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I am sinking...

I don’t really know what has been going on with me lately, but it needs to stop.

I just want to get better and get over everything. 586 more words

Symptoms of Love-ad

The Symptoms of Love

Love is some powerful stuff. Check out these effects it has on your body!

VOICE CHANGE Studies have shown that men tend to lower their voices when they talk to someone they love or are attracted to, while women may raise the tone of their voices.


Similar Fates

I read poems of other lovers,
Words from similar fates,
Seated on my couch I observe.

As vibrant and real as the sun outside,
I am pulled into the page, 48 more words


Which Birth Control Myths Are Bogus?-ad

Which Birth Control Myths Are Bogus?

Birth control misconceptions lead to countless unplanned pregnancies and STDs. Check out this gallery and know myth from fact! 95 more words


Two Different Worlds

I went to the movies and saw “The Longest Ride”. It’s about opposites who fall in love with each other. He is the “country boy” who rides bulls for a living and lives on a ranch, she is a “city girl” who is studying art and planning on moving to New York to work in a gallery.   587 more words