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Relativity for sheeps.

Time ticks by
But i spy a lie
For its something
That can seem to fly
Unless in danger
In which it drags by
At a snails pace… 67 more words


Challenge Complete! Summary of #BEDM

I’ve done it, I’ve completed #BEDM (Blog Every Day in May)!!! 31 days, 31 posts. I’ve managed to post every single day and it’s been amazing – I’ve gained so many new readers and followers, and the interaction on the posts has been fab! 428 more words



Put your hand on a stove for a minute & it feels like an hour, sit with a beautiful girl for a hour and it feels like a minute. 
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From PI: "Bridging Two Roads of Physics" Women in Science

Perimeter Institute

May 30, 2016
Rose Simone

Recent Perimeter research based on the holographic principle seeks new connections between general relativity and quantum field theory. 1,075 more words

Basic Research

Why is the speed of light constant?

Why is the speed of light constant in the vacuum?


The constancy of the speed of light c in the vacuum was the key insight in Einstein’s work on relativity.  1,113 more words