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Far gone

I’ll close my eyes if you close yours. Let’s breathe out the ash and fire from our guts setting the empty parking lot aflame. Let’s lay under the stars and then drift in the ocean til sun rise. 176 more words


Run This Race!

Think back to the time when you first met your spouse or partner…did you imagine your life would be where it is now? No? Me neither!! 836 more words

Where Do I Start

I’m an 18 year old who is going through some really confusing stages in her life, I’ve been in my relationship for a year and it’s been wonderful. 314 more words


My [26/M] distanced father [62/M] is threatening to kill my mother [50/F]

Apologies in advance if I should post to a different subreddit, but I honestly don't know where to go… I've distanced myself from my father for the past year since my mother divorced him. 1,209 more words


Do You Look Like Your Lady?

Have you ever looked at a couple and thought “wow, they look alike” and then just chalked it up to coincidence? According to my research, it’s not just coincidence. 911 more words

Blog 2 (22/1)

I [22/F] think that I might be in an emotionally abusive relationship, but I still love him [22/M]. Is there something wrong with me?

Hi everyone, first time poster here. Please let me know if you need any other information not included.

I have been dating my current boyfriend for a year, but unofficially for a year and a half. 1,899 more words


Old Lace Panels - A Love Poem

Old Lace Panels

relationships are like governments
ploughing on
at a slow steady pace
for the good of an ideal


footings become lost… 20 more words