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Unfinished | #AtoZChallenge

Your words are slurred. Your eyes are bloodshot.

All the time.

It isn’t just the drinking. The way you think has changed. Your assertiveness has given way to hardness, to an ugly edge laced with superiority and anger. 121 more words


5 Heartbreaking Lessons You'll Learn From Falling In Love In A Foreign Country

It is a great thing to travel to a new city. It is lovely to meet someone new and start a relationship with them.  Every time you travel out of your comfort zone, you certainly would have new experiences to uncover. 596 more words

Breaking Cups

I wanted love to fill my empty cup.
But little did I know the cup was poor.
When love came brimming over, how it broke. 67 more words


Love always wins

Time and time again, one principal has proven itself strong in my life-though it took me long to realise it-and it’s this: love always wins. I first stumbled upon it after having one of the most loving and intimate conversations (ever) with a friend of mine after what seemed like a series of arguments; it was after this that she updated her display picture with the words ‘love always wins’. 736 more words

Love & Relationships

I want you back or maybe not

One of the things I have realised about breakups and relationships turned sour, is this whole idea about using social media to either get an ex jealous or thinking about you. 620 more words

Love & Relationships


I’ve never felt more alone,

Than what I feel right now,

More exposed,

Like a raw nerve that wants to forget,

The extremities that come from searing the skin, 205 more words


Love you, hate you, let's break up

Have you ever told yourself that you will never do something or let something happen to you only to find yourself in the very position you never wanted? 2,377 more words

Love & Relationships