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What Is Relativity?

What Is Relativity?: An Intuitive Introduction to Einstein’s Ideas, and Why They Matter by Jeffrey O. Bennett

Targeted (presumably) for high school and early college students, this is about the clearest explanation of the implications of relativity I’ve come across. 38 more words


Human experience and/vs. memory.

My life philosophy now, “live in the moment,” is pretty much the only one that makes sense of a life typically only lasting 80 years and much shorter for the unlucky. 666 more words


Physics 021 - Relativity

So this is soooo not my favorite topic in physics. I’m an experimentalist, which means I like to play with my physics toys in my hands… not in my head.   302 more words


Bring Me My Wine by Sonic Rituals - Tribute to David Bowie

Thane, alone in the buckets of a Mach one only to rise up for glorified rendition so alive.

Thane, now alive in the ram of a spiral singularity only to drive on rationalized ignitions so gibe.

220 more words
Sonic Rituals

Newtonian vs Relativistic Mechanics

Einstein’s Theories of Relativity led to a revolution in our understanding of the movement of bodies, particularly at speeds approaching that of light in an empty medium. 316 more words

Special Relativity

Yes Virginia, there IS another review platform . . .

Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Willis?

Interestingly enough in this fast-paced world of eDiscovery that I’ve chosen to be my career stomping grounds, it’s no secret that Relativity has an unnaturally large monopoly on web-based review platforms. 929 more words