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A Game

I was a person,

Or I thought I was,

Because she played me like a game,

For the Player she was.

I was the… 134 more words

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Being Superficial Could Be Costing Us Chances At Real Love

There was once this thing considered ideal for an African woman seeking to date an African man.

This thing of tall, dark and handsome.

So let’s be honest, how many of us African/Black women chanced upon this tall, dark and handsome man who was equally caring, unselfish, loving, attentive…blah,blah blah? 982 more words


I am Here

I am here
Without judgement
Without seeking opportunity
I will laugh with you
Cry with you
Sit in silence or howl at the moon with you… 22 more words


7 Ways to Balance Hormone (3 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Hira Nawaz

Founder & Owner of: MealScience

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Entertainment and Food & Drink Writer

Feeling down? Having mood dips? 1,117 more words


Startup Thinks Real Sex Can Sell

Serial entrepreneur Cindy Gallop dreams of a future with Internet porn. However, she hopes you won’t have to smack your laptop shut to hide that explicit web content. 23 more words




What is a song without its writer? A dance without the music? What is a soul without its truth?

What can a symphony be if not beauty, grace, spirit? 371 more words