details she brings up, I get the clear picture and the whole memory rushes back. 146 more words


School's In For Autumn...

So…my girlfriend has been phenomenal with her support and encouragement of me. She pushed an idea that I was toying with for months into an actual reality. 751 more words


3 Words & 8 Letters

Three words. Eight letters. I Love You.

I find the phrase “I Love You” so fascinating! Have you ever actually thought about what this phrase means? 802 more words


How To Play Big In Our Dealings With Our Fellows

Our automatic/default way of being with regards to our dealing with our fellows is one of being controlling is it not?  I have a view on who you are / what you are / how you should show up and travel and given my attachment to this view I seek/strive to control you: control you as my child, my spouse, my sibling, my colleague, my friend… Right? 355 more words


Wrapping things up

I used to think that all I needed to do to start my life again was to get away and cut all the things that I thought were weighing me down. 684 more words


Relationship Quickie (advice)

When you condition your significant other to not need you, they grow an amazing level of self confidence. So, don’t be surprised when they leave you. 41 more words

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