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Redemption for that Long-Term Boyfriend

Last week in church, we talked about Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, an thief who steals priceless silver from the church. When he is caught by the police, and the police question the bishop, the bishop responds, “Jean Valjean, you forgot these silver candlesticks too”. 866 more words

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Why I Am STAYING AWAY From Fifty Shades of Grey

The top of iTunes charts currently looks like this:

1. Thinking Out Loud: Ed Sheeran (no complaints here–have you seen the music video? So touching) 1,071 more words

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Who I Think My Prince Charming Will Turn Out to Be...

Readers, I am going to make a bet with you as to who my Prince Charming ends up being (However, judging by the way my dating life is looking, you should probably make a contract in which you can accrue interest for when it really happens) 1,125 more words


A guide to breaking up (nicely)

Last week I received a couple of messages that came across as kind of cranky from a date who thought I was giving him the brush off when I said I was too busy that week for a second date. 1,203 more words


The Virtue of Grace

There are many virtues we are instructed to live by, but for some reason, the virtue of grace has been the hardest for me to understand. 2,715 more words

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News On Swift Secrets Of Be Irresistible To Men

Everybody loves to feel appreciated loved and appropriate whether women or men. And everyone wants to possess the spark going on in a partnership. However it is easier said than completed because a lot of people frequently end up in very bad situations. 305 more words

Be Irresistible Review

Let them eat cake

I love baking; I bake for my friends, my colleagues, my family and, sometimes for the lucky few, my dates—although offering up something you’ve cooked just for them sometimes feels a bit more intimate than whipping off your clothes and getting down to business can be. 1,139 more words