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Consequence of Travelling Faster Than Light... What Will You See?


This weird thought occurred to me.. Possibly as a result of watching too many science fiction movies I suppose :). I was asking myself, what happens if we travel faster than light? 723 more words

Faster Than Light

An Intellectual Exercise in Exercising Intellectually

“There are no absolutes,” a friend of mine said to counter my argument.  The snap response I had was to counter her counter with one of a number of witty responses I had built up over the years for this statement.  1,467 more words


The Truth is Black and White

     Rachel Dolezal is not black.  She was born to two white parents, but later bronzed her skin and changed her hairstyle.  After claiming to be black, she was made a local leader in the NAACP.  458 more words


Seeing in 2-D

Did you know that our eyes see in 2 dimensions but our brain extrapolates the rest? The implications are stunning; the vast majority of what we see is extrapolated and inferred. 259 more words


Sunday July 26

The Galway International Arts Festival has come to an end for another year. With work being so busy, i didn’t get to see as much as I would have previously but I did manage to get to Patricia Piccinini’s… 12 more words

The Theory of Relativity

Watching one’s loved ones
Grow old and frail, makes us quail—
We see ourselves, fail.