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Madame Wu, Brisbane 

I’ve been off on more gastronomical adventures lately for eHarmony’s Great Date Guide and, after checking out Billykart Kitchen at Annerley, I was thrilled to have an excuse to head back to… 371 more words


10 things every woman should remember

I found these tips on Tumblr and wanted to share it with all my lovely female friends because I think it makes some valid points that, at times, we all need to remember. 195 more words


Billykart Kitchen, Annerley

Who knew being a dating advice columnist would involve getting to eat amazing food? Not me … but it’s definitely turned into a perk of my job. 481 more words

The Bucket List

On Intimacy

Intimacy. What is it? It comes with sharing with another those things that are rarely shared. And it comes from trust. It can happen suddenly. It’s not necessarily physical. 296 more words


The Ebb and Flow of Time

It seems that, these days, everyone is hurrying up to finish writing their happily ever after. For some reason, everyone is scurrying to find their Prince Charming, and quick to get married. 1,314 more words

Life Ponderings

My days as a DUFF

Last week I took my 15-year-old cousin Maddy to see the new teen comedy, The Duff.

Surprisingly, it’s not an ode to Hillary (Duff, get it?) but instead tells the tale of humiliation and redemption experienced by high-school senior Bianca who, thanks to her rude, jock of a next-door neighbour (who happens to be super HOT), discovers she’s a DUFF—designated ugly fat friend. 452 more words


G-O-Double S-I-P

It would be incredibly sinful if I said “I never engage in gossip; Gossip is repulsive”. I love gossip.

Gossip can be defined as anytime you talk about another person. 1,468 more words

Life Ponderings