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My [26F] Boyfriend's [23M] Father [50?M] is harassing him on social media

Hi, thanks in advance for any advice, BF (fake name: Max) knows I'm posting on his behalf, we are looking for advice on how to handle the social media problem specifically but the controlling and the abuse generally too. 623 more words


Mpenzi Wangu

Habari yako mpenzi wangu?

Ata mimi nimeshinda vyema,

Leo hii, nitakutuza zawadi,

Zawadi yangu ni peremende.

Haya basi, nenda kajiandae,

Pia mimi, nitajiandaa vilivyo,

Utanipata tu hapa, nikikusubiri; 83 more words


Free Will

A seraphic supplication was unheard of,

It was disastrous to the natural order of things,

For a seraphim to squander their position and power?

To lower themselves down to the point of bargain! 203 more words


Untitled #1

You could never fool me

even on the days you pretend


and leave me be for hours on end

waiting for a call that… 43 more words


15 activities to do with your lover!

Alright, so uh, I’m no relationship expert, but I have been with my partner for over six years now and in that time we’ve had to think of a lot date ideas so the relationship still feels fresh and exciting. 1,647 more words

Meaningful Monday-Why Communication Is key In Any Relationship

Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. 327 more words


If We Are Tired of Feeling Disappointed

If we are tired of feeling disappointed with people, we must…

  • Quit expecting them to be other than human
  • Start looking inside (instead of outside) for what we need…
  • 91 more words