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Sensible Adults

I was right. My relationship with A was doomed the moment I got into an MFA program that wasn’t local. I had to tell her; it would have been selfish to keep it to myself, even until I made a concrete decision on where to attend. 288 more words


Follow the White Rabbit

People are hard because they’re always screwing stuff up. Always letting each other down. Always accidentally, and sometimes on purpose, hurting each other. Being a person and having relationships with other people is an exercise in weathering knocks, sustaining and repairing damage, forging connections that are strong enough not to break in the face of so many bumps and bruises. 4,457 more words

Thinky Thought-Rambles

Things I Wish I Knew Before He Cheated

Today, my ex-boyfriend and I would have been dating for one and a half years. Together we had planned out our wedding theme, where we wanted to live after college and our children’s names. 654 more words

College Life

Break up song!

It’s hard breaking up, all those questions unanswered!

I just love this song.  It’s really one you would belt out when having broken up with someone, going through that emotional upheaval.   473 more words

Mood Music

“Relationships That Do Not End Peacefully . . .

Do Not End . . . At All”

From “Things I meant to say to you when we were old”