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I met someone recently. It was quite random, really, and I certainly wasn’t out looking for him, or anyone else for that matter. But we met, and I liked him. 325 more words


I learned to let go. Not everything is fixable.

Desperation used to be a joke to me. There are no jokes made about it anymore. Reality puts a different spin on things.

The fact is, sexless marriages are hurtful. 187 more words


Inside a sexless marriage: 'I will hit rock bottom and get sex from other men'

THE first time her future husband was naked on top of her, Julianna Colt thought to herself “Oh no, this is not going to work”. 814 more words


The Toaster Situation


I met a girl. I actually saw her at the very first AA meeting I went to a few weeks ago ( For that reason and the fact that we already have an inside joke, I will from this point on refer to her as Chelsey Toaster. 720 more words


6 Foolish Ways You Make Your Sexless Marriage Even WORSE

If you’re honest, you’re the real barrier here … but you don’t have to be.

According to statistics, more than 40 million Americans find themselves in a… 484 more words


7 Very Good Reasons Why You Should Have Sex Everyday

Justin Gammill gives his thoughts on why it’s important to have sex daily:

I personally know exactly why I should be having sex every day: it makes my beard grow, improves my bear fighting abilities, and makes me at least 2 inches taller. 703 more words