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Make Physics Easy Again!

Mr Tompkins in Paperback

Are you scared of physics? Don’t want to spend your valuable time to understand the complexity of the world of physics? Do you think physics cannot be easy or physics cant be funny??  121 more words

The Fabric of Space / Time and Relativity

This simple little diagram gives us a crude 2D visualisation of what gravity and relativity in space is about…


Credit: Astronomyblog on Tumblr

Planet Simon… 35 more words


How Can You Travel Back in Time?

Traveling into the past is one of the most famous science fiction concepts. I’m sure you’ve heard of physicists claim that it can happen, but how can you show its possible? 240 more words


The Time dilation

As a common belief, time dilation is earlier thought to be imaginary only or a matter of sci-fi movies. But it is a real thing. 346 more words

General Relativity

The Big Bang

This is a True Story.

Friend A heard me talking to Friend B about the Big Bang. A week later, Friend A came up to me excited, “Finally I’m caught up with the Big Bang.” And I thought that is incredible. 1,940 more words


Finally a New Etsy Post!

I have finally added something else to Etsy! It is part of a series of drawings from 2007 that I have called “Semantic Drift Engines” or, later, “Memetic Vector Spaces”. 93 more words


Remembering Stephen Hawking

Like many physicists, I woke to some sad news early last Wednesday morning, and to a phoneful of requests from journalists for a soundbyte. In fact, although I bumped into Stephen at various conferences, I only had one significant meeting with him – he was intrigued by… 412 more words

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