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It's priorities

Very simply, I know more than ever what really matters. As cliche’ as it sounds, I don’t care where I work, where I live, what I have. 47 more words


The First Steps into a Genderqueer World

By Anonymous

Hmm, that’s funny––MS Word doesn’t even think that “genderqueer” is a word…

For years I’ve felt those familiar feelings: this body isn’t quite right for me. 1,149 more words


Wife : Why do I have to submit to my husband?

Our preaching this Sunday isn’t about marriage but our pastor started with the question, “Why do I have to submit to my husband?” We are all assuming that the question came from the wife.   1,845 more words


"Today is a happy day"

For a mere $140, an enterprising young man on a New York subway train pulled off a wonderful “Pay It Forward” stunt.

Watch, and smile at how an individual willed happiness upon his fellow New Yorkers…!


Time and a Place

Well, it looks like it may have to be bedtime. I’m still too pumped to sleep though. After banning myself from listening to any sad love songs, through this whole ‘breakup’/whatever the fuck you’d call it process, I had a bunch o fun belting it out today, wish I’d have thought of it earlier- I’d like to thank my good friends Celine, Mariah, Whitney, and hairbrush for reminding me of my diva prowess. 223 more words

Separate And Unequal

Great care is taken when oxen are yoked together, because a mis-match can be costly to the oxen, to the owner AND the assignment/project.

If they have a mutual strength, but desire different directions (one is wild and unruly), you can only imagine the havoc, brutality, warring and injuries the two will suffer. 168 more words

Which Truth is True

Maybe it’s the rain, releasing all of my trapped emotions.

The pitter-patter on my bedroom window has always served as a relieving sense of inspiration for my fingertips.   446 more words