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What will happen if a bucket of water is poured on the Sun!?

We know for a fact that many years from now, the sun will extinguish. Then, what is going to happen to the earth? Will it survive? 536 more words


: can someone die of boredom? :

In a word, no. Or I’d be standing at the Pearly Gates, since I’m bored out of my cotton-pickin’ mind. Seriously, I’m just this side of comatose. 165 more words


Black Hole

Having watched a movie (I recommend) about the collaboration between Einstein and Eddington, this humorous mini-feature was strangely apt:

Black holes are only implied in “Einstein and Eddington,” but the movie illustrates the theory of relativity in a way that most people will understand. 36 more words


Late night confessions

Tell me, father, how strong is your conviction? Do you choose to believe or is belief the only choice? Are you ever visited by doubt? 199 more words


A dream- Psychosis and Spirituality

I had a profound dream.

Neo from the Matrix- looking very Men In Black.  Was psychosis and he said to me, “It’s all relative.”

Psychosis is all relative. 331 more words


Before the Image

In silence and solitude, where our conversation with the universe takes place, I lose myself, hoping to return with more than what I carried into that vastness, more than the substance I encompass and its portrayal, which is projected into the aether until a mutual exchange blends consciousness with the mysteries of existence in a single breath, inhaled and exhaled, and carried in a vibration, where I am both a part of and severed from the tangle of life and it’s myriad impression… always a memory (with each passing second), a memory that is integrated within the Self who is also consumed and discarded before the next draw of breath. 58 more words



Well, after winning a Nobel Prize for unifying space and time, it seems our friend is at it again, busy at work. :)