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Revisiting our panel in Canada as a model for straightforward explanation of technology-assisted review

If I come back now to a panel I moderated on technology-assisted review last November, it is partly because I think we are about to see a new focus on the use of TAR to achieve proportionate eDiscovery beyond the US. 1,820 more words


La Relatividad

Tú vida es relativa, tus logros, tus anhelos, tus problemas y sobre todo tus derrotas también lo son. La teoría de Einstein en cuanto a la relatividad hace referencia a que es imposible encontrar un sistema de referencia que sea absoluto. 422 more words


Einstein’s theory of Relativity a closer look


Jesse Emspak, a physics contributor for Live Science.

Describes it

First, there is no absolute frame of reference.

Every time you measure an object’s velocity, 284 more words


Of ethics and relativity


Ethical Engineering

Ethical engineering is party to applied ethics, which is basically concerned with moral issues in personal, as well as public life. 305 more words


Étude for A Rubber Ruler

93% redder?  How do you figure that, Sy, and what’s it even mean?”

“Simple arithmetic, Vinnie.  Cathleen said that most-distant galaxy is 13 billion lightyears away.  710 more words

Now Again?

Here’s a fun fact:

Closer to an object with mass time moves more slowly compared to further away from the mass. That’s relativity. That’s why things fall (huh?). 111 more words