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The indivisble UNIVERSE

“The earth is one household, and we’re not treating it that way.” – David Bohm

Paul Howard (Imagine Films, Ireland) and David Peat (Bohm’s former colleague and biographer) are working on a 90-minute feature documentary on the Life and Ideas of David Bohm titled… 67 more words


Unifying Quantum Mechanics and the Theory of Relativity

Although there are various problems in today’s society, a problem that itches the back of my and physicists’ minds continues to exist. The struggle to unify the theories of quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity is ever-growing. 255 more words


Echoes from the Abyss

Evidence for Planck-scale structure at black hole horizons
Jahed Abedi, Hannah Dykaar, Niayesh Afshordi

In classical General Relativity (GR), an observer falling into an astrophysical black hole is not expected to experience anything dramatic as she crosses the event horizon. 204 more words


Chapter 3: Plane Walkers

Chapter 3: Plane Walkers
I still couldn’t believe what I’ve seen despite being able to stop and start time. I am still oblivious to the events that has occurred this day so far. 2,139 more words

Let's move(motion) 

Motion looks incredibly simple isn’t it until you know what it really is. Motion appears to be matter of moving a leg ahead of the other leg and viola!! 469 more words

Quantum Mechanics

Was Einstein wrong?

About  the speed  of light,  perhaps,  if this new theory pans out.  Einstein has  been wrong  before,  but none of this makes him any less of a genius. 60 more words

Is proper time 'perpendicular' to space? Using the y-dimension as a surrogate/substitute for proper time.

Since the only difference between spatial dimensions is the fact that they are perpendicular to each other, and since time is on equal footing with space, time has to perpendicular to space. 185 more words