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We have to be subjective about kinship. Kinship has no relationship to blood relation. Disappointment arises between ourselves and our kin because of our assumptions that their ideals are the same as ours. 25 more words

Question 171: How do I maintain my sense of oneness of life with all the political strife going on?

Question 171: How can you live in oneness when you are so strongly upset by egregious political, religious, social and personal abuse against others or yourself? 338 more words


I want to do bad things for you

This is my deepest, darkest desire; I want to do bad things for you. Terrible and awful. All the things that a good girl does not do. 73 more words

Poetry : Unconvinced

You’re not living the life you wanted. I know I’m right. I know when I’m wrong and this one isn’t it. I understand when I’m in denial of reality but this isn’t it. 418 more words


Soulmates (l, f, pdtmh)

The most underrated feeling is this overwhelming certainty that no matter what happens, I’ll have something that connects me to you. On that disc, there’s a song from that one time we went on a picnic but got home soaking wet after a pouring rain shower. 187 more words


1 Thing You Can Do to Make Your World More Honest and More Friendly ... October 26th, 2020

Decide What Is Truly Abrasive

This may sound like a simple task, but the statements that were once considered abrasive have altered considerably.

The actual definition of abrasive is “harsh, rough to the ear and showing little concern for the feelings of others.” 257 more words

Practical Spirituality

C - Goodnight

This is one of my favorite love poems I’ve written. To me it resonates tones of innocence, purity, and hopefulness. The author expresses his love of his subject and his hope that it can continue to eternity, and is willing to take the risk that it might not in hope that it won’t. 76 more words