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We’re running low on elasticity, folks.

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Relativity Scores Rare Legal Win As Netflix Ordered To Pay Lawyer Fees

Ryan Kavanaugh hasn’t come out with any more dough in his pocket, but Relativity gained a bit of financial traction today in the company’s ongoing skirmish with Netflix. 212 more words

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Interview - Matthew Wright

On my list of regular blogs to visit is the one written by New Zealand historian Matthew Wright. His interests, however, don’t just lie in the past but the present and future too, mixing current science with science fiction. 1,768 more words

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A Nightmare Planet for Fictional Terrans & Real Astrophysicists Alike

I read a few anthology comics for my blog Bad Background ScienceJourney Into MysteryStrange TalesTales of SuspenseTales to Astonish… 1,689 more words



We can hardly understand ourselves and yet we expect… no, demand, that others understand us.

What arrogance.

Gravitational waves may defeat new theories of gravity

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Late in the 20th century, scientists discovered something amazing: gravity doesn’t just suck, it also blows. This knowledge comes to us by looking at distant supernovae and determining how fast they are receding from us. 1,013 more words


Tackling the discovery dilemma of eCTD – Pt. 2

HAYSTACKID Vice President of eDiscovery & Digital Forensics Discusses FDA Legislation’s Impact On Forensics, and New Tool to Quell Relevant Challenges

In the first segment… 1,774 more words

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