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Wisdom is golden

I’ve been in a handful of relationships in my 22 years of life. Some, well most of which, were a waste of my time. I’ll be honest. 820 more words

Relationships And Marriage

A best friend is like a four leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have.

Hey everyone!

The more I look at my title the more I think to myself, “That’s probably way too long”. Anyways, I think its pretty clear what’s on my mind though; Friendships. 833 more words

Relationships And Marriage

The female translator

I bet you all are excited to see where this blog goes. Seeing as I am a female, this blog could be a little biased. However, some of you women reading this will laugh and say, “Yup! 1,409 more words

Relationships And Marriage

And they lived happily ever after.

Hello Blog world. Long time no see! I always have some excuse as to why I haven’t blog in so long, so I’ll just save it this time. 657 more words

Relationships And Marriage

Rambling a bit about relationships...

Yesterday I had a long conversation with a good old friend… she was telling me of the problems she was having and asking for advice… She claimed that I was her unofficial psychologist I just laughed and let her talk about her relationship problems. 631 more words

Accept Yourself

Mother's day is everyday!

    I skipped posting on mothers day for a reason, I believe mothers day is everyday and not just a single day out of the year where you get a bunch of gifts. 462 more words

Relationships And Marriage

Haunting 20's engagements

Recently, it feels like I missed the memo on all things relationship and marriage. All everyone seems to be talking about is who just got engaged, who is almost getting married or who just dropped the tot! 280 more words