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Simultaneity and the Invariant Interval

A problem arose in special relativity, where a train of length L was traveling near the speed of light (let’s say 86.6% of the speed of light, or v=0.866*c, for this value 𝛾 ≅ 2, so time is dilated to about double, and length is contracted to about half). 491 more words


Relativity webinar on 14 December: celebrity lessons on litigation, legal ethics, and eDiscovery

Relativity is presenting a webinar today, 14 December, called 2017 data discovery: celebrity lessons on litigation, legal ethics, and eDiscovery.

2017 has brought us some eDiscovery cases which have made the news as much for the involvement of some celebrity as for the eDiscovery content. 152 more words


Axiomatic Relativity

Any ideological or political position for the most part represents that presentation layer or surface representation of a system of thought; itself possessing it’s own axiomatic assumptions, theorems and conclusions. 92 more words


The Largest Black Hole Merger Of All-Time Is Coming

(Starts With A Bang!) – Ethan Siegel:

Over in Andromeda, the nearest large galaxy to the Milky Way, a number of unusual systems have been found. 72 more words


A theological argument for the existence of the graviton

I’m interested in the connections between theology, philosophy and science and how certain positions in one impact or entail other positions in another. The argument proceeds as follows: 208 more words

Comic Strip Saturday: General Relativity

This blog is really interesting and good and you should all follow it.

– Albert Einstein

Happy Saturday!


12 Universal Laws: The Law of Relativity

Greetings beloveds,

We have reached the end of our journey through the 12 Universal Laws. Laws which govern our world at an energetic level that plays out in various ways in what our mind perceives as reality. 578 more words