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Few comments on the pratityasamutpada concept

“The word ‘interdependence’ is a translation of the Sanskrit pratityasamutpada, which means ‘to be by co-emergence’ and is usually translated as ‘dependent origination…

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No large sunlit windows, where I now wake up
So I’m creating these against the LED light of a showcase

Maybe I’ll find something new, in the changing light.

A Space-Time Series

E=mc2 and all that jazz


by Albert Einstein

Considering the number of books I’ve read about Einstein’s theories of Relativity, and about Einstein himself, it’s surprising I didn’t acquire this one until quite recently. 895 more words

Book Review

Carlo Rovelli, Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

Seven Brief Lessons on Physics by Carlo Rovelli

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Now I am not going to go so far out of my depth—or so far off-brand—as to write at length about even a popular science book on theoretical physics, especially when this is the first such book I’ve read since I was puzzling over John Gribbin and Paul Davies in my teens. 979 more words

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The sweep of the second-hand,
the minute hand is constant, each
moment as long as the last, none
longer, none shorter and yet I know… 100 more words


What's the 'Proper Time'?

Today’s post revisits one of my favourite themes in Theoretical Physics – time. In previous posts we’ve looked at the idea of the present and how the theory of Special Relativity refutes its absolute existence – and we’ll be drawing on this idea again here. 1,149 more words


The Real Reasons Why You cannot Travel Faster Than Light

I once told someone that the speed of light cannot be exceeded and the person looked at me with a puzzled look that says, “how can you be so sure?What if we find something that runs faster?” I tried to explain but he wouldn’t listen. 578 more words

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