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advice on sliding into a TikToker's DMs

So my therapist pointed out that I’m apparently too mature for my own good and find dating trivial. While she didn’t have to read me for filth like that, she’s not wrong.

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What You Aren't Changing, You're Choosing

The breaking point was too many months of Ikea mats. To this day, I can’t look at those multi-shaded green children’s mats without feeling a rush of anger surge into my body. 1,063 more words


Big word, I know.
Too many letters wasted
On something that
Doesn’t really matter.
But I dare say though –
It’s a word well-spent
Describing you.

Slave and Master concept in Astrology

The Slave and Master concept in astrology was first introduced to me by one of my Russian students, who had found it in an old Russian book. 693 more words

The Art of Meaningful Friendships

As we grow older, we learn more about which friendships will work and which friendships won’t. Having a friendship with someone is a type of connection, so one person putting in most to all of the effort doesn’t work. 428 more words

Listless Irresponsibility

You said you saw me somewhereWell, I’m oblivious
Didn’t see you there
No, I totally saw you there
Not acknowledging
Avoiding a feeling
Heart dropping into my diaphragm… 145 more words
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