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Foolish Lonely Girls- A Symphony

My loneliness has a sound; loud and desperate, it screeches when I open up my heart. The beasts come sniffing, vulnerability is an easy prey. They don’t tell you this about loneliness, about the desperation coating its hands, like grease they run up and down your flesh. 139 more words


Coffees and People Watching

It was a typical Saturday.

I did my errands and went to the mall for a quick snack. There was this little coffee stand. Cheap ones here in the Philippines are rampant but still tasty. 338 more words


#11: Interference - The things friends say



How is your friend, I hope she is well on the mend. I broke four of my ribs a few years ago. Took a while to recover, but then I’m a restless kind of man. 860 more words


Where He An Accomplished Man ?

She was a woman of significant achievement, pursuing a successful career in the legal profession who enjoyed everything a person could wish for apart from empathy and a trusted companion, while he was a man of little perceptible professional or material value apart from an enhanced sensibility which often added texture to a situation and depth to a conversation: more than that, perhaps, he was kind, because kindness to others was the foundation of his beliefs and the secret behind his poverty: he never placed his needs before another’s, and always said his wish was to understand and discover rather than own, a point of view which had irritated many people in the past, including his father. 180 more words

Creative Writing


Now facing each other’s separate lives,
Shattered by the cold hard facts.
Knowing they shouldn’t have to face,
The destruction of their relationships.

One’s only protest, a death knell in the heart; 21 more words


Shaped, Fashioned and Rooted

“I’m going to root myself in God”
She spoke these words with joy and determination.
That’s what I want, I thought, to root myself in God. 98 more words