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Today wasn’t a good day...

Today was not a good day, it wasn’t a bad day but still not good. I yelled at my younger daughter, she’s 7.5 going on 30. 432 more words


It's a wild wild world

( I know, it’s short. But at the same time my partner in crime, Dawn was going through a surgery, I wound up with my chronic illness hitting me hard. 1,708 more words


Five Minute Friday: Influence

Gentle Reader,

North Idaho has decided that mid-January is the right time for winter to begin. Its residents have been spoiled with unseasonably warm temperatures (for the most part) and a distinct lack of the white stuff, which has been falling from the sky since I got up a little after five this morning because the dog simply could not wait for breakfast any longer. 431 more words


Finding Disabled Community

“What advice do you have for people with POTS who just got diagnosed?” my physical therapist asked me during our last session.

“Find other disabled people,” I replied without hesitation. 1,511 more words

It Is What It Is ~ Acceptance

Commentary On Life In The Moment by Mitch Santell

There are so many of us who are watching the divide of humanity, and we feel stuck. 205 more words


Two Steps Forward, Five Steps Back

I’m 9 days away from my trip. I should be more excited than I am, but I’m not. The stupid shutdown and the weather have me worried about how well the trip is going to start off and go down. 1,764 more words


Relationships from the Inexperienced

Photo by Diego Jimenez on Unsplash

All my life I’ve been pretty much
unnoticeable. I was always the chubby kid that no one noticed. No one knew me… 2,280 more words