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She (25f) told me (27m) she isn’t ready for a commitment, but wants to reconnect in the future if I’m available.

I’ve heard this line before and it typically means she doesn’t want a relationship with you. I get it and I’ve dropped all ties when I’ve got that line in the past. 308 more words


My SO Belittling Emotions

TL;DR My SO is making me feel like my emotions are invalid and it’s hurting me mentally/emotionally.

My boyfriend and I had a small but very hurtful argument. 234 more words



I’ve not mentioned the boyfriend that I currently have.

I know it’s because I am so enveloped into a huge event that just happened. That’s right. 466 more words


Can it be over without an ending?

The other night I went to see his band play. I went because a couple of weeks ago, he asked me to. And then he disappeared again. 309 more words


Someone I Once Knew

When she lied, she lied of death
(A phantom cancer)
And love
And buddhism
When I lied,
I lied of life
And love
And myself… 185 more words



Written By: Daniel Gluska

Oh symbols I have come to your altar. Distractions of the devil. Abra Kadabra. I create as I speak. But what do I create? 78 more words


Happy Fiasco

As one of my fellow employee’s has a birthday this weekend, we decided on having a little get together after work, basically hitting a place with a Happy Hour.  376 more words