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Morning after beauty saviours

You slept at his place and now he wants to head out to breakfast.  Here are my tips on how to get by on his grooming products. 607 more words


An Open Letter To My Ex-Fiancee

Dear Jenny,

I want you to know that I will always feel a way about you. I want you to understand that the me that you may see in this blog or online is not the me that feels this way about you. 543 more words


The Anatomy of Arguments

I once received this relationship advice from my cousin: argue as much as possible. First I didn’t get what she was saying. How could arguing be a good thing? 971 more words


The Cats out of the Bag!

Sylvia, Jack, Ethan and I all went to my mother’s house today for Thanksgiving. My brother was there with his wife and two kids, my niece who is 11 and my nephew who is 5. 298 more words


The Colour of Forgotten

Inhale me

breathe me

full of love

in our

rustic orange


in a dusty rose


and a place

of forgotten


touch my soul…

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Kait King Author

Children again? No Thank you.

There is a weird phenomenon that happens when men turn 40. They would never tell you this but some of them get baby fever. While it is great that you are finally ready to settle down and have babies, don’t expect this woman to enjoy the ride with you. 442 more words

Mental Illness