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Where did 2017 go?!

So my last post was New Years Eve and we are fast approaching the end of November.  I have blinked and nearly a whole year has passed me by! 1,952 more words

Single Mum

He’ll Miss You When He Realizes You Don’t Need Him

He’ll miss you when he sees your story and this time you didn’t invite him out.

Or when he begins to wonder who the guy is that you’re with. 722 more words

Books and Videos on Purity, Relationships, & God's Design

Hello, friends! How is the fall season going for you? Excited about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday? :)

Today I want to share some Christian books, video talks, and sermon series on… 346 more words

Darkened Light

It took me a while but I’m finally. I started this story sometime last year and now it is completed and available for read (soft-copy only). 154 more words

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sweater tempers love

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m all alone and that he isn’t watching my every move. In the kitchen I dance and twirl while singing to Shania Twain’s “I feel like a woman.” Sat on the counter I ate frosting from the jar, then cooked an experimental casserole that came out a success. 187 more words


I Need to Stop Dating People in My Dreams

“Kayla this is stupid. It’s not like you can control that.” Yeah yeah I know. Trust me. But I am at a point where I’m so romantically/sexually/everything in between lonely that these dreams just end up making me sad when I wake up. 687 more words


We’re full of it aren’t we?

Chit chat chatter.

I have been glued to BBC iPlayer recently for their series on BBC called Retreat: Meditations From a Monastery… 471 more words