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And every new daylight

patches up the sleepless night before it

and with every passing moment

that i haven’t heard the familiar ‘I love you’ 54 more words

Holding Hands

“So what happened?”

“Nothing. We just held hands. ”

“Really? Nothing more? Tell me everything!”
“How do I describe holding hands? It was the most intimate thing. 129 more words

How To Have Rewarding Relationships For Real: A Beginners Guide

Admit it.

Life would be blissful and brilliant if you only had healthy, fulfilling and rewarding relationships, wouldn’t it?

And, if I asked you to think of such extraordinary relationships, platonic or otherwise, how many can you recall right now? 2,050 more words


Words of stone

I would have needed words of fire
plucked from the burning pyre —
scorching sparks in my weary palm,
to melt your icy, hypocritical heart… 38 more words


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The Third Dynamic

There were only two opportunities availed to humankind he thought as he scanned the ceiling looking at the dim shadows dancing from the stirring of another day just outside his bedroom window. 935 more words


A Friend Visits

Earth Hour has just finished and I have been itching to get on my laptop and do some writing. I was surprised how difficult it was to not use any electrical devices that give off light and I failed a number of times. 1,423 more words


Sleeping Giant

This movie somehow reminded me of Stand by Me. Both of them are great coming of age movies with the major difference being that Sleeping Giant is a little more socially relevant. 157 more words