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Red Snappa And The Mothers Of Reinvention

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you! It’s a spoof title; and why not? My first spoof title since the heady days of Aliens Ate My Grandmother… 748 more words

From The Heart

Precursor Field and Renormalization

As I work out the details of the Precursor Field, I need to explain how this proposal deals with renormalization issues. The Precursor Field attempts to explain why we have a particle zoo, quantization, and quantum entanglement–and has to allow the emergence of force exchange particles for at least the EM and Strong forces. 1,055 more words


Star Trek’s Warp Drive

(Starts With A Bang!) – Ethan Siegel:
How our dream of exploring the stars might actually someday come true …

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Space Travel

Pursuit of Relative Happiness

Today thought one thing which is worth pondering on. Thus, instead of just thinking about it, I will type it all. This should be fun. 867 more words


Time! is on my side....

Days pile up,

Time caresses us as it passes.

They only remain, our choices;

At our bedside when death undoes us timely and whole.

ZB… 11 more words


Day 6: Translating between graphs, TIPERs, and Light Clocks

Relativity (the class) made the shift from “regular old” relative motion to the beginnings of Special Relativity by thinking about the light clock.

When we were trying to think about the difference in path length for the light in the stationary clock versus moving clock, one student went up to make the connection to the ball falling on the moving cart from the Frames of Motion video that we saw last class. 239 more words