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"But I do know one and one is two..." ~ Sam Cooke (Wonderful World)

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So, a couple of things made me happy yesterday and I couldn’t wait to talk about them with you. Here goes. 1,051 more words


My relationship to words

My words ache to be used deeply, to calm storms
but they don’t have to:
Only I am in charge of their depth

© Meisaan Chan

Spiritual Poetry

the dreaded 'h' word and other complications

I’ve been staring at my screen for hours trying to figure out the direction I’d like this post to go. It’s not working out so well so I figure I’ll just start writing and see where it takes me. 1,141 more words


Moon Over Syntax

Paul considered Dora’s elbow
as it stuck out
with her hands cupped
behind her head
as she reclined upon pillows.

His gaze drifted
across the bridge of her nose… 42 more words

I'd take the booty

I’d take the booty
of yr heart
if I were
younger :-)


Splitting Souls

I split my soul last night

In this room

I don’t know how I tell myself

That I wasn’t trying to

Put myself in a situation… 85 more words


Happy, not

Stacy called me this morning, crying. Again, it was an issue with her boyfriend. These two have been living together for a year now. They didn’t have any type of wedding, you see. 510 more words