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Gravity is a resultant and so are the strong, weak and electromagnetic interactions (33)

As suggested in post 6, Time, Space, Mass and Energy are properties of the world/decisive factors which shape the world endogenously, being generic and not independent, their proportions being fully interrelated, continuously changing each other’s proportions. 202 more words


Ryan Kavanaugh Sued For Fraud By Relativity Investor

Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh was sued today by one of his investors over monies that the plaintiff put into the struggling company, saying he was “fraudulently induced” into providing financial investment. 454 more words

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'Shot Caller' Director on Getting His Movie to Theaters: 'This Was One Massive F—ing Boulder'

Ric Roman Waugh is no stranger to the examining the American criminal justice system.

The stunt-man-turned-director’s latest prison film, “Shot Caller,” shows how even the best of men can be corrupted by the current correctional system. 989 more words


General Relativity V: Time Dilation in General Relativity

Hello, and welcome back to MPC! Last week, we discussed how massive objects can completely warp space itself. As promised at the end of last week’s post, today we will focus on how massive objects affect time. 1,162 more words


Little things

The things we think are important are not that important. Life is a series of little things set against the vastness of no-thing.

Keith Ashford