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What is in the name - The 'Dalit' Question

The term ‘Dalit’ has been institutionalized through usage and hence accepted across the globe. How much ethical is it for government to dictate terms used in books, public discourses and debates?

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Do ‘environmental bads’ such as alcohol, fast food, tobacco, and gambling outlets cluster and co-locate in more deprived areas in Glasgow City, Scotland? [open access article]

Laura Macdonald, Jonathan R.Olsen, Niamh K. Shortt, Anne Ellaway (2018). Health & Place. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.healthplace.2018.04.008

Abstract: This study utilised an innovative application of spatial cluster analysis to examine the socio-spatial patterning of outlets selling potentially health-damaging goods/services, such as alcohol, fast food, tobacco and gambling, within Glasgow City, Scotland. 84 more words


Left realism and crime - revision notes with evaluative points

Like Marxists, left realists take a socialist view and are opposed to the inequality of capitalist society which they see as the root cause of crime. 246 more words

Left-realism and ethnic minority crime - revision notes with evaluative points

Lea and Young 

  • As already discussed, Lea and Young adopt a left realist position
  • they want to tackle the causes of crime, and agree with the argument that ethnic minorities commit more crime.
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