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It's Different This Time

I had a ton of boyfriends when I was younger.

I don’t know why. I think it was probably just my pathetic attempt to feed my rebel stage as best I could until my parents stopped putting restrictions on me. 245 more words

The Worst Part of Divorce (for me)

After ten years together, many of those married, my husband and I decided to part ways. In that decade we made a life together. We bought a house that is now only my own. 327 more words

[Business] breaking up is hard to do

My business partner and I recently broke up. It was not a mutual decision. It was my own, though I felt at the time that I was simply the first person to bring out into the open the fact that we were not working well together. 1,589 more words




There was a time that I though I could predict you. That I thought I knew exactly what you were thinking. I could have a conversation with you without ever having to actually talk to you. 407 more words

Complicated Relationships

Welcome to the “Mend it or End it?” Blog

The “Mend it or End it?” blog is for those who are not happy in their relationship and want to make a decision as to whether to “mend it or end it?” I will post blogs on healthy relationship traits and tips to achieve them. 214 more words

Blogging 101

I Love the One I Like

In between my many activities, I always have time to reflect on the fortune of those who eventually love and are loved back. A minute has passed since the last time I saw him and the minute after will be spent thinking about him but wishing I had used the previous one not thinking about him. 636 more words

Short Story

How to Survive Long Distance Relationships

“Love will travel as far as you let it, it has no limits” ~ Dee King

Long distance relationships(LDRs) are hard. Duh. They suck. I’ve only recently come to terms with this. 921 more words