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This mess was yours, now your mess is mine

Talking like we used to do
It was always me and you
Shaping up and shipping out
Check me in and check me out

Do you like walking in the rain? 186 more words


When you let me in

When we are

touching skin

when you have

let me in

With a dream-like


I feel your


the heat from

your skin

when you let me in…

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Kait King Poetry

Some insults

S had heard a list of insults – but in some cases, had S been annoying first, & then got an insulting reaction?
S, 29 felt guilt – but only when insults she received were low & not that hurtful. 10 more words


The Colour of Forgotten

Inhale me

breathe me

full of love

in our

rustic orange


in a dusty rose


and a place

of forgotten


touch my soul…

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Kait King Poetry


“You’ll understand these things when you’re older!” or in Shona “Kura uwone”. I’m sure every single one of us heard that statement like a million times from our parents and we all rolled our eyes and said a silent “whatever man”. 876 more words


JN August Challenge | Unexpected turns of faith | Aug 30

Includes challenge topic: What’s your karma.

I wrote this one for my love Omar aka @Superbity09 who happens to live across the ocean from me. 154 more words

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