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the rules, part 2 (revised)

you can love them, you can trust them
they can be your closest friend
but unless you can respect them
what you’re building will soon end… 174 more words


I continually flipped the light switch while I sat there and waited. You said you’d turn up this time. And that we’d go somewhere nice, with wine & cheese, and poetry, and abstract arts; things that I loved. 56 more words


2018-04-25 I’d Rather be Lost In Lost In Space

I used to go to the gym in the evenings all the time. Its 8:15Pm now and I can’t help but feel I’d rather be anywhere else but here. 190 more words


My girlfriend (24/Asian/White/female) and I (23/Black/Male) were harassed inside of Walmart by a group of 6 black girls for dating each other.

This whole situation started whenever we went down an aisle looking for this Girl Scout cookie cereal we saw on Instagram.We walk down the aisle and this group of girls is completely blocking the aisle off with their shopping carts and they are just all standing around talking and being loud for no reason. 354 more words


Take Courage My Heart

Patience is a virtue I do not possess. Waiting is really difficult for me and always has been. I am impatient and like to be in control–a pretty bad combination of characteristics. 942 more words

"The Hooters - And We Danced"

“And We Danced”

She was a be-bop baby on a hard day’s night
She was hangin’ on Johnny, he was holdin’ on tight
I could feel her coming from a mile away… 268 more words


Catching a breath.

I have not felt like blogging for a couple of days now, almost a week, just because I’ve been so frustrated.  All that is to say, I am still journaling daily because writing is my primary form of self-care. 511 more words