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You’re listening to her songs. Why am I not surprised? It sucks, you know. Feeling the way I do about you and watching the way you look when you think of her. 90 more words


You can't convince me to fuck you


Through my extensive and ongoing research, I’ve repeatedly come across people who try to convince me to ensue a sexual relationship.  In their attempts, subjects have utilized one of two methods: bravado or desperation.   654 more words


The Choice - chapter 21

“Where are we?” I asked Jan as she settled Quan on the bed in one of the rooms.

“I don’t know,” Jan replied. “We asked everyone to come up with another safe location. 1,553 more words



Many people say that I go through phases with people- no, not necessarily phases in my life where I’m dragging people along, but in the sense of throughout my life, I get along and close to certain people in certain periods of time. 163 more words


To Comment Or Not To Comment: Why Entering Online Debates Isn't Worth It

Trigger Warning: This piece discusses elements of mental illness that may be difficult for some readers.

The burning desire to express ourselves is in us all. 959 more words

Mental Health

Relationship Red Flags

There are subtle and not so subtle signs a relationship won’t work out. The primary one I have learned to look for over the years is narcissism. 1,045 more words


Destructive/Abusive Relationships

Hello, all. I was scrolling through Facebook earlier when I saw a post about female on male abuse in relationships, and I was reminded of a destructive relationship I was in back in high school. 544 more words