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When Your Firsts aren't His

I was 19 when I met Hubby Byren, around the time he was about to turn 22.

I had never been in a long-term relationship before, although I knew that he had been in one. 797 more words


Proof that My Hubby is a Romance Ninja

Two weeks ago, Hubby Byren and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.

We have this sort of unspoken agreement that every odd number is his year to arrange the events and the even numbers are mine. 745 more words


11 Things Men Will Never Understand about Being a Woman {Part One}

So the title says part one because it’s a long list, so I’m splitting it in half.

We’re all humans and we have certain similarities but we’re so different from each other. 664 more words


18 Ways to be an Awesome Wife

Kick me if I’m wrong, but women are MUCH needier than men.

We need constant reminders and affirmations about how we look, what we’re doing and how we’re feeling. 975 more words


Something for the heart...

Do you recall those moments? Moments when your knees would buckle as thoughts of their smile and ocean eyes flood your mind? I do. It is always a daring feat to “let your guard down” and let your heart speak for what it truly feels for your “ma-hope (crush)”. 664 more words

Relationships And Marriage

Story Behind the Date Night Jar + Ideas For You

Everyone knows that date nights are an important factor when you’re married.Especially when you have kids.

As important as it is to be there for your kids, couples need time along without distractions to rekindle the romance, to spend undivided attention on each other and of course, to have fun. 404 more words


10 Days of Remembering to Love

In our fast-moving and complicated world filled with over working, stress and, well, life, we sometimes forget to look past everything going on and appreciate each other in our marriage. 262 more words