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About Okotoks

We’re settling back into our happy life as Santa Barbarians after the flying trips to Canada and then a week after returning, back North to San Francisco. 274 more words

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No he DIDN'T just swerve in these streets.

On our way home from a recent function, mister and I were quietly chatting as we inched along in traffic when I noticed something weird. 375 more words


Word It

There’s this common saying in the Hindi language which roughly translates to,

Words once spoken and an arrow once shot, cannot be taken back!

I have been thinking about it and the more I think, the more I agree with it.

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Late Night Paranoia

So it’s 11:48 pm.  I should definitely be sleeping since I wake up at 6:30 every morning to get my daughter ready and take her to school.   864 more words


Everything in Between!

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I spent most of mine studying my booty off…

Last week I wrote about my 21st birthday festivities, but now I’m going to share with y’all the delightful filling between those two weeks. 327 more words


The Fountain of Youth

He gently caressed her beautifully curved back as she sat patiently awaiting her lunch that he so devotedly cooked. She looked up at his face when she felt his soft touch as he passed, shuffling his sore feet, to sit next to her. 933 more words


Forgive the Hurt

One Thing I am still learning is that We are All Human which means we are All imperfect. Sometimes we hurt people, even unintentionally, but we have to forgive and keep Loving each other. 17 more words

Self Love