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Pity (*NSFW)

*Warning: this post contains┬ácursing, mentions alcohol and possible pseudo-incest… and humor…but mostly cursing, alcohol, and possible pseudo-incest.

Just when you think you have your shit together, and being single is fine, someone has to come along and knock you down. 330 more words


What are men thinking? The brain of the manly man

Are men happier?

It all started when cavemen went on the Annual Mastodon Hunting Trip leaving cave women and cave children behind.

The women put the cave kids to bed early, 359 more words

Page Larkin Date Guide

When Is An Apology Real?

I just got home from a long day trying to prepare the art center for the grand opening tomorrow. Hanging more art, and cataloging all of it, organizing the spreadsheets so that the we can know which gallery each piece of art hangs in. 463 more words


Banjo...My Baby Boy

Banjo…my baby boy.

Three months after Ashley’s death I met you at Toronto Humane Society. You were hiding under the towel and then in the box when trying to meet with you. 42 more words


how I ended up

deciding to do journalism for my FYP.

I came into WKW being all anti-journalism and pro-advertising. I was so sure that it wasn’t my thing after taking Basic Media Writing (despite it being my best mod in Y1S1 ya Zan what were you thinking) and I actively pursued the advertising track, taking modules like Integrated Marketing Communications and Creative Strategies. 481 more words



Your love soared like a hawk
Circling roadkill
Swooping downward
Tearing morsels off my murmuring heart.

My love whirled like a breeze
Singing thru trees… 23 more words