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Loving at a distance

I’ve been thinking about how we show love to people we care about when they are not with us. When you love someone, you tend to smile when you see them, be generous with hugs and kisses (depending on who it is perhaps :D) and try to show in lots of little ways that that person is important to you. 760 more words


NOTE: This post contains explicit content. NSFW.

They say that the word orgasm means “the little death.” I beg to differ. The kiss is truly the little death. 212 more words



Those who have followed my blog for a long time will have heard me say many times that I don’t understand people, and that I am shit at wooing. 745 more words


The joys of pregnancy .. 

I can’t believe I’m 34 weeks tomorrow .. It has gone so quick when I think about it but certainly not too quick.

Third trimester sickness is here , I was actually sick on myself whilst driving on Thursday. 263 more words

Long Distance Bridesmaid Problems

It’s coming closer to the day when I’m bridesmaid for my friend from way back when we were just little itsy six year olds. I’m so excited and making the final preps so that I look as good as poss in my gorgeous dress. 1,000 more words


The smaller the Vocab... the bigger the fist.

A conversation can quickly escalate into violence…

…how is it we can go from talking, to raising our voices, to shouting and screaming, to then hitting our fist on the table or wall… followed by some punching and kicking of each other? 587 more words


Why the term "Fuckboy" is driving a cultural appropriation

Happy Sex Saturday lovelies, as sad and hard as it’s been to justify the lack of blog post, I will say that I’m back and the blog’s are going to be better than ever! 184 more words