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Accusations Suck

I just can’t stand it anymore.

I’m about to star in my own episode of Oxygen’s Snapped!

I’ve met my share of people from the close-talkers to the sidelers who often take credit for your hard work. 375 more words


The Wedding Dress Breakup

You can’t escape the stress of wedding planning.

If you’re engaged or a hopeless romantic, I’m warning you now.

You may fall in love with a wedding dress. 274 more words



Once I was loved

and I loved,

as if I was above

all natural laws,

you got your claws

so deep into me

that even the power… 54 more words


The Bounty.


That’s all. Just YUM.

The Bear, who used to be my neighbour, came over for dinner this week. This is a fairly regular occurrence, because I was a fantastic neighbour. 310 more words


Another Adventure, Another Home

The car comes to a slow halt, the sound of the gravel making a satisfying crunching noise under the tires, as Bee* and I peer expectantly out of the window. 553 more words


What Would Bill Do?

So there’s this friend of mine… we’ll call him, “Bill”

Bill believes my polyamorous life is an “abomination”.
He says this, then hits on my girlfriends. 639 more words


More Snow!

Today was a half a day with my students with an early release! We were supposed to have inservice meetings this afternoon, but thanks to some snow that arrived around 10:00 this morning, we were allowed to leave when the kids dismissed. 228 more words