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strange animals

time is strange animal
sometimes it walks silently
through the forest dark
other times stalking
then pouncing on the
years with a suddenness
of a newly formed thought… 20 more words


Albert Einstein - Mystery

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science. 31 more words


It's All Relative: An interview with Antonia Hayes

How we experience the world is often conveyed through the language of physics, even though many of us don’t understand its finer principles. In response to our fluctuating moods, for example, we talk about the gravity of a situation, how we feel pulled down, pushed around, a weight on our shoulders. 765 more words


Is Logic The Same As Truth?



  Just because something is logical, does that mean it is true?  Is there a place for the seemingly illogical, irrational, nonlinear thoughts and ideas in the sphere of truth?  173 more words


A Tale of a Park Bench

And I thought about the day I met him and how, weeks later, I was swept off my feet. I remember the day when I reached close to his ears to talk to him at a noisy party and he bent close to my face and kissed me. 467 more words


Provocative Praise Picks #1

Today, I start yet another new feature, Provocative Praise Picks, where I write a short note about – and provide a link to – whatever webcomic update got me excited during the prior week. 240 more words