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Time Travel

Firstly, hi, I’m new here. This is something i always wanted to write about because i always thought I had something to say, be it amusing or important. 357 more words

Caveman Rants

I have an idea

Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist . He is most famous for his energy-mass equivalence equation E = mc2 , where energy equals the mass of an object times the speed of light squared. 202 more words


Relativity, Communism, Etc.

As I continue to live and slowly die (depends on how you look at it), I’m beginning to realize the specific moments when I become pulled enough by gravitational forces to write. 1,985 more words

Reality and relativity

What is reality? What is relativity?
Why are some babies born into rich families while others are raised in poverty?
Time, matter, thoughts and even feelings are ultimately a conception of relativity. 71 more words

Time Weights For All Man

Time is a flat circle. No, wait; Time is an increasingly desperate “news” magazine. Time is an herb to the blind and spelling-impaired?

Time is all of these things, and also none of them, for time – like color and popularity – is merely a product of our own perception. 815 more words