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Distance makes the heart grow fonder

By Daniella Rudoy

Ah, the time-old stigma of long distance relationships in college.

“They’ll never work.” “You’re too young to be deciding something like this.” “Don’t waste your time!” are things we never fail to hear.  387 more words


And his name is....

“I never thought I would fall for him. You’d think after the way I was raised, I would have avoided him at all cost. But what’s crazy is he was so persistent. 803 more words

Personal Reflection

Driving the porcelain bus

Aside from serving up my finger as an afternoon snack to Zambezi the zebra, I’ve recently been trying to find the perfect hangover cure after discovering that getting over a night of drinking now requires more recovery time than surgery. 416 more words


Madame Wu, Brisbane 

I’ve been off on more gastronomical adventures lately for eHarmony’s Great Date Guide and, after checking out Billykart Kitchen at Annerley, I was thrilled to have an excuse to head back to… 371 more words


10 things every woman should remember

I found these tips on Tumblr and wanted to share it with all my lovely female friends because I think it makes some valid points that, at times, we all need to remember. 195 more words


Billykart Kitchen, Annerley

Who knew being a dating advice columnist would involve getting to eat amazing food? Not me … but it’s definitely turned into a perk of my job. 481 more words

The Bucket List

On Intimacy

Intimacy. What is it? It comes with sharing with another those things that are rarely shared. And it comes from trust. It can happen suddenly. It’s not necessarily physical. 296 more words